At the same time, his experiment in the application of ethnographic methods to The case study at the center of Direct Action is the organizing and events that led David Graeber is an anthropologist and activist who teaches at the University. Direct Action*a thorough analysis of the ‘invisible architecture’ (p. ) of the At the start of this weighty ethnographic tome, David Graeber is in the early years. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Direct action: an ethnography | In the best tradition of participant-observation, anthropologist David Graeber undertakes the first.

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Dec 30, Sam rated it it was amazing. It is a bit ironic that he occasionally takes digs at ‘movement celebrities’ and people who claim ‘to speak for the movement’ when dsvid is pretty much what he is up to here, but the idea that this book is meant to be part of a dialogue and not meant as some kind of anarchist “Grundrisse” is pretty clear.

A furtherance of this theme, his book is not only intellectually stimulating and compelling, but activists get a lot of practical material from it too.

Direct Action: An Ethnography – Wikipedia

Also, it is very exciting. Feb 15, Megan rated it really liked it Shelves: With his own experiences to highlight both. The book ends with a chapter devoted to “Imagination,” a last part of life that capitalism has separated out into specific roles the elites imagine new products, the oppressed imagine the needs and desires of the elites so to best cater to them and avoid violence.

Aug 22, Stevphen Shukaitis rated it it was amazing. Starting from the assumption that, when dealing with possibilities of global transformation and emerging political forms, a disinterested, “objective” perspective is impossible, he writes as both scholar and activist. cavid

Anarchism advid a kind of revolutionary ethics, a moral structure through which to interpret the world. JavaScript seem to be disabled in your browser. In the best tradition of participant-observation, anthropologist David Graeber undertakes the first detailed ethnographic study of the global justice movement.


Oct 26, Luke rated it it was amazing.

Direct Action: An Ethnography

It’s a physically daunting book to pick up, perhaps more so than many similar length books I’ve read lately. From informal conversations in coffee shops to large “spokescouncil” planning meetings and teargas-drenched street actions, Graeber paints a vivid and fascinating picture.

Anarchist Writers on Fictionas an example of Graeber’s claims to the power of anarchist imagination in opposition to the mindnumbing, stupid random violence of capitalist policing. Graeber has a history of social and political activism, including his role in protests against the World Economic Forum in New York City and membership in the labor union Industrial Workers of the World.

I read it before it was even done and I couldn’t wait for it to come out. At the same time, his experiment in the application of ethnographic methods to important ongoing political events is a serious and unique contribution to the field of anthropology, as well as an inquiry into anthropology’s political implications.

The last chapter, “Imagination,” left me a little cold and reminded me again of why I prefer organizations with a bit more structure and a bit more focus on building and maintaining membership than the more purely insurrectionist groups. AK Press- Social Science – pages.

AK Press Ryan Ave. I’m gonna go ahead and call this a great book. Graeber, David Direct action: It’s not quite as poetically vibrant grraeber politically essential as some of Graeber’s other work, particularly given that the form of activism he describes seems to be dirdct the wane. Account Options Sign in. This book has opened a bunch of new avenues of reading I need to follow up on.

Revolutions in Reverse e-book David Graeber. The first section is highly conversational, and easy to follow. Active in numerous direct-action political organizations, he is the author of Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology ; Towards an Anthropological Theory of Value ; and Possibilities: Graeber has found a crucial intersection between radical politics and scholarship where neither are sacrificed for the sake actiln the other.

This book is a timeless and relevant piece with detailed looks inside meetings and communications that all lead up to and include direct actions. Thus, seasoned activists may find Graeber’s analysis and description graebet radical culture and ideas to already be common knowledge. The Truth Behind the Genoa Protests. The graebee of violence asserts implicitly that the fundamental reality that society is based on is essentially the rule of force. There is obviously going to be a lot more avtion between Graeber and the members of the direct action tribe than there would be between the anthropologist and the capital O Other.


To ask other readers questions about Direct Actionplease sign up. Along the way, he addresses matters of deep interest to anthropologists: But more than that it’s made me want to seek out activist groups, organise, and take to the streets. My favourite chapters of the books were the later ones, where Graeber moves away from specific examples and talks about broader trends and principles.

The implication, I think, is that any revolution worth having must begin, not after the strategy and tactics and aspirations are dvid out presumably by the “smart” people, but instead revolution begins in that very process of imagining revolution.

The last chapter on Imagination divulges less from encounters and wages heavily on social theory which really rounds of this engaging book that is open for those interested for This book is a timeless and relevant piece with detailed looks inside meetings and communications that all lead up to and include direct actions. Despite being sympathetic to it, being an anarchist himself, he paints the North American anarchist activist community as an inward-looking circle-jerk that’s about as likely to accomplish immediate tiny goals as liberal protesters whose tactics, rgaeber talk on the part of anarchists aside, Graeber gives a good sense of what day-to-day anarchist activism in North America looks like, what direct action is, and—probably unintentionally—how dthnography activists reason themselves out of ever doing it.

Books by David Graeber.