Buy Txtng: The Gr8 Db8 by David Crystal (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. This book takes a long hard look at the text-messaging phenomenon and its effects on literacy, language, and society. Young people who seem. Txtng has ratings and 52 reviews. Tim said: This book is not written by a cranky old man, an exasperated teacher, nor a giggly 15 year old girl twitt.

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The author starts out by showcasing several award-winning crystql that were confined to the character limitation of a text message. Academic Skip to main content. And far from hindering children’s literacy, texting turns out to help it.

I’m glad I was, for his case is solid. The most important things I took away from this book are: This was interesting in an anecdotal way for the first 50 pages or so. Sep 18, Amy rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Nor is texting likely to result in any further diminishing of the standard our mother tongue.

The book is filled with nice and illuminating examples, the parallels to previous changes in our use of language were crysfal and thought provoking. Even if you are familiar with some of crgstal terms in these different languages, you might want to just skip that chapter altogether.

Jun 05, Casey rated cryztal it was ok. He finds that the texting system of conveying sounds and concepts goes back a long way–to the very origins of writing. In this humorous, level-headed and insightful book, David Crystal argues that the panic over texting is misplaced.

Txtng – David Crystal – Oxford University Press

I’m also aware, albeit tangentially, that the quality of student writing seems to be headed in the wrong direction in recent years, and I’ve been inclined to agree with those who blame that decline in part on the rise of text messaging.


This is basically a scholarly paper arguing that texting is in fact a path toward greater literacy and not a collective slide into functional illiteracy.

As it was published in it is surprising how much has changed when it comes to texting and phones themselves so points that were made then no longer have a purpose now. Others find the abbreviations used in text messaging to be a bastardization and degradation of the language.

Txtng: The Gr8 Db8

Lists with This Book. What is Distinctive About it? He explains how texting began, how it works, who uses it, and how much it is used, and he shows how to interpret the mixture of pictograms, logograms, abbreviations, symbols, and wordplay typically used in texting.

Even if the data were rock solid and reflected the analysis of much larger study groups, I question some of the author’s conclusions, especially since he seemingly made up his mind early on that text messaging’s positives outweigh its negatives.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. My very favorite was this one: Crystal, a world renowned linguist and pr Text messaging has spread like wildfire. Oct 15, Daniel rated it liked it. Cohen and Krysten Connon. Young people who seem to spend much of their time texting sometimes appear unable or unwilling to write much else.

Sep 04, Steven rated it really liked it. Why does our language have to be so specific and rigid?

A bit academic in places, but a pretty readable “defence” of texting. Now, we have students writing all day, everyday, to communicate with friends. There is a widely voiced concern that the practice is fostering a decline in literacy.

Verderber and Erina L. I started out as someone who hated the way text speak was apparently massacring the language Adding ample ammunition the gr8t txt db8t, Crystal’s book offers well-supported pro-texting arguments, entertaining texting excerpts, and often not-so-entertaining lists and tables of texting usages in over 11 languages.

Txtng: The Gr8 Db8 by David Crystal

While I critique both purchased and free books in the same way, I’m legally obligated to tell you I received this book free through the Amazon Vine program in return for my review. What makes texting distinctive?


Some students have a hard time communicating face to face so texting allows for a less-stressful situation for these types of students. Previous text language and text-like language usages include: It is, she explains, chiefly for the benefit of Microsoft Word and Outlook Express users: The lists of texting abbreviations from numerous languages other than Engilsh is this book’s greatest strength.

There’s not a “gr8” deal of “db8” here, and it’s hard to avoid the suspicion that the book’s sub-title was chosen for the opportunity it presented to use text abbreviations – indeed, the dafid even hints at something of the sort at one point p.

Long liv r nobl Qun.

Texting language is no different from other innovative forms of expression that have emerged in the past. The best part is probably the appendices with texting abbreviations in a dozen or so foreign languages. To make matters yxtng, I can’t buy in to some of Crystal’s findings and conclusions.

Crystal, a world renowned linguist and prolific author on the uses and abuses of English, here looks at every aspect of the phenomenon of text-messaging and considers its effects on literacy, language, and society.

Crystal marshals impressive evidence to tdtng his argument, and at least some of it struck me, as superfluous. A bite-sized reasonably entertaining read. The language is very specific dv8 minimalist. Practically Speaking Dan Rothwell. This book cannot accurately tell one about the current state of texting – he talks about phones with the keypad, and does not discuss the effects of modern As ever, Crystal is interesting and insightful to read, and this book is fairly accessible, even to those outside the field.

This was sort of on the 2.

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