This page contains links to all books in Jet Mykles’s Dark Elves series, print and But I had gotten Taken on a whim this week and finished it in one setting. Dark Elves: Taken [Jet Mykles] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. TAKEN Everyone’s heard tales of the Dark Forest, tales of entire bands. Taken [Dark Elves 1] – Kindle edition by Jet Mykles. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks.

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This was really different from anything I’ve read in a long time.

Dark Elves Series

At the same time they are f Alright this book is a toss up. I Agree This site uses cookies to deliver our services, improve performance, for analytics, and if not signed in for advertising.

Never has a woman been so much trouble.

From the moment he saw her, Krael knew Suzana was his to conquer. Oct 07, Jennifer Bernard rated it it was ok Shelves: Like I said, porn.

Yes, they are sexuall beings that are horny all the time. She buggered off somewhere so they don’t have any women to procreate with.

I was not sure, but a friend of mine naanbld has convinced me and so She and her friend Gala soon learn the secret of the Dark Forest, home to black-skinned, white-haired, sex-oozing devils. I flves actually rather a fan of well done dubious consent in fiction, but that requires drawn out seduction and considerations that are just not made here.


Dark Elves Series ~ Jet Mykles

I see all of these 4 star ratings and can’t figure out why they are 4 instead of 5 stars. Against their will the sorcerer has placed myklrs spell on them to turn them into their kind. Are am I misunderstanding something? Pretty much straight porn. My only complaint is that I wish there was a little more focus on the world that the dark elves live in.

Jul 08, Mahlet rated it it was dar, Recommends it for: I’m thinking of taking a walk in the woods around here some night. I also couldn’t stand that on ebook maybe its different with the regular version?

Dark Elves Series in Order – Jet Mykles – FictionDB

I took Daisiemae’s Shellie’s recommendation and ordered this book after reading “Howl” and “Leashed”. What I didn’t like is Diana had a point she was raped. I like Jet Mykles books, so this book was up my alley. I was not a huge fan of it regarding the storyline, but the sex scenes were awesome and the character’s worked well. So I enjoyed reading this book, put my fears aside, I could read it very quickly. I enjoy porn as much as the next girl, and even erotica that has very little in the way of premise to justify the gratuitous smut, but this was just not good.

Commander Salin’s men have all had their turn trying to tame the hellcat swordswoman. The first story held my interest more than ket second. At first this story comes across as nothing more than an excuse for sex, some how I kind of started to like the characters also enough to look forward to the next installment of the Dark Elves: I adore Salin, I want a guy like him….


Dark Elves: Taken

Never really read these mykpes of erotic romance novels and i must say this was really really good. She was so stupidly stubborn and knew that at the end of 9 days, she’d move on to the next fae or be let go but still wouldn’t acknowledge that she’d found hers.

I can’t txken a heroine in a contemporary novel softening up for some guy just because he’s handsome and suave, but when it comes to the point where even his sweat is an aphrodisiac, I sort of feel like, “OK, I can accept this since it really isn’t an issue of willpower.

Books by Jet Mykles. Commander Salin has never been tempted before, but he finds Diana’s fire irresistable. In this book one lady is mentioned beig said she went thru 40 men before she found her true mate, Wow, unreal May 23, Madeleine rated it it was ok Shelves: Honestly said I dont understand the high ratings for this book. In order to breed, they need females.

Thus coupling them as truemates. If they don’t find this man, it’s off to the brothel where ever Ugh.