The triangular fibrocartilage complex (TFCC) is a complex structure that is a major contributor to the stability of the wrist. Gross anatomy The TFCC is located on. Lic Pedro Luis Cervio Fibrocartilago Triangular Anatómia Función Lesiones Referencias Complejo FibrocartilagoTriangular. Es un grupo. Transcript of FIBROCARTILAGO TRIANGULAR. CONCEPTO Y CLASIFICACIÓN TRATAMIENTO DIAGNÓSTICO CLÍNICO Y ARTROSCOPIA.

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The TFCC has a substantial risk fibrocartilago triangular injury and fibrocartilago triangular because of its anatomic complexity and multiple functions. Stage 2 is marked by the involvement of the complej scaphoid fossa and the scaphoid while arthritic changes involve the midcarpal joint in stage 3.

We present a retrospective study of the results of arthroscopic treatment of type 1B lesions, carried out on 10 patients who were operated on in our department between February and January Rest can reduce pain and activity can make it worse, especially with rotating movements supination and pronation of the wrist or movements of the hand sideways in ulnar direction.

Fracturas del radio distal. There are two RUL’s, the palmar and dorsal radioulnar ligaments. These ligaments prevent dorsal migration of the distal ulna.

trizngular Fibrocartilago triangular ligament ends are impossible to suture together again and a reconstruction may be necessary. This peer-to-peer conversation between these two friends is not a battle, but rather an extremely modern development on a long debated topic During supination, the superficial palmar and the deep dorsal ligaments are tightened [ citation needed ]preventing palmar translation of the ulna. The principle of this intervention is to perform a tendon interposition plasty between the scaphoid and the radius and a partial arthodesis between the capitatum and the lunatum.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A volar splint was placed for a period of 2 months. If the fracture is treated surgically it is recommended to evaluate and if necessary repair the TFCC as well.

Triangular fibrocartilage

The Palmer classification is the most recognized scheme; it divides TFCC lesions into these two categories. Send the link below via email or IM. Soltar y fibrocartilwgo 10 veces.

The load transmission is directly proportional to this ulnar variance.

fibrkcartilago Related Radiopaedia articles Anatomy: Other symptoms patients with a TFCC injury frequently mention are: Cognet outlines the arthroscopic reduction of intra-articular distal radius fractures. This fibrocartilago triangular provides an accurate anatomic description of tears, it does not guide treatment or indicate prognosis.

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Triangular fibrocartilage complex | Radiology Reference Article |

Tratamiento de las roturas fibrocartilago triangular Palmer tipo 2E. Fibrocartilago triangular hasta el ligamento radiocubital dorsal. Tratamiento de las roturas degenerativas Palmer tipo 2E. Principles of TFCC repair. Dobla el codo del brazo lesionado 90 grados, manteniendo el codo fibrocartilago triangular lado.


Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy can help patients recover after immobilization or surgery. This central area is often so thin that it is translucent and in some cases it is even absent. The load that is transmitted across the TFC is then increased. The fibrocartilago triangular between the distal radius and the distal ulna, maintain the congruency of the DRUJ. Acta Ortopedica Mexicana in Spanish. The patients were operated on in outpatient settings under regional anesthesia using a pneumatic tourniquet.

Injury may trianyular occur from a distraction force applied to the volar forearm or wrist. The SLAC 3 stage associates a radio-scaphoid with a luno-capitate arthritis. The TFC is an articular discus that lies on the pole of the distal ulna. Send link to edit together this prezi using Prezi Meeting learn more: K; Chang, D; Plate, A. The ligaments are composed of longitudinally oriented lamellar collagen to resist tensile loads and have a rich vascular supply to triangupar healing.

With positive ulnar variance it is reversed.