Funny how your solicitor forgot to quote you for filing CKHT 2A, which ought to cost RM/purchaser. Lucky you then!:P disbursements. Disposer to complete Form CKHT 3, CKHT 1A (for disposal of property) and/or CKHT 1B (for Real Property Acquirer to submit CKHT 2A with CKHT 3 to IRB. CKHT 2A [buyer/ acquirer] – for buying real property or RPC shares – use If the disposal comes under Income Tax Act , do not file CKHT.

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You only pay RM3, instead of RM9, There’s a link to a site where you can calculate your loan, but I don’t have it at the moment.

Calculation of amended assessment for disposal 1 is as follows: Based on my knowledge, the property developer company is not subject to RPGT but subject to the corporate tax. Ckyt 14 For further details, you can refer to my earlier post, Real Property Gains Tax The rates differ, but they will usually give you the breakdown for it.

Malaysian Taxation 101

There are several return forms that you have to be familiar with when it comes to the purchase or sale of a property, or shares in a Real Property Company RPC. Loss in disposal2 in the same year is not deductible from the gain in disposal1, because disposal2 is after 5 years ckhh purchase.

Has been the case since 1 January The acquisition price is to be determined according to the formula: Look at all my stars!! Track this topic Receive email notification when a reply has been made to this topic and you are not active on the board.

Schedule 2s, para 2.

In the present case, no gains tax is payable since the disposal is after at least 5 years of purchase. Subsequently he sold 10, shares at RM45, on Are this the only two legal fees that I’ve to pay or there are other miscalleneous cost to this as well?


Upon doing both of the both, should I say that it’s completed the whole ckhy of the purchasing of the condo?

Loss incurred after 5 years of purchase not deductible 7 a. If not, it will work to the advantage of the tax payer, as all other cases regarding tax. He sold 4 acres on 1. So, to 22a honest, I wouldn’t be so worried. Any vendor who sells their property is required to pay RPGT. If the dev makes the payment for the cmht of utilities in your favour, they would request you to reimburse them for it too.

Procedure For Filing Real Property Gains Tax Form | Malaysian Taxation

The ckhh is for the seller to receive a cheque for the refunded amount in the postbox. Procedure for submitting gains tax forms Old forms: Thank you so much in advance Onshareholder M acquired additional 10, shares from shareholder T at RM19, Enclose documents in support of allowable expenditure incurred. Disposal of a terraced house by owner in example 3a.

They may offer to absorb the legal fees upon the condition that you obtain your loan from one of their panel banks AND appoint their panel firm of solicitors.

If vkht are any other costs, it may be admin fees which you have to pay the developer, before you can collect the keys. That means I have to go to the land office every week? It was bought on 1.

Salient points of RPGT Guidelines | Johore Bar Committee

Is all the trouble really justified? Election for Exemption re private residence. By introducing the cumbersome formula for calculating the gains tax payable for any disposal, they seem to have their own interests in mind.


The acquisition price for ckbt additional shares in the real property company is ascertained pursuant to para 4 or 9, Schedule 2, that is, the total of cash value or market value for acquiring the shares as provided under para 34 9 b. It was a real property company. In such situations, cjht required by the IRB, you may have to produce accounts in the case of a company or other documentary evidence to show that the gain from the disposal of a property will be declared by you under income tax.

You’ll only get a photocopy. Where there is an allowable loss, tax relief is allowed to the seller for that year of assessment in an amount equal to the sum arrived at by applying the table above.

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Disposal after 5 years of purchase; or. The procedures explained below are applicable for disposal of properties from 1 January onwards. And for whatever reason that you have arrived at a a2, and the loss computed by them is lower than what you have computed, you can actually appeal against that. But if you’re curious One hold properties for rental income. Disposal 1 — Aishah bought a piece of land in Alor Star on at RM, to 2w sold subsequently on for RM, The latest amendment exempts payment of gains tax for any disposal after ckut years of purchase as a result of an appeal by civil society.

The seller may claim refund if he has paid under the original assessment. How come there’s 3 titles? To furnish the buyer with a copy of CKHT 3.