: Oath Breaker: Chronicles of Ancient Darkness, Book 5 (Audible Audio Edition): Michelle Paver, Ian McKellen, Orion Publishing Group Limited. Chronicles of Ancient Darkness #5: Oath Breaker [Michelle Paver, Geoff Taylor] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “Fast-paced and exciting . Note: This is the 5th book in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series so this will not be an in-depth review. I picked up Oath Breaker by Michelle Paver.

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The Eagle Owl Mage, Eostra, sends a shadow sickness among the clans, to spread fear among them.

However, Fa was also naive and easily fooled in his youth and he blindly believed the promises and good intentions of the Soul Eaters. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. I’d recommend this series to kids of any age, only pausing to phrase my recommendation with anciet disclaimer that this series takes place in an imagined world, years ago. She is then kidnapped by Thiazzi and imprisoned in a giant, hollow tree, where she cuts herself free in time to avoid choking on smoke.

I can accept that there is a lot of hate within him. Maybe we all have these gifts of some sort but are so entrenched in our own century we’re not listening to the earth around chroniclea.

Renn sends help to Torak in the form of if ravens, which Torak has named Rip and Rek. In Marchin a question-and-answer session conducted on a fan-site, Paver announced that there may be a prequel series to the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness.


Mengingat lamanya jarak buku yang satu ke berikutnya terbit di Indonesia, hampir lupa tokoroth itu apa dan Torak adalah seorang klanaroh.

I cannot say enough good things…these stories are original and thoughtful chronic,es full of absolute wonder. Okay, I give up. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Book 2. Renn and Torak venture to the Mountain of Ghosts with a grieving Wolf to stop Eostra from killing all life in the forest. Torak is strong-willed and one of my favourite characters in any book, partly because of his close relationship to Wolf and partly because he is so very human in his doubts, passion and fears.

Chronicles of Ancient Darkness – Wikipedia

Inwhile Paver was attending Oxford Universityshe had the idea of writing a story about a young boy and a wolf cub. Which means Michelle must be doing something very right indeed. This is much harder to answer because there is nothing I can come up with to dislike. Probably one of the best books in the series too.

Oath Breaker

Determined to undo the evil he had unintentionally created, he summoned all of the Soul Eaters together and tried to kill all chroniclles with fire before going into hiding with his wife. It has amazing descriptions and is incredibly original and easy to understand.

Fin-Kedinn was in love with Torak’s mother, but she loved Fa, Torak’s father, and followed him into exile when they fled the Soul-Eaters.

Chronicles of Ancient Darkness 6 books. Oath Breaker is a story about keeping promises and the true cost of vengeance. You may think my anfient is much too emotional. May 29, Martina Sanjaya rated it really liked it. Paver was aware that brown bears are at their most dangerous when they have cubs, and any sudden movement might cause the bear to attack.

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On the Mountain, as the bear gets closer, Torak and Hord fight. A Oath Breaker was not disappointing at all. The author gives him an unusual vocabulary that often describes exactly what things are to a wolf or any other animal: They plan to control the demons with a fire opal. Not a big surprise surely Oh Bale.

All other tribesman are primitive and gullible. So not ready for this journey to end. I really liked you.

Oath Breaker | Chronicles of Ancient Darkness Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

There were quite a lot of parts in the book that lacked believability for me. This book is the 5th book in the chronicles of ainchient darkness series.

Torak, Renn, Serigala dan istri serta anak-anaknya? Nah karakter Torak semakin mirip dengan tokoh anime terkemuka yang siapapun pasti kenal, Naruto!

That he wants revenge, not only attention, spoilers! Torak manages to deceive them into thinking Renn is the spirit walker who caused the death of Tenris.