15 Oct Ans Drawing Sympols. ITSM Foundation Course Material. ITSM is one of the most popular and globally acknowledge IT service management certification for IT professionals. 14 Jul Senior Welding Inspector – CSWIP srinivasa rao. Jayson makinano cv JayJay Makinano. Api study guide. JayJay Makinano.

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Where are the records filed and by whom?

The closer a weld is positioned to the neutral axis of a fabrication, the lower the leverage effect of the shrinkage forces and the final distortion.

Non-conformity reports and concession records. In the case of a set on nozzle attachment which of the following joint preparations materiap be the most suited? This however comes at a cost, not only in terms of welding but also in terms of mechanical properties as ductility and toughness also deteriorate with increasing carbon content. Assessment team appointed by auditor. Fracture toughness data enables engineers to carry out fracture mechanics analyses such as: The microstructure of HSLA steels is still generally ferrite and pearlite but will usually contain sudy small amounts of pearlite.

To specify the quality assurance requirements when invoked in a contract. Typical notch positions for Charpy V notch test specimens from double V butt welds. Note in the sketch you have to note location size of defects and general notes all matterial required Same like old pattern. Which of the following would most likely be applied to mategial items? Therefore, the standards dictating which type of measurement shall be recorded although a Senior Welding Inspector should have a knowledge of both.

Three alternative tack-welding sequences are shown below: Typical test piece types are shown below.

Dishing is also produced in stiffened plating. In many welding and fabrication organisations use old drawings that reference out of date standards such as BS Pt 2. Bend testing can also be used to give an assessment of weld zone ductility.

Quality system – how does the system operate? Carbon steels can be divided broadly into plain carbon and carbon-manganese steels: Qualification based on previous welding experience – weld joints that have been repeatedly made and proved to have suitable properties by their service record.


General principles of supervision.

CSWIP 3.2 Preparation Course Material

A load is applied to the specimen to cause bending and induce a concentrated stress at the tip of the crack and a clip gauge, attached to the specimen across the mouth of the machined notch, gives a reading of the increase in width of the mouth of the crack as the load cxwip gradually increased. When the distance is between the toes at the weld cap it is the weld cap width, the distance between the toes at the root is the weld root width.

For simplicity these diagrams show an arc welding process that deposits filler weld metal in a single weld pass. A transition range from ductile to brittle The Rm of the material The Re of the material The relationship between hardness and tensile strength Question 8 The point at which the Rm is reached in a tensile test is also referred to as the: Finishing methods such as cold rolled or hot rolled.

They can be produced to: Recognise welding symbols and know what they mean. Specimens prepared for macroscopic examination can also be used for taking hardness measurements at various positions of the weldment — referred to as a hardness survey.

CSWIP Study Materials – CSWIP Questions – CQ

Average of set 40 value 32 joules c. Throat size a is generally used as the design parameter since this part of the weld bears the stresses and can be related to leg length z by the following relationship: The organisation structures, responsibilities, procedures, resources for implementing materoal management.

Essentially what the QA xtudy sets out is how the cswop is organised, to lay down the responsibilities and authority of katerial various departments, how these departments interlink. At the corners of the weld cross section where the weld metal joins the parent metal are the weld toes. Every Senior Welding Inspector will have personal skills and attributes which can be brought to the job, some of mterial skills identified above may already have been mastered or understood.


Can he work as part of a team? Is there need to inform the customer and third party inspector? Production and testing equipment. As rolled, hot rolled, hot finished Plate is hot rolled to finished size and allowed to air cool; the temperature at which rolling finishes may vary from plate to plate and so strength and toughness properties vary and are not optimised: The tests are called destructive tests because the welded joint is destroyed when various types of test piece are taken from it.

Cswip Slide Cswip Slide. A typical hardness survey using Vickers hardness indenter is shown below: High heat input processes require a larger root face but less weld metal which reduces distortions and increases productivity. The vessels main barrel thickness and dished ends are sgudy wall thickness, all nozzles set in and set onman ways 20mm thickness.

Tack weld one end and then use a back stepping technique for tacking the rest of the joint b. This section introduces typical joint geometries involved in joining plates together and describes the types of weld used in these joint configurations with typical features of butt and fillet welds described.

Arc energy, is generally the term used in conjunction with heat input although in reality they are different measurements. Therefore, your knowledge of the TWI amterial and the use of it is essential to your role. Similarly, in a single-sided fillet weld, non-uniform contraction will produce angular distortion of the upstanding leg.

CSWIP Preparation Course Material

Handling, storage, packing and delivery – don’t damage it now it’s made. Abid Ali December 9, at However, designing for distortion control may incur additional fabrication costs. The leg length of a fillet weld is often approximately equal to the material thickness.