: Clairvoyance (): C. W. Leadbeater: Books. Clairvoyance and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. First published in , Clairvoyance is Leadbeater’s short handbook on the methods used in seeing and hearing beyond normal perception. Humans can only. Free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook. This is a Theosophical manual of the phenomena of Clairvoyance, the mental viewing of things far removed in space and/or time.

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The courtiers started on their journey filled with terror; but they all got safely back again, and the king smilingly greeted them with a request to tell him all the incidents of their walk, and describe the persons whom they had met. What is really done by the student who adopts this method is not so much the setting in motion of a current in astral matter as the erection of a learbeater of temporary telephone through it.

But remember that you will not succeed with this until you have entirely conquered the mind-wandering. People often complain of headaches and other pains as a result of meditation; there should never be any such result; if they will take care to keep the physical body calm and free from tension of any kind, even in the eyes, they will probably find their concentration much easier and more successful, and free from physical trouble and danger.

When, for example, a man here in England sees in minutest detail something which is happening at the same moment in India or America, how is it done? He seems to have held himself more positive than do many people who leadbetaer in these matters without the necessary instruction or knowledge, and so he gained a valuable certainty of the existence of the soul apart from the body; yet even his method cannot be commended as good or really safe.

It may reasonably be objected that if clairvoyant faculty is, as stated, a leadeater of the occult development of man, and so a sign of a certain amount of progress along that line, it seems strange that it should often be possessed by primitive peoples,or by the ignorant and uncultured among our own race – persons who are obviously quite undeveloped, from whatever point of view one regards them.

It will be observed that in this case the seer does not usually leave his physical body at all; there is no sort [Page 57] of projection of his astral vehicle or of any part of himself towards that at which he is clairvoyancs, but learbeater simply manufactures for himself a temporary astral telescope. That is to say, we are capable of seeing only those objects from which light of that particular kind can either issue or be reflected. Since he can not only see the dead, but speak with them, he can often be of very great use to them, and give them information and guidance which is of the utmost value to them.


This book mainly addresses really advanced and extremely rare clairvoyants. In either case the vision is the product of the emergency and is not repeated ledbeater because the necessary conditions are not repeated.

We have defined this as the capacity to see events or scenes removed from the seer in space and too far distant for ordinary observation. Of course the objects must always be magnified to some extent, or they would be absolutely invisible, but usually the extent is determined by the size of the astral tube and the whole thing is simply a tiny moving picture. It will be seen at once that even in the study of inorganic matter a man gains immensely by the acquisition of this vision.

He has made it his own thought for a moment, and so has coloured it with his personality. Now here is undoubtedly a touch of the higher life; no one who has practical experience of realities can fail to recognize the description as far as it ca, even though the poet just stops short on the brink of something so infinitely grander.


In this latter case obviously the subject has not enough will to form a tube for himself, and the operator, though possessed of the necessary will-power, is not clairvoyant, or he could see through his own tube without needing help. It does not follow that even the pupil who is receiving regular instruction in the use of occult powers will find them unfolding themselves cliarvoyance in the regular order which was suggested above as probably idea. We have nothing to ask Him.

He can also readily rise high into the air so as to gain a bird’s-eye view of the country which he is examining, so as to observe its extent, the contour of its coastline, or its general character.

Clairvoyance By C. W. Leadbeater, Free ebook | Global Grey

Most cultured people of the higher races of the world have this development to some extent: Since all instances of partial sight must of necessity fit into some niche in this whole, if he has the outline of the entire scheme in his head he will find it comparatively easy with a little practice to classify the instances with which he is called upon to deal.

THE readiest and safest method of developing the higher consciousness is by means of meditation, and it is already the habit of many of our members to begin each morning by spending a few minutes in a meditation which is intended to be devoted to aspiration towards the Masters.

A very ingenious hypothesis has been offered to account for the phenomenon. Various books have been written on this subject, and some of them offer exceedingly dangerous suggestions. So it would if he were using that sight in the normal way upon an object which was fairly near him – within his astral reach, as it were; but at a distance of hundreds or thousands of miles the case is very different.

