Comswitch – automatic or distinctive ring phone line sharing device, or fax switch. Replaced by the Multi-Link Stick or SR Find great deals for Command Communications ComSwitch 4 Port Line Sharing System. Shop with confidence on eBay!. People who viewed this item also viewed. Used Command Communications ComSwitch 4 Port Line Sharing System · Used Command Communications .

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Most, but not all faxes produce this tone through their auto-dial feature, speed-dial memory position, or by the operator pressing the fax machine’s start button after the number is dialed. Allows the user to remotely program ComSwitch features using a tone dialing telephone.

The CS may not be connected to a party line or coin line telephone network. If the CS does not function properly, disconnect the unit.

Command Communications ComSwitch 7500 Switch

A non-modular system consists of cables that are hard-wired to the telephone device and cannot be disconnected from the equipment. Single cassette answering machines are not recommended for use with this feature due to timing limitations of these types of machines. If the answering machine disconnects from the call during comsditch time, the CS automatically transfers the call to the FAX port. You can connect a computer modem in place of the fax machine and obtain the same results.

Power Device Voltage Required.

To set the CS for 2-line operation, perform the following steps: For parts or not working. Range is 1 to 99 rings ComSwitch only. Set the modem to answer on 1 ring. Before you begin return to top. If you wish to send a fax, press 11 on your tone phone, or leave a message at the tone.


Though every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, these instructions may include technical or typographical errors. If you need information about paging or other products that Command manufectured, please contact Long Range Systems. Fortunately, Higgins International has be involved with manufacturing and distributing similar but superior products for over 25 years.

ComSwitch® CS Operator’s Guide

Content of these instructions may be changed from time to time due to product improvement. Not all modem commacommands delay dialing for a 2 second interval. Tech Industry by Michelle Meyers Nov 26, Contact Customer Service for more information.

Retrieving answering machine messages from a remote location return to top.

To co,switch these timing parameters, your outgoing message should be no less than 15 seconds, and no longer than 20 seconds in length. To disable the CS and retrieve your answering machine messages, follow these steps:.

The phone company’s Distinctive Ring service is offered in most areas across the U. During the next four seconds the CS listens for the following signals:.

Sign in for more lists. To mount on a wall, follow these steps:. Allows ComSwitch to route calls to the specified ports based on the ring pattern or ring burst count on line one DRS must be activated by the phone company. If you place the CS on a flat surface, do not place it in close proximity to any peripheral equipment approximately 2 to 3 feet away from all electronic equipment. You may not have the 4 second silence at the beginning of your answering machine announcement message.

Allows user to select what phantom ring the caller will hear when ComSwitch is processing a call in the Automatic mode. The ComSwitch protects voice calls from fax interruption, therefore the fax phone cannot access the line during a voice call. Follow the remote retrieval procedures for your answering machine.


CS Operator’s Guide – ComSwitch Owner’s Manual – Command Communications

The CS can be placed on either a flat surface, or mounted on a wall with the connected telephone line cords above or below coomswitch unit. Caller ID is a service provided by your local telephone company.

This guide is designed to introduce you to the various installation and operational procedures for using the ComSwitch CS Allows ComSwitch to route calls to the specified ports based on the ring pattern or ring burst count on line two ComSwitch only. Line Routing Systems has been formed to distribute the new improved LineShare Product Line which is based on this technology.

If this set-up does not meet the needs for your application, contact Customer Service for programming alternatives. Connect your fax machine to the FAX port. Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna. Receiving a computer call return to top.

A 4 Port device means 2 voice ports are linked like a jack for phone and another for answering machine and are identical with 2 additional port for the distinctive ring connected devices which are typically fax and modem. Standard 1-line operations return to top. Align the keyholes on the back of the CS with the 2 screws, then push in and comswitchh down to secure it to the wall.

Thank you for purchasing the CS Culture by Nicolas Towner Nov 16, The phone numbers, contact information, or warranties for Command Communications comxwitch longer are accurate.

To return the CS to 1-line operation, cimswitch “Standard 1-line operations.