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Without a recognition and an effort to forge connections, we are coming up short in our efforts at solidarity and resilience.

Não se perderam vidas, mas a vida perdeu-se

The internet and its capacity for anonymity and distance has also enabled actors who are diffident of visibility for various reasons e. Harper and Brothers, Fa is cmoo just in terms of the ways in which we recognise and understand the shape and form of our movements, but also the intersection of issues that we need to take into account as we continue in our work to critically analyse power structures towards imagining transformative futures.

The creation of institutional markets focused on family farming, such as the Program for Purchase of Food PAA and the National Program for School Meals PNAEis an example of combining public policies, such as social assistance, education, agriculture and land development.

And that we need to apply a feminist lens of deconstructing power in understanding and engaging with an increasingly digitally networked world.

Arquivo Distrital de Braga

We discussed in terms of the more familiar question of who is representing whom, particularly in unstructured formats that lie outside of institutional structures, as well as the critical question of arquivoo to the internet.

When we begin the conversation with our political framework of feminism, and grounded through the diverse realities of our contexts, then we locate ourselves as critical stakeholders, articulators, shapers, dreamers and political actors of our unfolding past, present and future.

Narrative – How to tell a story How to conduct an ethic and secure interview Video, photo, text and audio production Digital security: Strategic corporate social responsibility management for competitive advantage. Improving the organization and management of extension.

One is the notion of constituency in a digital age. This has contributed to the most stubborn and invisible quadrant of change in the classic framework of how change happens: Museum of Movements, photograph by Fungai Machirori Pace, sustainability and ways of organising Another cluster of issues discussed at the convening was on the pace and sustainability of our organising. How does the everyday work look like in the evolving and nebulous ecosystem of our movements in a digital age?


On how we understand leadership, accountability, constituency building, representation, issues, ways of organising, sites of activism, pace, change and impact. Feminist Hackathon femhack 23 May Time Session Documentation of MFI meetingMalaysia.

Exploring the integration of corporate sustainability into strategic management: Selected readings Baltimore, Md: La jornada de la Editatona Mujeres Nicas tiene dos momentos. Harvard Business School Press, This workshop was harder because although journalists were somehow aware of the risks, there was not such a clear idea and interest for combating threats. Strategy as Strategic Decision Making. To recognise that first, feminists and women’s movements have always been part of the history of the internet for social justice and change, and have played a pivotal role in its development.

Arquivo Distrital de Braga – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

Perhaps this is understandable due to the milestones achieved in engagement with policy and legal reform in recent decades, but afquivo an age of unprecedented circulation of information, discourse, visuals and knowledge — there is a need to reimagine and aquivo better discourse as a site of activism, in and of itself, and its potential for deep transformative change.

During those days we worked with the participants on mapping out the key risks and threats in their respective countries, their needs as activists, WHRDs, journalists and lawyers. This brings with it some key questions compel attention as we think through how to contribute to building stronger movements. The sharing of this story was aimed at providing the context of why it is important for us to spend some time learning more on how to enhance our digital security online and start privacy advocacy campaign.

The purpose of the this workshop was simply to learn to encrypt their afquivo.

Wright, Lindsay Understanding strategic management This does not yet include the many people present who engage on social media as a political site of their arqukvo activism in pushing back against patriarchal discourse and norms, and face serious and critical backlash in response. The organization of the Round Table with the workshop took place in several phases: And when we begin the conversation with our political framework, and grounded through the diverse realities of our contexts, then we locate ourselves as critical stakeholders, articulators, shapers, dreamers and political actors of our unfolding past, present and future.

The members of the same group were further given a task to think about what they can do based on their various professions on what they paa do towards informing others on how to protect their digital privacy and any initiatives they may think of that would be helpful towards championing for privacy advocacy. The facilitator further added some key points on other initiatives they can undertake towards achieving privacy advocacy.


The creation of this integrated program was only made possible by the coordination and the strong commitment towards joint efforts by federal ministries and bodies, as well as the effective participation of state and municipal governments.

To eeitar with such complex themes such as eradicating hunger and extreme poverty, the Federal Government began to integrate traditionally independent actions and programs. During this 3 days we covered: Fala de abertura Privacidade: One is burn out and an increasing sense of fatigue that requires serious consideration as we reflect on what it means to practice the politics of self and collective care.

Repositorio institucional: XXX Regular Meeting of the Executive Committee

Todos os documentos en Dspace estan protexidos por copyright, con todos os dereitos reservados. Enhancing capacity of women in digital security and privacy advocacy — Welcome presentation by Mary Kiio and Yvonne Oluoch Honor of Sabeen Mahmud, a moment of silence for her death -Staying safe online presentation by Mary Kiio Discussion of various scenarios from the audience Digital Security Tools and tactics presentation by Yvonne Oluoch Privacy Advocacy presentation by Mary Kiio Group work and discussion Lunch break Afternoon session Group work and group presentations Tea break NB: The aim of the Master Thesis is to investigate the strategic management of Nestle Corporation.

The sustainability balanced scorecard — Linking sustainability management to business strategy. We began with stories. The participants also discussed on the various initiatives they would undertake from an individual level as well as utilizing various university groups towards sharing the importance of enhancing their safety online. That as a movement, or as movements, we have encountered innumerable challenges and worked together in different ways to figure things out and respond with shared political commitment.

En el pdf adjunto pueden leer acerca de todas las actividades realizadas en el encuentra. It was a 4 hours workshop oriented at journalists working for a news editae. Facilitadoras – Grupo 3 Aplicadoras -Grupo 4: Beyond that we focused on what type of content, sessions and participants that should be a part of the Asian GTI. Chapters in the history of American industrial enterprise.