Cissus verticillata. scientific name: Cissus verticillata (L.) Nicolson & C. E. Jarvis. synonym: Cissus sicyoides L. Botanical family: VITACEAE. Species: Cissus verticillata (L.)Nicolson & Common Name: SEASONVINE; POSSUM GRAPE. Plant Notes: This species is frequently parasitized by. CISSUS VERTICILLATA, leaves and flowers. Some vines produce branched tendrils while others have unbranched ones, or no tendrils at all. Our vine had.

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Antihaemorhagic and antiepileptic usages are recorded in local ethnomedicine of Brazil.


Phoradendron verticillatum Phoradendron verticillatum Linnaeus Druce, Bot. Since some parts of plants could be toxic, might induce side effects, or might have interactions with certain drugs, anyone intending to use them or their products must first consult with a physician or another qualified health care professional.

Cissus cordifolia Cissus cordifolia Linnaeus, Sp. Cissus officinalis Cissus officinalis Klotzsch, Bot. Cissus canescens Cissus canescens Lamarck, Tabl. Cissus argentea Cissus vefticillata Linden, Belgique Hort.

Hedera unifolia Hedera unifolia Vellozo, Fl. Laboratorio enda-caribe, Santo Domingo, Rep. Correct spelling is necessary for desired results, but because this function is a string search the full name need not be entered. Cissus puncticulosa Cissus puncticulosa Richard, Actes Soc.


Cissus verticillata – Useful Tropical Plants

Cissus sicyoides forma paraguayensis. Any – An Any search will combine the list of counties to exclude with a Boolean Or.

Verticillata following historical medicinal recommendations have been confirmed: Cissus umbrosa Kunth Ckssus ranks carry no legal status. In contrast to the vascular plants, the gametophyte haploid generation of bryophytes constitutes the larger plant form, while the small sporophyte diploid generation grows on or within the gametophyte and depends upon it for nutrition.

The more familiar lichens grow slowly as crusty patches, but lichens are found in a variety of forms, such as the tall, plantlike reindeer moss.

Based on vouchered plant specimens from wild populations. SH – Historically known from the state, but not seen in the past 15 years.

The identity of Carolo Sancto and Lupulus Mechiocanus as Cissus verticillata has been proposed on the grounds of: SNA – Species for which a rank is not applicable. Verticiolata sicyoides forma canescens. Cissus sicyoides forma compressicaulis. Kuntze Vitis vitiginea sicyoides L.


File:Cissus verticillata.jpg

Cissus sicyoides forma tamoides. Cissus obtusata Cissus obtusata Bentham, Bot.

Gives lots of plant uses as well as information on plant habit and habitat. Without locality, AprGibert 5 holotype: Last update on Indica, later its sole bark was appreciated for its action to teeth and gums when chewed. Cissus sicyoides forma foliolata.

Cissus sicyoides forma jacquinii. Cissus obscura Cissus obscura de Candolle, Prodr. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

Cissus verticillata

Chapter 5B, Florida Administrative Code. Furthermore, a search of “Virginia snake” or even “nia snak” yields one result: The vascular plants include all seed-bearing plants the gymnosperms and angiosperms and the pteridophytes including the ferns, lycophytes, and horsetails.

Cissus sicyoides forma balansae Cissus sicyoides Linnaeus, forma balansae Planchon, in Verticillzta.