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These are some of those writers: As yet, no international consensus has been reached on a blueprint for the New International Information Order. It is a pedagogical handbook which considers the so called “scientific methodology” as the only possible way for research. He stresses its significance for aesthetics comprehension. This is probably one of the finest compilations of radio analysis. National Sovereignty and International Communication.

This has a strong multiplier effect by which locally produced materials are often hardly distinguishable from their foreign models. AP and UPI have the decisive weight in opinion formation in the average Latin American country about the most important world events.

Notas sobre el contenido de las tele-radio-novelas. Gazette NetherlandsVol.

Revista Comunicación

It is a very interesting compilation by Colombian nobel-prize winner which shows the relationship between journalism and literature. El perlodismo en el actualidad.

Related articles in Web of Science Google Scholar. Stockholm, Institute of Latin American Studies. One may deplore it, but powerful nations will only co-operate in the building of a new order if they view it as being in their interest to do so.

History, definitions, languages and purpose of advertising. The Costa Rica Conference cannot be taken as a full war won by the democratic progressive forces in Latin America. Los poderes de cjltura historieta. Use of the Bambara language in training young people: Handbook written with the participation of various experts as a general course in advertising.


According to Salinasp. To study the current situation in the field of communication and information and to identify problems which called for fresh action at the national level and a concerted overall approach at the international level.

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The oil crisis, the growing awareness of overall scarcities, the international recession, characterized by inflation, unemployment and monetary instability, the growing unity of the Third World, the unstable political and military situation in various parts of the world e.

This book written in the seventies is a clear example of ccomunicacion “ideology” approach to media in which journalism is seen as propaganda. Various articles and “chronicles” of well known journalist-writers on different topic. Most users should sign in with their email address.

Historical study of press in Brazil emphasizing the relationship of media and the configuration of middle classes. Conflicto politico y cultural. In summary, external economic dependence still accounts for much of underdevelopment. Its historical perspective as well its theoretical consistency makes this book an excellent teaching resource when stressing the social aspects of journalism more than its technical elements.

A classic of the “communication effect” theory which considers TV as one of the principal social influences of this century. As reference and point of comparison it is also of great importance in the continent. After clarifying that the New International Economic Order could only be detrimental to the developed countries culltura terms of short-term economic considerations, Pronkp.

The full and effective participation of all states in international decision making. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. It is a new perspective to news analysis which contributes to understand journalism in a different perspective. However, a New International Information Order is far more complex than improvements of the imbalance of the flow of information.

The book presents the basic theoretical proposal of Greimas’ semiotic model which comunicaccion into account “action and actors” within textual production.


: Antonio Pasquali: Books

Latin America and the U. Periodismo y lucha de clases. This is a very well known and used book in the continent due to its critical approach, its Latin American point of view and its cultural proposals in relation to communication.

The masa of trade exchange between metropolitan and peripheral countries have shown no correction of the characteristic imbalance.

Although somewhat “passe”, this book is used in our communication schools as one of the few that goes comunicacioj technical advertising processes. It offers clear and useful guidelines for semiotic analysis as a “reading” methodology which stresses formalization processes. In considers different issues on freedom of speech within a U.

Kaarle Nordenstreng and Herbert I. In many of them, researchers have found evidence clearly supporting such contentions, as has been reported by, among other analysts, the United States scholar Schiller, band and the Belgian critic Armand Mattelart a, bband In the United States and in other developed countries there are more radio receivers available than inhabitants; in Africa, instead, there is one for each eighteen inhabitants. Analysis of methodology in research processes, not as a technique but seen as a conceptual perspective.

The non-aligned countries have played a key part in denouncing the failure of the present communication system and in the design of instruments that could begin to lead towards a new international order of communications. The United States alone has more radio transmitters than those in all the developing countries.

Email alerts New issue alert. This article is also available for rental through DeepDyve. This book as a whole is a very important support for a critical research approach.