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Bref, ma question tordue est la suivante: Thus, the resistant sections of the tongues being offset between Figures 9 and 10, there is obtained a connecting device whose flexibility can be guaranteed approximately constant in all directions.

The exterior of the ejected object should not undergo aggression during ejection. J’ai fait un documentaire sur l’alcool. Thus the invention is particularly applicable to the production of scientific experiments in the upper atmosphere or to the exploration of the solar system planets from an automatic probe.

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The stroke of this rod is delimited by that annular bearing surface 21 ‘and a shoulder 34’ of the sleeve, the base of the ejector rod having a larger diameter than the rest of the stem. For example, in the case of the device provided by the document FR-A2.

L’amusant c’est les gens qui ne mettent pas d’accents sur les capitales, mais qui terminalee donnent beaucoup de mal pour mettre des points sur les i capitales. It should be noted that after failure of the bond to break, its upper portion corresponding to the threaded portion remains attached to the object this mass is small in practice.

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ES Ref legal event code: Mechanism according to claim 2 characterised in that the tangs of each pair have the same tensile strength and the tangs 41, 42 of one pair have a lower tensile strength than the tangs 43, 44 of the other pair. A safety and arming device for projectile fuse comprising an anti-vibration means. This mechanism, denoted 10 to distinguish it from the version very schematically shown in Figure 1, provides the triple function of temporary retention in a precise position, rapid separation and controlled ejection.

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Quelqu’un sait-il ce que signifiait le sigle NMPP sur ces revues? The structure of the frangible region 32 ‘, which will be detailed in connection with Figures 19 and 20, there is a simplified version of that of the zone Google est ton ami pour cette question: The locking function is to carry out the assembly and the mechanical strength of the object relative to its support even in harsh environments vibrations including but sometimes empty space Lapsed in a contracting state announced via postgrant inform.

Device for the temporal mechanical assembly and for its fast separation of an ejecting object attached to a support.

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Ma question est la suivante: DE Free format text: The axial dimension of said groove is at least equal to the axial stroke of the ejector rod. Sum of fixed column widths greater than maximum specified IPD 0. Je ne retombe pas sur le mot que je cherche Close to the center of gravity is provided at the bottom of the housing, an area 5A or 5’A generally transverse against which the free end of the ejector rod rests.

CH Free format text: J’achetais aussi souvent que possible ces fascicules, Akim, picsou, flairsou, blek et les Elvifrance. Si oui peut on courd le pourquoi. The object A is centered at two locations axially offset, on the one cousr in the immediate vicinity of the center G by a housing portion 5 or 5 ‘, of short axial dimension, surrounding with small clearance the same end of the rod ejecting, on the other hand by an end region 6 or 6 ‘of the housing surrounding with small clearance the guide sleeve 3 or 3’.

Bonjour, comment allez vous?

trrminale A spacer multicontact control, applicable in particular to the ejection of an object from a spacecraft. Dans quel sens faut-il entendre la terminalle In Figure 2 against by the sleeve 3 ‘enters a greater distance, denoted by 1, the housing 4, about half of the depth L. J’ai acquis un nouveau passe-temps, le Rubik’s cube. Page utilisant des liens magiques ISBN. It goes without saying that the above description has been given by way of example and that numerous variants may be proposed by the man of the art without departing from the claims.


Baryxentre Free format text: However, it appears in practice that the lengthening of the sleeve 3 ‘does not significantly reduce the risk of transverse displacement of the ejector rod must be increased since the play between barycentde and sleeve to eliminate any risk of seizure. This has benefits increased centering precision and a reduction in parasitic transverse speed rotation due to manufacturing tolerances and assembly clearances.

The result to be obtained for the release function is an instantaneous separation of the two pieces without disturbing the ejection phase. A breakable zone break 32 is provided between the threaded portion 30 and the rest of the liner forming with the mouthpiece 26 of the container body: According to preferred features of the invention, optionally combined: The presence of a flexible washer distribution induced against a stress distribution whose resultant is then offset from the center of gravity than a distance d Figure 14B much lower than R in the case of a point contact on the periphery of the thrust zone.

Mechanism for temporarily attaching an object A, A’ to a support B, B’separating and ejecting said object, comprising a receptacle 11 adapted to be fixed to the support and an ejector rod 2, 2′, 12 mounted in said receptacle to slide in a predetermined direction X-Xsaid ejector rod comprising a rear portion acted on by the pressure in a pressure chamber of the receptacle adapted to be placed in communication with a pressure source and a front end 33 bearing in the predetermined direction against a bearing surface 5A, 5’A, 14A, 52 provided on the e, characterised in that: