Identity. Top of page. Preferred Scientific Name. Coccus hesperidum Linnaeus, Preferred Common Name. brown soft scale. Body broadly oval to round; flat to slightly convex in lateral view; body yellow- green to yellow-brown, usually with small brown flecks scattered on dorsum; body. Coccus hesperidum is common on many subtropical fruit trees (see Table ), but generally is not considered a dangerous pest because natural enemies.

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Further notes on Ethiopian species of the genus Coccus Homoptera: Don’t need the entire report? Annals of the Entomological Society of America, It attacks a wide variety of crops, ornamental and greenhouse plants. De Lotto G, Soft Brown Scale, Coccus hesperidum L. Ben-Dov, ; Henderson et al.

Tang FT; Occcus J, It retains its legs and antennae throughout its life. Subtropical Fruits Pests in Israel. Contributors own the copyright to and are solely responsible for contributed content. Illustrated Flora and Fauna of Korea If you need expert professional advice, contact your local extension office.

  IEC 62067 PDF

Sap-sucking insect records Hemiptera: Coccus hesperidum is similar to C.

Please consider upgrading your browser to the latest version or installing a new browser. Males are occasionally produced and these pass through four nymphal stages before becoming winged adults.

Coccus hesperidum

Insects and Mites of Western North America. This page was last edited on 22 Marchat These first-stage nymphs are known as crawlers and move a short distance from the mother before settling and starting to feed. Institut Zoologii, Kiev, Retrieved from ” https: Alternatively, the use of such entomopathogenic fungisuch as Verticillium lecaniihas been successfully used under glass.

Papaya pests; granadilla pests.

Laboratory rearing of soft brown scale and its hymenopterous parasites. Scale Insects of Japan in Colours.

Scale insects Agricultural pest insects Citrus pests Orchids diseases and pests Insects described in Cosmopolitan arthropods. Notes on the parasitoids of the soft brown scale, Coccus hesperidum Hemiptera: World Crop Pests, Vol 7A.


Coccidae (Brown Soft Scale) – Coccus hesperidum –

Bulletin of Entomological Research, Scale insects species Hemiptera: Short, spine-like setae are located all over the body; antennae usually with 7 segments and the anal plates form a quadrate, each half bearing four short posterior setae.

Coccus hesperidum Linnaeus “.

Stauffer S; Rose M, Males usually absent; eggs hatch within body of female. Mahmood R; Mohyuddin AI, New report of insect pests and their natural enemies in pomegranate. Entomologist’s Monthly Magazine, 4: In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies.

Avidov Hesperieum Harpaz I, The brown, elliptical and flattened body of the female is 3.