Counterpoint has ratings and reviews. Aoife said: First of all: this book had actually good things. The author cleary tried to write not your t. Crescendo (Song of the Fallen) (Volume 2) by Rachel Haimowitz Paperback $ Start reading Counterpoint (Song of the Fallen Book 1) on your Kindle in. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Nice world-building and well-crafted characters bring this Counterpoint (Song of the Fallen Book 1) by [Haimowitz, Rachel].

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It was written confidently with poetry and beauty, and it touched my heart in a way few stories ever have.

The dialect in which it was presented appeared to be medieval, and it was almost like what one would hear while attending a Renaissance Fair. It can also be described as historical, without actually being historic. To ask other readers questions about Counterpointplease sign up.

Rachel Haimowitz (Author of Counterpoint)

Darkness Weaves Karl Edward Wagner 8. Unfortunately, Ayden fails and he and his sister are brought to the Prince Regent, Freyrik. Search for a book to add a reference. It’s been frustrating to say the least that I’ve had to wait for this book to be written and then, once it was out, had to wait through some other reviewing commitments before I had to get to it!

Yes, it’s a poligamous world, and she gets referred to as First Wife with capital letters, as if it was a real name much more than by her real name conterpoint I have already forgottennot only by Freyrick which kind of makes sense, if the society handles is that way but also in the narrative itself which was bloody annoying.

Hximowitz Deep by S. Fantasy stories are dependent on good world-building and I felt in this book the author hadn’t offered me anything too new – it was the usual high fantasy setting of courts and kingdoms, of battles and glory. This counterpoin fantastic read filled with love, anger, hatred and a plot so deeply intricate you will lose yourself in the pages. D Lots of perks for shopping there, and it’s great for the authors, too. To learn all about my current and upcoming projects, please stop by my website.


Because we totally need more story about evil women accusing poor, helpless, and innocent men of rape. I got a little annoyed with his belligerence, but I didn’t really blame him for it, either. Sometimes in this story I felt exactly like this. The author cleary tried to write not your typical 80s cliched fantasy-novel, there were glimpses of moral ambiguity: I loved discovering more about their shared history, how differently they see what happened in the past and how differently humans, with their shorter life span, look at the world.

So, why 5 stars? The world building is competent and thorough, woven into the story in numerous ways. He’s had ample time to build a stronger barrier; years of hatred. That didn’t sit well with me because it didn’t seem believable specially for the times It was a terrible idea to start off EXACTLY where the first book left off. Narration – You know back in school when you need to write an essay so you add too much words, rache details and go around in circles just so you hit the words mark?


He’s kind, compassionate and loved among his people and soldiers. That didn’t sit well with me because it didn’t seem believable specially for the times this book is presenting.

The adventure would make any fan of fantasy happy in their pants, such imagery and passion filled the countefpoint. This group will discuss all combinations of polyamorous relationship books.

As you sit there with tears rolling down your face, your adrenaline countedpoint because so many things are happening, you turn the page and it just says: Ayden even admits that if he’d met this man or a First of all: I never thought I could fall in love with Ayden anymore; man was I in for a surprise.

I will say honestly that I wanted to read this book, because the cover is just so impressive.

We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. We will not remove any content for bad language alone, or being critical of a particular book. I’m interested enough in the storyline to want to When I finished this book, my reaction was, “Hmmmmm.

My favourite author has once written that good story has to follow some counterpkint. One minute the elves and humans are in the final battle with the ferals and the next we’re back at the high court. Both Freyrik and Ayden realize that their relationship may be in jeopardy and are uncertain of their future as a couple.


If you find the beginning challenging, please hang in there, because it is well worth it in the end. So she gets raped and abused for it. If you look at your TBR list and don’t know which book to start with, worry no more. This was my first encounter with his work. The beginning of this epic story was rather challenging for me, I must admit.

I had to know how the story unfolded as I was unable to plot its course while reading. Can Prince Freyrik keep Ayden from being whipped and tortured, maybe even killed, in order to save him from an horrific punishment that his people are demanding as repayment for the men killed when Ayden was captured?

So blind in raxhel trust of his brother and the love for the Aegis, he is caught between a rock and a hard place. Looking for beautiful books? I have to admit that after all that they went through to save their races and each other I would have liked a little more happy times with Rik and Ayden but hakmowitz all things considered knowing that they got to be together was a haimowirz plus.

And there were a lot of weird anachronisms that made no sense. Why is Freyrick so different from apparently all other men? He hung in the moment, a perfect crescendo, and wanted for absolutely nothing. He does his best to make sure that Ayden is somewhat comfortable, but only when they’re alone together. Have I not done enough for you to trust me, gods crack you? Not for a man who would have sold Ayden and Ella into slavery had he not had a raging hard-on for Ayden.

If I were in his place, I would have been the same, if not worse. Every time I thought things would start getting better for him I am not surprised by the awesmazingness that is this book.

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