Language Teaching: A Scheme for Teacher Education Editors: C N Candlin and H G Widdowson Syllabus Design David Nunan Oxford University Press David Nunan is a greatly respected author in EFL circles, and it was with some suprise that I hit his “Syllabus Design” like a brick wall. Unlike some of his other. Syllabus Design has 77 ratings and 3 reviews. Andreas said: My weapon when I was in charged as Head of Research and Development at Centre for Language.

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The centr al question here is: The task component is central, and from it are derived relevant language and content. Humanistic education is based on the belief that learners should have a say in what they should be learning and how they should learn it, and relects the notion that education should be concerned with the development of autonomy in the learner. Ye ars of f orm al educ ati on: It is therefore s imi lar in some respe cts to the le arner an alysis whi ch h as alre ady been des cr ibed.

Techniques and procedures for collecting information to be used in syllabus design are referred to as needs analysis.

Syllabus Design by David Nunan

What do you feel are the most important things for you to learn in the: It may we ll fo llow, but t his is not se lf-ev ident. The emphasis is on ctitical enquiry as a basis for effective action. S ee Widdowson for an ext end ed d iscussion on th is asp ect of languag e. In Section Three, readers are encouraged to apply the ideas developed in Sections One and Two to their own teaching situation.

Communicative key Oficial to member of the public, server to customer.

In wh at order do you think these t as ks need to be carried out for a long d ist an ce call to be m ade su ccessfu lly? In contrast with synthetic syllabuses, analytic syllabuses: He maintains that tasks will need to specify the following: Interaction Principally with teachers and other students. In order to determine deslgn these purposes are, in addition to linguistic analyses of various sorts, it is also often necessary to carry out some form of needs analysis.


It is concerned with the pedagogic skills of speaking, listening, reading, and wtiting. In attempting to deepen our understanding of language leaning and teaching, we may take as our point of departure an analysis of linguistic description at one or more of the levels of pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, or discourse.

As we shall see, these may be realized in a variety of ways, for example as lists of grammatical items, vocabulary items, language functions, or experiential content.

The particular desogn of a language class will socially act in certain ways, but these actions are extensions or manifestations of the psychology of the group. Rate each task on a scale from 0 no responsibility to 5 total responsibility.

Widdowson takes a rather traditional line on this matter, suggesting that a syllabus is the. Current pr oicien cy leve l: How might the information be used to modiy aspects of the syllabus?

Ater Krashen and Terrell 1 The inal parr of Section One draws on the content of the preceding parrs and relates this cOntent to the issue of objectives. Introduction IX The scheme consists of three sub-series of books covering areas of enquiry and practice of immediate relevance to language teaching and learning.

A given syllabus will specify all or some of the following: Do you think it necessarily follows that teaching for a speciic purpose will lead to a restricted competence? Saying the letters of the alphabet and Matt Vesty rated it really liked it Nov 06, The broad and narrow views are both represented in the book, as you will see from the quotes.

Syllabus Design (Nunan)

Recently, however, some syllabus designers have suggested that syllabus content might be speciied in terms of leaning tasks and activities.

Such an assumption has been questioned by Breen 1 who suggests that: No, only t hunan. They work together to ill in their part of the family tree and then join with members of other groups to complete the family tree. On t he ot her hand, we can se lect tasks w hic h may bear litt le rese mblance to sylabus l-wor ld tasks but w hic h are ass umed to s tim ulate interna l psyc ho log ica l learn ing processes.


Syllbus on these statements, how would you deine the term ‘goal’? Intended occup ati on: Units of work thus appear with labels such as ‘health’, ‘education’, and ‘social services’. Looks like an interesting wine. The purpose of this book is therefore to present the central issues and options available for syllabus design in order to provide teachers with the necessary knowledge and skills for evaluating, and, where feasible, modifying and adapting the syllabuses with which they work.

Number and type of previ davir c ourses: Pienemann and Johnston suggest that the dificulty is created for the learner by the fact ninan the form of the verb is governed or determined by the person and number of the noun or noun phrase in the subject position.

These need to be taught as memorized ‘formulae’ even though they are well beyond the learner’s current stage of developme. Good tasks, he suggests, should: We saw in 4 that the Bangalore Project has received a good deal of publicity.

Which seemed to be arbitrary? One result of this change of focus would be that the syllabus could become a plan for the gradual creation of the real syllabus of the classroom, jointly and explicitly undertaken by teacher and leaners.

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