In this video with GKIC’s Dave Dee and Dan Kennedy, you’ll discover why the science of Wealth Attraction REQUIRES a balanced, integrated approach that. Tweet TweetDiscover The Little-Known (and never talked about) Personal Improvement Success Philosophies, Beliefs, Thinking And Behaviors That Allow . NO Guide to Wealth Attraction for Entrepreneurs. Free Offers and Resources from Dan Kennedy Free Seminar Tickets, Free Newsletter Offer,

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That is a lesson too. Andy Rumple rated it liked it May 28, There are also some additional resources listed in the back. Jun 23, Dwight rated it really liked it. Preview — No B. Wealth Attracts really gets you into the mindset of making money, talks to you about how you should talk, act, feel. Its a powerful tool that any individual looking to continue their personal and professional development.

Dan Kennedy Wealth Attraction for Entrepreneurs

These eleven breakthrough strategies turn your business wealtj a springboard to unimaginable riches. What they don’t know would shock most people. Rparisien rated it it was amazing May 09, Further, that whatever connection you create and accomplish has no relationship to what anyone dab does, whether a lot or a little. You must do something! While it might not be as simple as some would lead you to believe, I wealt Kennedy is right, and the first step toward attracting that wealth is your mindset and how you look at wealth attraction in the first place.

Jan 21, Hannah Mitrea rated it really liked it. If too much starts pouring in too easily, guilt is produced as if it were insulin being produced by the pancreas after pigging out on a whole pizza. Action is the true key. Be in the right place. According to Kennedy, it doesn’t matter what the economic conditions are, booms or recessions, including what he calls our “new economy,” there is wealth out there, and all you need to do is figure out how to lure, bait, attract, and become a magnet for it.


Keep doing so, even after the money starts rolling in. Don’t just serve those local to you. That’s right–attract–not create, not develop, not identify, but become an opportunity magnet. Until that happens though, I will continue to practice desiring and having abundance until it becomes second nature to me. Making a sale to a new customer is the start of the process not the end. If he keeps it secret and does not tell the other homeless folks about it, he’s exceptionally opportunistic.

Surachate rated it really liked it May 24, As a direct-response marketing consultant and copywriter, Dan is the ‘hidden genius’ behind full-page magazine ads you read, TV infomercials you see, online marketing and direct-mail you receive.

While I have heard of Dan Kennedy for years, I am pretty new to reading his material.

No B.S. Wealth Attraction In The New Economy by Dan S. Kennedy

Nov 05, Gregory rated it it was amazing. Wealth Attraction In The New Economy” is a good lesson on how to think, how to look at things, and a good encouraging kick in the seat of the pants to look knenedy the wealth and money that is out there. I want to get used to having money come to me, having money in my hands, meeting new people and having new ideas come to me triggered by meeting new people.


Kennedy has made a lot of money, and helps many with marketing. They are, first and foremost, marketers. Clement Stone helped to rescue him toward the end of his life. By making a few calculated changes, you’ll attract more opportunity and money than you ever dreamed possible.

Sounds simple enough but when it comes to money most of us tend to be our own worst enemy. This one is a doozy. Oguz Konar rated it it was amazing Jan 05, Some well-placed periods and a good reading by a copy editor would have helped make this solid four-star book into five stars. Wealht 28, Joanny Liu rated it it wea,th amazing. The best potential customer is the one you already have.

Inspiring but again haven’t figured out to make cash yet.

How long you’ve been doing something is worthless. Also, an expert may not be what you think it is. This is the latest book from Planet Dan, and anyone knnedy knows his work knows that he’s perhaps the best marketing mind on Earth. Boundaries are broken — even the smallest business kennery be global in reach, thanks largely to the internet.

Wealth Attraction for Entrepreneurs. As a speaker Dan has repeatedly appeared with four former U. Vision-what you see, that others don’t. Second is pulling the punch when closing the sale.