The pathophysiology of anemia and the basis of its clinical investigation. Pruebas que evalúan el estado del hierro: Hierro del compartimiento funcional: Ferremia: Capacidad total de saturación de hierro (CTSH). Transcript of Clasificacion de anemias. Disminución de la capacidad transportadora de oxigeno de la sangre. Adaptaciones fisiológicas.

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In consequence, several gastrointestinal diseases, hereditary or acquired, including surgical resection, may produce nutritional deficiency anemia. The next step is the calculation of reticulocyte production index RPI: Both processes together clasicicacion the signs and symptoms characteristics of anemic syndrome.

The most likely cause of IDA is malnutrition in children, bleeding in adult males especially gastrointestinalmenstruation or lactation in fertile women, and bleeding in the elderly.

These are the hyporegenerative anemias. Subictericia de escleras por hematopoyesis ineficaz y hemolisis. In contrast to pure red cell clasiricacion, the bone marrow is rich in erythroblasts in patients with dyserythropoiesis.

Clasificacion de anemias by Carolina Isabel Guifarro Salgado on Prezi

Most labs will report the result of the reticulocyte count in percent of all rbc’s counted. Relationship between methylmalonic acid, homocysteine, vitamin B12 intake and status and socio-economic indices, in a subset of participants in the British National Diet and Nutrition Survey of people aged 65 y and over.

Anemia is one of the most frequent causes of medical visits because of the high incidence in children, young women and elderly people, especially if malnutrition is present.

In consequence, these three parameters should be requested in the initial phase of the diagnosis of normochromic anemia.


Anemia is common in hematological malignancies, but with limited gastrointestinal symptoms, except for gastric or clasificacjon bleeding caused by thrombocytopenia or lymphoma. Most hematological analyzers provide directly the number of reticulocytes per mm 3which is a better estimation of erythropoietic activity than a percentage.

Measurement of total body rbc mass requires special radiolabeling techniques that are not amenable to general medical diagnostic work.

By week 8, liver-derived red cells are evident and the liver is the only source of erythrocytes until the 18th week of gestation. In adult life, the esophagus, stomach, bowel and liver are involved in the pathogenesis of different types of anemia caused by nutritional deficiency, bleeding or chronic inflammation.

Classification of anemia for gastroenterologists

En la tabla I se resumen las causas de deficiencia de vitamina B Cobalamin deficiency Poor diet Deficiency of intrinsic factor Pernicious anemia Total or partial Gastrectomy Ingestion of caustic lye Functional defect of intrinsic factor Alteration of ileal microenvironment Insufficient pancreatic protease activity Inactivation enzyme Sd.

Some infectious or parasitic diseases that are diagnosed with relative frequency are: Chronic bleeding is a crucial sign in the diagnosis of malignant and benign lesions such as diverticula in the colon and rectum. One must be careful in blindly applying dde practical definition of anemia in every case.

Sus requerimientos diarios oscilan entre 50 y microgrs. With these key data, the doctor can put in place more specific tests: The WHO criterion has been accepted widely for diagnosis and publication, but its universal application has been questioned mainly because of racial differences.

If the colonoscopy does not reveal the cause of the anemia, gastroscopy should be performed. Existen tres picos de mayor prevalencia: In the absence of folic acid, homocysteine levels increase rapidly because it cannot be converted into methionine.


Measurements typically substituted for rbc mass determination take advantage of the body’s tendency to maintain normal total blood volume by dilution of the depleted rbc component with plasma.

The fundamental question in normocytic anemia is to recognize the causes and susceptibility to treatment as soon as possible. Afterwards, the spleen and bone marrow take over, but a small percentage of hepatic erythropoiesis remains clasidicacion the postnatal week 6.

Erythrocytes and the digestive system are linked closely from the very beginning of life. In the case of hemolysis which takes place in the bloodstream rather than in the RESso-called intravascular hemolysisadditional biochemical phenomena are observed see diagram, below. Such anemias are seen in hemolysis excess destruction of rbc’s or ane,ias loss of rbc’s from the vascular compartment.

Prevalence and causes of anemia in elderly hospitalized patients.

Anemias macrocíticas

The reticulocyte count is useful to distinguish anemia in which there is an appropriate bone marrow response from that in which there is a decrease in the production of erythrocytes. Anemia is a syndrome, not a disease, and therefore, the etiology must always be investigated and therapy must be directed mainly to the causal disease, and not only to restoring a normal hemoglobin concentration. Prevalence and causes of anemia in the United States, to DNA point mutation producing amino acid substitution in hemoglobin beta chain A.

Enzymatic diagnosis in non-spherocytic hemolytic anemia.