View and Download Contax T2 instruction manual online. T2 Film Camera pdf manual download. I have a few questions about the operation of the Contax T2. 1. If I have a Given that you’re still in manual aperture mode? 3. P = Program. Contax t2 instruction manual – english version contax_t2/ Other CONTAX T manuals here!.

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I will try again in manual aperture mode. With the camera set to manual focus, you can manually focus on the subject, point the camera at the area in the scene that selects the desired shutter speed, half press to lock exposure, reframe and manaul

Contax T2 instruction manual, user manual, PDF manual, free manuals

You just want it! Not necessarily a bad thing. It is also worth pointing out that my frustration with the position of the lens was entirely outweighed almost instantly by the rest of the user experience! Hansen 6 years ago. Maunal Contax T2 has achieved an enviable status among cameraphiles and camera collectors alike. Check out these deals from our trusted affiliates.

Is this sort of like an automatic mode? David, thank you very much for your helpful replies! If looking through the Contax T2 Camera user manual directly on this website is tt2 convenient for you, there are two possible solutions:. Just be sure you buy from a place where you can return it if a problem arises. Many people prefer to read the documents not on the screen, but in maunal printed version. In short it is definitely a keeper. The camera working like this will certainly win it points if you are coming from shooting an RF.

Contax T2 Review

Reply VL October 19, at 3: The Yashica Family Tree. For question 4 I did not mean which way I oriented the camera. For those who enjoy it the most, contqx are two ways you can throw a few pennies into the proverbial tip jar: And of course, the shysters on eBay trying to take advantage of the situation.


Is it really the greatest? It actually feels bigger than it is, I was convinced it was bigger than my Fuji Klasse Wbut if anything it might even be a touch smaller. Finally, for question 1 – I am using Kodak Portra film. Well here are a couple of other niggles… The aperture selection is a little awkward for anyone with fingers larger than that of a two your old child! Reply Alvaro August 13, at 1: Contaxx Victor August 4, at 3: Reply Hamish Gill September 17, at The viewfinder displays a digital rangefinder made of a green circle to indicate focus and two red arrows either side that literally tell you which way to move your thumb on the wheel to gain focus.

I hope this article and video help some of you who are on the fence about the T2.

Please forgive this bad phone pic. I shall look forward to reading! So, it worked as a stealth night camera, but at manula cost of auto-focus and the frame lines.

I still have a couple rolls of undeveloped T2 pics, but that will be for a later time. Support the upkeep of 35mmc 35mmc will always remain free for to read cohtax enjoy.

I think the reason I asked the question was I noticed the same shutter speed while changing aperture. But it could lead to that! Given that you’re still in manual aperture mode? Reply Hamish Gill August 13, at 7: If seeking one of these gems, I hate to tell you that prices seem to have gone up on these babies, even from just a couple of years ago. It doesn’t affect the aperture, if you set the aperture to 2.

The Yashica is a much more basic camera, with very little in the way of controls. The good news is that the T2 is almost always available on eBay. Camera freezing up when least expected. As I think you mentioned in your T3 review or somewhereone of the things that sets it apart from cheaper point and shoots is its internal memory and ability to set the flash to off all the time. Patreon allows those of you who would like to support 35mmc on a monthly basis with a small regular donations.


The Contax T2 seems to retain the feeling of simplicity that I enjoy so much in a compact camera yet provide a set of features that combine to make a camera that rarely gets in your way! Makes me want to find myself a beater and try it myself! By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Contax T2 Manuals

Thanks for your support! I had to use a thick foil-based tape, because even black tape is pretty opaque once a flash unit does its stuff. Setting the top dial to infinity only affects focus, it turns off the auto focus and sets the lens at infinity. The feature that really sets the view through the finder apart though is the live metering information!

contaax Contax T2, Tri-X Reply Sarah Bailey June 28, at 6: And their social media presence may have caused a spike in interest in this camera and film photography. However, the T2 was hip and cool long before Jenner or Helmsworth picked it up!

I meant putting the mode dial on the landscape mode which is between automatic and manual focus.