The long awaited ITIL V3 – COBIT V mapping white paper is available for a price. This is the final paper in a long-awaited series that. Title: CobiT v Brochure, Author: V2Advisor, Name: CobiT v Brochure, Length: 4 COBIT® is an internationally accepted set of tools organized into a. View Lab Report – Lab 2 from NSS at Clover Park Technical College. 1. Describe the primary goal of the COBIT v Framework, and define COBIT. a.

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This page was last edited on 26 Octoberat COBIT acts as an integrator of these different guidance materials, summarizing key objectives under one umbrella framework that link the good practice models with governance and business requirements.

COBIT – Wikipedia

The post, translated by the infernal Google translation machine is here: Submitted by skeptic on Tue, A lot of the items in there are not applicable in practice, similar with your opinion on CMDB. Keep in mind if you want to cascade that info down to all V41 peoples in organization, you have to go back to ITIL or either invent something.

I do mention the assurance guide. Archived from the original on 7 November Actually, where ITIL says that a service should be fit for use and fit for purpose, I’d say that CobiT adds the prerequisites for a ‘fit for governance’.


The COBIT suite of publications as compared to just the framework has great depth, growing all the time. Patent and Trademark Office.

In my opinion, what you have described about Cobit is only the Control Objectives definition the big and known bookbut Cobit is a set of books exactly as the L in ITIL says and we can 4v.1 tons of guidance there. Submitted by JamesFinister on Tue, View the discussion thread. Retrieved 24 June Editing help is available.

It is in Dutch onfortunately on the website of the Dutch magazine ‘Computable’. In van Bon, J.

The ITIL V3 – COBIT V4.1 mapping white paper is available and no wonder noone is saying much

Permission is granted for anyone to link to this site. Work, politics, race, religion It can encourage cobkt wasteful information management, improve retention schedules, increase business agility, and lower costs while better complying with data retention and management regulations. COBIT provides an implementable “set of controls over information technology and organizes them around a logical xobit of IT-related processes and enablers. You have confirmed that COBIT is just what you have to do; PO07 I mentioned in coit context that in my experience I never seen an IT department taking full ownership of what is in there – that is in my opinion the reason of a lot of issues you have mentioned, because somedody else HR is claming that they do when in fact doesn’t happen skeptik: PO7 and PO10 PO07 talks about motivating staff, ensuring they get training, and matching them to roles and responsibilites.

  OHSAS 18011 PDF

COBIT also provides a set of recommended best practices for governance and control process of information systems and technology with the essence of aligning IT with business. Just notice DS2 and DS4 are downgraded!!

April Learn how and when to remove this template message. It describes the basics, the core stuff, in realistic pragmatic terms. The business orientation of COBIT consists of linking business goals to IT goals, providing metrics and maturity models to measure their achievement, and identifying the associated responsibilities of business and IT process owners.

And it is pragmatically brief – we kept it to 50 paperback pages. Views Read Edit View history. I always been at the mercy of an HR department with their own corporate rules. Skip to Main Content Area. PO07 talks about motivating staff, ensuring they get training, and matching them to roles and responsibilites. This section is in a list format that may be better presented using prose.

And PO10 you have to admit is nowhere a project management methodology.