: Clairvoyance (): C. W. Leadbeater: Books. Clairvoyance and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Clairvoyance, by C.W. Leadbeater [], full text etext at Clairvoyance by. C.W. Leadbeater. The possession of clairvoyant power is a very great privilege and a very great advantage, and if properly and sensibly used it.

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So will he draw round him pure and helpful entities as he moves onward, and will himself radiate sunlight on those in suffering or in sorrow. Still a good deal of additional information about other planets can be obtained by the use of such clairvoyant faculties as we have been describing. The art of acquiring perfect concentration is a slow process, and most of us are only in process of acquiring it.

The men were chiefly occupied in calculations, and their heads were surrounded by figures, just like a swarm of bees flying round them all the time. Now this statement is a true one, and yet it seems quite vague and unreal to the majority of people, simply because they regard such a faculty as something absolutely different from anything they have yet experienced, and feel fairly confident that they themselves, at any rate, are not within measurable distance of its development.

Broadly, those which instead of suppressing the physical body by force, train the soul to control it. C.w.leadbeatee, there the thing is, and it is an earnest of greater things to come – of further powers still awaiting development.

Clairvoyance by C. W. Leadbeater

That is to say, we are capable of seeing only those objects from which light of that particular kind can either issue or be reflected. Remember that it is not in itself a sign of great development; it is only one of the signs, for man has to advance along many lines simultaneously before he can reach his goal of perfection. Whatever you are doing, do it thoroughly, and keep your mind on it. We have the habit of calling all our exercises of that sort by the general name of meditation, though it is appropriate only to some of them.

He is not a member of our Society, but he has done many of its members an excellent piece of service in writing so clearly and luminously on his wonderful subject. Some have more in one direction, and some in another, according to the line along which each has worked most in past lives.

Hinton’s Scientific Romances or Dr. The story frequently goes on to relate how when the human being who has used this mystical ointment betrays his extended vision in some way to a fairy, the latter strikes or stabs him in the eye, thus depriving him not only of the etheric sight, but of that of the denser physical plane as well.

C. W. Leadbeater (Leadbeater, C. W. (Charles Webster), ) | The Online Books Page

In that case, you would turn the quality over in your mind, see how it was an essential quality in the Divine order, how it was manifested in Nature about you, how it had been shown forth by great men of old, how you yourself could manifest it in daily life, how perhaps you have failed to display it in the past, and so on.

In that time she heard the bridge clock strike two, and a while after said: Lang gives us a very good example of the kind of vision most frequently seen in this way. But besides and beyond all this we know that man possesses an astral and a mental body, each of which can in process of time be aroused into activity, and will [Page 12] respond in turn to the vibrations of the matter of its own plane, thus opening up before the Ego, as he learns to function through these vehicles, two entirely new and far wider worlds of knowledge and power.

By the use of the astral body, however, a man can move about quite freely and rapidly in any direction, and can for example find without difficulty any place pointed out upon a map, without either any previous knowledge of the spot or any object to establish a connection with it.


A number of people all sending their thought in the same direction offers a fine opportunity for progress if the direction is a good one; but it rarely happens in ordinary life. Whatever we gain thus we possess, in full power and consciousness, and have it always at our command; for this is no mediumship, no feeble intermittent trance-quality, but the power of the developed and glorified life which is to be that of all humanity some day.

It is true that a type of clairvoyance may be developed along these lines, but too often at the cost of ruin both physical and mental. But even among them such practices are used only under the direct orders of responsible teachers, who watch the effect upon the pupil of what is prescribed, and will at once stop him if the exercises prove unsuitable for him. They may suit one man in fifty, but they are extremely likely not to suit the rest, and, myself, I should advise every one to abstain from them unless directed to try them by a competent teacher who really understands what they are intended to achieve.

Between those who are entirely unimpressible and those who are in full possession of clairvoyant power there are many intermediate stages. About these we can only frame hypotheses; the governing conditions are evidently not on the physical plane, and a separate investigation of each case would be necessary before we could speak with any certainty as to its causes.

Have I succeeded so far in doing this? By means of the varieties of clairvoyance previously described, for all practical purposes he could find a person or a place only when he was already acquainted with it, or when he was put en rapport with it by touching something physically connected with it, as in psychometry. She thought her to be in a fit, and doubted whether she were dead or alive.

Such impressions will still be received through the retina of the eye; of course they will affect its etheric rather than its solid matter, but we may nevertheless regard them as still appealing only to an organ specialized to receive them, and not to the whole surface of the etheric body. The Catholic might take the Blessed Virgin or some patron saint; the ordinary Christian would probably take the Christ; the Hindu would perhaps choose Krishna, and the Buddhist most likely the Lord Buddha himself.

Careful, oft-repeated and detailed investigation does, however, seem to show quite conclusively that this explanation does not cover all the facts.

When, for example, a man here in England sees in minutest detail something which is happening at the same moment in India or America, how is it done?

Clairvoyance by C. W. Leadbeater – Free Ebook

People often complain of headaches and other pains as a result of meditation; there should never be any such result; if they will take care to keep the physical body calm and free from tension of any kind, even in the eyes, they will probably find their concentration much easier and more successful, and free from physical trouble and danger. In many other ways a man who fully possesses this faculty may be of use to the living as well as to the dead; but this side of the subject I have already written in my little book on Invisible Helpers.

There are, however, others cases where the power of sight has appeared and disappeared without apparent reference to the state of the physical health; but it seems probable that even in those, if they could have been observed closely enough, some alteration in the condition of the etheric double would have been noticed. In these case of light the action of these higher and lower [Page 9] vibrations is easily perceptible in the effects produced by the actinic rays at one end of the spectrum and the heat rays at the other.

Baillie was at a dance in a town some forty miles from his home, and met a Miss Preston. He states that his will very much simplify the study, as the reader will be able to distinguish instantly by sight any part or feature of the tesseract. In exactly the same way the tympanum of the human ear is capable of responding to a certain very small range of comparatively slow vibrations – slow enough to affect the air which surrounds us; and so the only sounds which we can hear are those made c.w.lleadbeater objects which are able to vibrate at some rate within that particular clairboyance.

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Among the great host of the recently dead he will find all degrees of consciousness and intelligence, and all shades of character – for death, which seems to our limited vision so absolute a change, in reality alters nothing of the man himself.

The additional dimension which would come into play if astral radiations were sensed instead of etheric would obviate some of the difficulties, but would on the the other hand introduce some fresh complications of its own; so that for practical purposes, in endeavouring to understand clairvoyance, we may dismiss this hypothesis of radiations from our minds, and turn to c.w.ladbeater methods of seeing at a distance clairvouance are actually at the disposal of the student.

Usually the astral part of any object projects somewhat beyond the physical part of it, and thus metals, stones and other things are seen surrounded by an astral aura. This consists simply, as has already been said, in susceptibility to a far larger series of physical vibrations than ordinary, but nevertheless its possession brings into view a good deal to which the majority of the human race still remains blind.

These may sometimes reach great heights of knowledge and be exceedingly precise cclairvoyance their indications, but when that is so they are usually undergoing a c.w.learbeater of regular training, though for some reason unable as yet to set themselves free from the leaden weight of earthly lie without assistance.

There may be some among us who have never thought how much beyond our control our minds usually are. There is, however, another point which it would hardly be fair to leave entirely out of account,and that [Page 16] is the question of the chakrams referred to above.

Up among the exceedingly rapid vibrations which affect the ether there is a certain small section – a very small section – to which the retina of the human eye is capable of responding, and these particular vibrations produce in us the sensation which we call light. But the brain, like any other part of the physical organism, can be trained by persistent, gradual, careful effort to feats c.w.leadbeaher appeared originally quite beyond its reach, and so it can be induced claivroyance understand and conceive clearly the forms of a world unlike its own.

But for people who know nothing at all of the subject to attempt such things indiscriminately is most unwise and dangerous, for practices which are useful for one man may very well be disastrous for another.

They are simply vortices in the matter of the body – vortices through which all these particles pass in turn – points, perhaps, at which the higher force from planes above impinges upon the astral body.

As in later races and amid higher development the strength of the man is cw.leadbeater and more thrown into the evolution of the mental faculties, this vague sensitiveness usually disappears; but still later, when the spiritual man begins to unfold, he regains his clairvoyant power. Even now you can concentrate very perfectly when your interest is sufficiently keenly excited.

Again I say, it must not therefore c.wleadbeater supposed that pupils who have been taught how to use this art are at [Page 72] liberty to set up a kind of c.w.leaebeater office through which communication can be had with missing or dead relatives. That leaves the field open, and the mesmerist can at the same time stimulate the astral senses by pouring vitality into the astral body.