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Czerniecki’s goal was to present what he called “Old Polish dishes” as opposed to foreign recipes. Views Ffrculorum Edit View history. The dedication is followed by a detailed inventory of food items, kitchenware, as well as kitchen and waiting staff, necessary for hosting a banquet.

Compendium Ferculorum Or Collection of Dishes – Stanisław Czerniecki – Google Books

He wrote especially for the severely ill the third and last chef’s “secret” – the special recipe he added at the end of fefculorum chapter. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Compendium ferculorum, the oldest Polish cookbook fromin English translation. This translation was never published and is only known from a manuscript held at the Russian State Library in Moscow another manuscript Russian translation of Czerniecki’s work is possibly held at the National Library of Russia in Saint Petersburg.

Among the forgotten dishes of the old Polish cuisine, a special place was occupied by the capon, the object of ….

Magdalena Spychaj (Elaborate of Compendium Ferculorum albo Zebranie Potraw)

The list of vegetables includes, now largely forgotten, cardoonJerusalem artichoke and turnip-rooted chervilor popie jajka literally, “priest’s balls”as Czerniecki calls it. There are also several different secrets on how to roast a chicken in the bottle, how to cook a whole fish so that terculorum part of it will be fried, the second one will be roast and the third one cooked.


Description Compendium ferculorum, p Compendium ferculorumwritten in Polish and promoting traditional domestic cuisine, which maintained a largely medieval outlook, may be seen as Czerniecki’s response to the onslaught of culinary cosmopolitanism.

The mixture, made of all compeendium of roasted meat, was served to the patient immediately after boiling. The author was ferculorumm aware that his was the first cookbook in the Polish vernacular, which he made clear in the dedication. He should be neat and tidy, with a good head of hair, well-combed, short at the back compndium sides; he should have clean hands, his fingernails should be trimmed, he should wear a white apron; he should not be quarrelsome, he should be sober, submissive, brisk; he should have a good understanding of flavor, a sound knowledge of ingredients and utensils, together with a willingness to serve everyone.

This page was last edited on 29 Mayat The chapters are devoted, respectively, to meat, fish and other dishes, and each concludes with a “master chef’s secret”. Czerniecki concludes these introductory remarks with an admonition against sprinkling food with bread crumbs and by avowing to focus on “Old Polish dishes” [d] to let the reader experience domestic cuisine gerculorum moving on to foreign specialties. Photo-offset reprint of the edition.

Kurtiak & Ley

In fact, the book contains many more than three hundred recipes, as apart from adding supplements and secrets, Czerniecki left some recipes unnumbered so as not to disturb the clear structure of the work.

He believed that the recipe “was very good and proven to do good for the seriously ill who feared for their life. Author Picasa Date and time of data generation Roasted beef and mutton was also added.

He displays an ambivalent attitude to French cookery; on the one hand, he dismisses French potagesor creamy soups, as alien to Polish culture [35] and criticizes the use of wine in cooking. The dish with juice and valuables inside was wrapped in animal bladder and linen. Ferculroum meat was pierced to let the juice out.


The entire edition was made to look just like in the 17th century.

Old Polish scrambled eggs or cooking for beginners The old Polish cookbooks, apart from fancy Baroque recipes for dishes that were first of all supposed to stun and …. He did, however, reference foreign influences throughout the book, particularly from French cuisine and from what he referred to as “Imperial cuisine”, that is, the cooking styles of Bohemia and Hungary[34] then both part of the Habsburg Empire.

A banquet was meant to overwhelm the guests with lavishness and flaunt the host’s wealth and munificence. Copyright Office before January 1, The book contains more than recipes, divided into three chapters of about recipes each. The famous Polish pierogi, recognised to be a Polish dish all over the world, have a long history.

In the late 17th century, Compendium ferculorum was anonymously translated into Russian as Povarennaya ocmpendium Cookery Book. Although the book is written entirely in Polish, it has a bilingual, Latin and Polish, title. On the other ferculoorum, some of the numbered headings are not followed by any actual recipe, serving only to reiterate that various dishes may be prepared using the same basic technique.

Old Polish cookbooks Cookbooks, known in Europe as handwritten collections of recipes already in the Middle Ages, became popular and were printed in ….