Published in as a full page spread in The New York Times, The Baltimore Sun, and other newspapers, Dabru Emet sought to put on public record the most . Dabru Emet: Its Significance for the Jewish-Christian Dialogue. by Rabbi David Rosen. Address delivered at the 20th anniversary celebration of the Dutch. Dabru Emet (“Speak the Truth”) is a statement by more than Jewish scholars issued in September In recent years, there has been a.

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Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide. The Dabru Emet statement: Past Christians justified both on the basis of two theological beliefs: Rent from DeepDyve Recommend. An Interdisciplinary Journal of Jewish Studies.

The communal autonomy that Judaism affirms may serve more appropriately as a model for a multicultural society, dahru Christianity may provide a better response for individual alienation in the modern world.

In effect Dabru Emet represents a Jewish willingness not to forget, but to put behind us the unique tragic past that bedevilled the Jewish-Christian relationship and to look forward to a unique fraternal theological interaction in the future. In effect, the excitement reflects a perceived development of a Jewish theology of Christianity.

Such a body is described by the Mishnah as being of permanent value, sanctifying the Divine Name. Timlin Bishop of Scranton. Of course, if this had been a Christian statement, then we would have expected some extensive soul searching and greater acknowledgement of the sin of Christian antisemitism. An increasing number of official church bodies, both Roman Catholic and Protestant, have made public statements of their remorse about Christian mistreatment of Jews and Judaism.


Articles by Herbert Schlossberg. Forged from a partnership between a university press and a library, Project MUSE is a trusted part of the academic and scholarly community it serves. Jews can respect Christians” faithfulness to their revelation just as we expect Christians to respect our faithfulness to our revelation. Without the centuries of Christian oppression and contempt of Jews, ” Nazi ideology could not have taken hold nor could it have been carried out.

Impediments to future Jewish-Protestant progress: With that in mind, we encourage the continuation of recent efforts in Christian theology to repudiate unequivocally contempt of Judaism and the Jewish people. In this regard, it might be more correct to describe Dabru Emet less as the substance and more as a sign. However this is only a partial explanation for the degree of excitement that the statement generated in Christian circles, and not only in the U.

Jewish-Christian Relations

I would like to receive. Visit ICCJ on facebook. As a first step, we offer eight brief statements about how Jews and Christians may relate to one another. One test of such statements addressed to one’s own community but with emst awareness that another community is, as it were, looking over eket shoulder as we write, is whether the onlooking community will see themselves validly portrayed there.

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Dabru Emet – A Jewish Statement on Christians and Christianity

The most important event for Jews since the Holocaust has been the reestablishment of a Jewish state in the Promised Land. Both can respect each other’s faithfulness to the revelation that they received. Visit ICCJ on facebook.


He may well herein have reflected the mind-set of many Orthodox Jews in this regard, though I suspect that paradoxically it would resonate primarily with an Orthodoxy that does not call itself “modern”, on the contrary. It covers a range of issues from the theological to the practical that merit further exploration between us.

It was arguably Emden who was the most far reaching of rabbinic authorities in this regard.

Only if we cherish our own traditions can we pursue this relationship with integrity. Through dialogue, we have come to understand something of the pain of centuries of Jewish suffering at the hands of Christians that lies just underneath the surface of this document and why, therefore, it is such a significant contribution to further progress in Jewish-Christian relations.

Pope John Paul II has expressed this beautifully when he observed that “Jews and Christians are called as the Children dabu Abraham to be a blessing for humankind. Robert Gibbs University dbru Toronto Dr.

During the past two millennia:. Aside from any other reasons, the fact that the statement had been prepared under the auspices of the Baltimore Institute for Christian and Jewish Studies, guaranteed its Americanocentricity. A significant majority of their visitors who answered their poll, There are various objections to Dabru Emet from within the Jewish community.

Rosen, David “Dabru Emet”: Dabru Emet is a statement dealing with Jewish-Christian relations.