reveals its significance and relevance-Christopher Columbus and the Afrikan Holocaust. Similarly the subtitle is even more po- tent and enlightening-slavery and. The title subject matter of this publication reveals its significance and relevance— Christopher Columbus and the Afrikan Holocaust. Similarly the subtitle is even. Christopher-Columbus-and-the-Afrikan-Holocaust “The Middle Passge. Our Holocaust. It is our holocaust because this is a holocaust that.

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All prices are in USD. In the first place, no overseas activities could succeed without the patronage and direction of a strong nation-state enjoy- ing stable and peaceful conditions sfrikan home, and no such nation- states emerged in Europe until after the end of the fourteenth cen- tury and these continued to be wracked by foreign and civil wars for another hundred years or more.

Quick Review: Christopher Columbus and the Afrikan Holocaust

For Europe, the door to the vast world of Asia was open. While it was awakening, it began to pay some attention to the new light in Europe, Spain. This misunderstanding probably grows out of the fact that we nearly always start the study of the African slave trade in the wrong place.

In the same way, the author insists on finding twisted psycho-pathologies lurking behind everybody’s actions.

John Henrik Clarke leaves with us in his most serious and vital study of “Christopher Columbus and the African Holocaust. The story of the African slave trade is essentially the story of the consequences of the second rise of Europe.

The American slave system operated almost like the American brokerage system. Slavery and Abolition,by Albert Bushnell first published in The condition on these boats was beyond anything described in a concentration camp or in a chain gang in the South of the ‘s and ‘s.

The African slave trade was created to ac- commodate this expansion. He has consistently urged all the people he has come in contact with to seek the truth about human history by pursuing the path of enlightenment through knowledge, first of self and one’s people and then others.


The kind of slavery that the European was about to introduce into West Africa had no relationship to the African system of indentured servitude. Clarke candidly speaks about th e world that C hristopher C olumbus set in motion that produced w arTsIaverv andeeimidp p ger the past five hundred year s.

At first they traded mainly in gold, feut before long they began to take slaves also. Portuga l, which had initia ted the move ment of internationa l exp ansion, claimed the new territories on the ground that they fell withkTthe scope of a papal bull of authorizing her to reduce to servitude all infidel peoples.

The myth of the primitive and christoopher aborigine. In so doing, they destroyed a large number of nations and civilizations that were older than any in Europe. But before examining the subject of racism in the New World in Columbian times, we should consider briefly two important early visits to the New World: Put them all together and look at all the territory you’ve got once you’ve developed a common unity and a com- mon parliament.

What I learned from reading the literature on this subject is that this early meeting between Indigenous Americans, Orientals and Africans was a laboratory in human relationships because it proved that different people of different cultures and religions and colors can coexist, can complement each other without dominating or attempting to destroy each other.

It had to do with the structure of their societies.

Jan 02, Alexis Taylor rated it it was amazing. Christopher Columbus had, by sheer accident, started to look for the East Indies and in- stead found what was later called the West Indies. And they have played every role in the human drama, from saint to buf- holocausg.

The search for gold and other treasures lured em to Africa. The Christians, although they also had their internal disputes, were finally united.

Quick Review: Christopher Columbus and the Afrikan Holocaust

If Africans fail to do that now, all attempts at a total liberation and empowerment will come to naught. Many books were written and a Sudanese literature developed. To ask other readers questions about Christopher Columbus and the Afrikan Holocaustplease sign up. An off-beat, beatnik, hermit named 22 Introduction i peter came across Europe saying that the infidel Arabs were bar- ring Europeans from visiting the Holy places, observing the Holy Grail and visiting the place of the Crucifixion.


Some of the earliest of these codes are recorded in the laws of Moses. These states could have rescued West African states and saved them from the slave trade. The destruction of the Caribs and Arawaks in the Caribbean Islands through disease, rape of their women and sometimes out-and-out murder, destroyed the labor supply on these islands and made it a necessity for the Spaniards and other Europeans to create a rationale for the enslavement of the Africans.

He wrote it all down. We need to rethink our history. Christopher Columbus and the Afrikan Holocaust Some of the myths set in motion by what I have referred to as the Columbus Era still plague the world today. The Portuguese king, seeing Africans so well dressed and seeing them bringing presents, assumed that they were visiting royalty and in turn gave them presents and sent diem home; the idea of enslavement had not reached his mind.

These forms of servitude were supposed to be limited in duration and transmitted no claim to the servant’s children. These men might be resold within a few days. The important thing about this trip when they forced their way into Ghana and an African King, King Ansa, differed with them and told them, “If we saw each other infrequently, maybe we could maintain our friendship.