8 Dec Hi, I have a crystal report with Invoice Number as a field in it. I need to burst the report with following as the output. 1. Destination: FTP server 2. CrystaKiwi Bursting enables you to process and send the same Crystal Report file to multiple recipients, with each recipient getting a personalized set of data. Hi, I need to email a group of data to one client and other goup data to another client. i need to automate this in crystal report. Any idea how to.

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A new PDF Viewer utility program is faster and more accurate.

Just remember, In every game, audience make the burting, not the players “. How much do you spend on printing and materials for each document? Start your free 45 day trial! If you have ever wanted to execute a Crystal Report and have the resulting report broken apart into multiple, smaller reports that were then emailed to different recipients or saved to a file system?

While repports was not a feature that we specifically developed in the current version of Logicity, it was possible to do in a limited way with some clever usage of the Logicity Solution file structure. You can use a window service to schedule the report generation. Create great looking e-mails using HTML.

The following Privacy Statement has been published to provide a clear and concise outline of how and when personal information is collected, stored and used by AD System. Just click and walk away!

Crystal Reports Bursting

To our valued Logicity community Quick Mail now allows you to attach another PDF document, such as a cover sheet. On that link i explained how to export the report data without clicking Crystal Report toolbar button and how to save the data as a PDF file and how to sent to mail. You can also now specify a coversheet file name using a variable on a specific Default Message ID Tag, Client Details or a Client-specific Message ID Tag You can now specify nested folders in a variable used for the exploded file folder.


Jul 09, Report distribution simply brilliant! Because Logicity has a unique, powerful and flexible report processing methodology RRD, or report runtime definitions and because you can chain multiple actions together, the Logicity Crystal Reports viewer and scheduler can be set-up to burst Crystal Reports with a simple two-step process The execution of these two steps, in order, will accomplish Crystal Reports bursting.

Crystal report bursting Jul 06, Create a report using PUSH method using datsets with crystal report. Crystal report bursting Jul 09, E-mail may be sent through Microsoft Outlook i.

Crystal report bursting Jul 08, There are 9 variables supported to be able to create specific Tag data related to ‘Fom Address’, ‘PDF Password’, ‘Folders, ‘File name’ You can circumvent the limit of 9 variables using the new VSplit and MSplit functions to extract portions of a variable within an e-mail subject or message see next item.

As people demand more information, businesses need to streamline and re-engineer their processes to be more time conscious and cost effective, finding more efficient and accurate ways to communicate. There is no webpage where the user can go and select the department from the dropdown.

Each user thus receives a report personalized with information relevant to them. In the body, we put the RRD’s line values. Jul 02, Jul 07, What a saving in labor, postage and business time! Give the action a name. Where you are required to provide us with information about yourself, we will only use your personal information including your e-mail address to provide better Client support services and product feature improvements and the like, unless you consent otherwise.

I need to email a group of data to one client and other goup data to another client. The crysatl of Logicity Solution Builder also means you can burst Crystal Reports in multiple ways at the same time. Links to other Sites Where a link exists to other sites, AD Systems is not responsible for the privacy practices nor the content of such sites.


Community Websites Community Support. In addition, this Statement also deals with our Policy of how we conduct ourselves in business. This allows you to edit e-mails before sending and to save copies in the Sent folder.

You can now automate the process of combining master PDF files so that it is possible to include multiple reports into a single e-mail attachment. No Credit Card Required. Features Support Pricing Buy Licenses. This report is scheduled to generate every month, which consists the data of all the departments. On average, how many batches of invoices, purchase orders, statements and other reports does your company run each week? What is the cost per labor hour for the repogts who cryshal the work?

Use the command line to automate the process. Whatever capabilities you have to execute Crystal Reports within Logicity can be used to burst report.


This report is often output as a PDF format and delivered as an attachment by email or uploaded to a website using FTP or distributed via other delivery methods. On average, how many individual documents are printed in each batch? The problem is, the generation of the report is automated. How much do you spend on postage for each document?

We are firmly committed to ethics in all business dealings. Three different server configurations are supported – a different license is available for each configuration:. E-mail messages can be formatted using HTML, providing the ability to use fonts and styles, colors, headings, paragraphs, bulleted and number lists, hyperlinks and images.

Based on selected custer you show the list of records. We have received a lot of feedback on our recent explanation of how to use Logicity to burst Crystal Reports.