I have often spoken of three stages through which people have to pass: All these distinctions are of importance, and we shall have to take them all into consideration as we go on, but perhaps on the whole the most useful classification will be one something on the lines of that adopted by Mr. But to make that fact of any use to them down here in the physical body, two changes are usually necessary: We might divine them according to the capacity of the clairvoyant, taking into consideration whether he was trained or untrained; whether his vision was regular and under his command, or spasmodic and independent of his volition; whether he could exercise it only when under mesmeric influence, or whether that assistance was unnecessary for him; whether he was able to use his faculty when awake in the physical body, or whether it was available only when he was temporarily away from that body in sleep or trance.

Two possibilities are then offered for our choice, and in each of them the strong wish of the dying man is the [Page 48] impelling force. All that it has to give – all of it at least that he can assimilate – is within the reach of the trained pupil, but for the untrained clairvoyant to touch it is hardly more than a bare possibility.

Between those who are entirely unimpressible and those who are in full possession of clairvoyant power there are many intermediate stages.

Let us then in the first place discuss intentional clairvoyance. Many of them confer it only during the limited period of their action, and even the best of them can only dower the man with certain faculties during this one physical life. If you think it well to throw your strength into work along this line, you may do very much towards leadbeatef these latent faculties into action.

Now in the sporadic appearance of etheric sight in the savage, whether of Central Africa or of Western Europe, it has been observed that the corresponding nervous disturbance is almost entirely in the sympathetic system, and that the whole affair is clairboyance beyond the man’s ccw – is in fact a sort of massive sensation vaguely belonging to the whole etheric body, rather than an exact and definite sense-perception communicated through a specialized organ.


He therefore sees claidvoyance is going on in an adjoining room almost as though no intervening wall existed; he can describe with accuracy the contents of a locked box, or read a sealed letter; with a little practice he can find a given passage in a closed [Page 28] book. This fact, however, has its limitations as well as its advantages, and these again largely resemble the limitations of the man using a telescope on the physical plane. He could not promise you that in so many years leadeater would certainly succeed; he can only tell you that many have tried before you, and that many have succeeded.

Clairvoyance Index

When there is anything hindering our progress it is always the lower self which stands in the way of the Great Self.

Among the former he will find here and there one wide awake and fully conscious, perhaps sent to bring him some message, or examining him keenly to see what progress he is making; while the majority of his neighbours, when away from their physical bodies during sleep, will drift idly by, so wrapped up in their own cogitations as to be practically unconscious of what is going on around them.

The experimenter, for example, has no power to shift this point of view; his telescope, so to speak, has a particular field of view which cannot be enlarged or altered; he is looking at his scene from a certain direction, and he cannot suddenly turn it all round and see how it looks from the other side. Clairaudience is perhaps less frequently associated with this type of clairvoyance than with the last, but its place is to some extent taken by a kind of mental perception of the thoughts and intentions of those who are seen.

But supposing we have sufficient concentration to keep out those thoughts which we do not want, it yet remains to be considered how we shall think during these few minutes.

Contemplation has been defined as concentration at the top end of your line of thought or meditation. But choose your time, and let it be the same time each day, and let no day pass without your regular effort. This is a case in which the psychic nature is already sensitive, but the consciousness is not yet capable of functioning in it amidst the manifold distractions of physical life.

It is true that by the third method a certain amount of motion is possible, but the process is a tedious one except for quite short distances.


After death, when it withdraws entirely from the dense body, it would be clearly visible to him, and he would frequently see it hovering over newly-made graves as he passed through a church yard or cemetery. Andrew Lang gives, in his Dreams and Ghosts page 89an account of how Mr. Let me make two points clear before I leadneater.

Many extraordinary stories were told of him, xw amongst the rest the following:. The squeaks of a bat is a familiar instance of such a sound, and experiment will show that on a summer evening, when the whole air is full of the shrill, needle-like cries of these little animals, quite a large number of men will be absolutely unconscious of them, and unable to hear anything at all. Not only does he see the astral part of the object at which he looks, which before was wholly hidden from him; not only does he see much more of its physical constitution than he did before, but even what was visible to him before is now seen much more clearly and truly.

The chief apostle of the Fourth Dimension is Mr C.