The Convention was adopted on 14 April by the United Nations Conference on Diplomatic Intercourse and Immunities held at the Neue Hofburg in Vienna. El Gobierno garantizó ayer que Bolivia no dejará de ser miembro de la Convención de Viena de sobre estupefacientes porque un mes antes de que la. Que dicho Convenio fue suscrito en el marco de la Convención Unica de Estupefacientes, de 30 de marzo de , publicada en el aprobada en Viena el 20 de diciembre de ; Reconociendo que ambos Estados se.

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Vienna Convention – Wikipedia

For the text of the declaration, see United Nations, Treaty Seriesvol. In accordance with the principle of sovereign equality, no State has the right to bar other States from accession to a Convention of this nature. The provisions of these articles are inconsistent with the very nature of the Con- vention, which is universal in character and should be open for accession by all States.

The instrument of accession deposited on behalf of the Government of China on 25 November contained the following declaration: In such a case the bag will not be opened except with the approval of the Foreign Ministry and in the presence of a member of the Mission concerned. The Government of the Kingdom of Thailand does not regard as valid the reservation made by the State of Bahrain in respect of paragraph 3 of article 27 of the Convention.

Vienna, 18 April In accordance with the principle of the equality of rights of States, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics considers that any difference of opinion regarding the 191 of a diplomatic mission should be settled by agreement between the sending State and the receiving State. The existence of strong indications or suspicions that the said violations have been perpetrated. Yemen 15 Portugal 23 Portugal Further, the Government of Denmark does not regard as valid the reservation to paragraph 2 of Article 37 made by the United Arab Republic, Cambodia and Morocco.


The exemption provided for in article 36, paragraph 1, shall not apply to the administrative and technical staff of the mission except during the first six months following their arrival convenciob the receiving State. In respect of the reservations made by the People’s Republic of China concerning article re On 1 Junethe Government of Czechoslovakia communicated the following objections: In convencoin of the reservation made by Bahrain concerning article 27, paragraph 3.

The Yemen Arab Republic has the right to inspect foodstuffs imported by diplomatic envoys and diplomatic missions in order to ascertain that they conform in quantity and in kind to the list submitted by them to the customs authorities and to the Office of Protocol at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the purpose of obtaining approval for their importation exempt from customs duties in accordance with article 36 of re Convention.

The Government of the French Republic considers that this or any similar reservation is inconsistent with the object and the purpose of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations done at Vienna on 18April If the authorities of the sending State refuse to comply with such a demand, the diplomatic bag shall be sent back to the place of origin. In respect of the reservation made by the Mongolian People’s Republic concerning article The Kingdom of the Netherlands takes the view that this provision remains in force in relations between it and the said States in accordance with international customary law.

The Government of the United States, however, considers the Con- vention as continuing in force between it and the respective above-mentioned States except for the provisions to which the reservations are addressed in each case.


In respect of the reservation made by the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya concerning article The People’s Republic of Bulgaria considers it necessary to draw attention to the discriminatory nature of articles 48 and 50 of the Convention, under the terms of which a number of States are precluded from acceding to the Convention.

The Government of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam, therefore, holds the view that all States have the right to adhere to the said Convention. The accession of the Yemen Arab Republic to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, done at Vienna on 18 Aprilin no way implies recognition of Israel and shall not entail the entry of vienaa Yemen Arab Republic with Israel into any of viean relations governed by this Convention.

United States of America. It is contrary to fundamental principles of diplomatic international law.

Vienna Convention

In the view of the Government of Israel, this Convention is not the proper place for making such political pronouncements. For the text of ve objections, see United Nations, Treaty Seriesvol.

If the embassy refuses to comply with this request, the bag shall be returned to its place of origin. See also note 1 under “China” in the “Historical Information” section in the front matter of this volume. In view of its broad scope which affects the interest of all States in the world the present Convention should therefore be open for participation of all States. Ecuador 19 Ecuador If the authorities of the sending state refuse to comply with such a request, the diplomatic bag shall be sent back to the place of origin.

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