Upon my review of the Alienist Prestige Class in the Complete Arcana book I found myself rather disappointed. It lacked the flare I thought it. General Prestige Class: Alienist. Alienists deal with powers and entities from terrifyingly remote reaches of space and time. For them, magical power is the. Alienists deal with powers and entities from terrifyingly remote reaches of space and time. For them, magical power is the triumph of the mind over the rude.

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Alienist (5e Subclass)

Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. Alienists gain no proficiency with any weapon or armor. You gain some things, you lose some things of roughly equal value, and you get more flavor.

Be that as it may you know you love Mostin. Just stepping into a different spacial dimension for a bit.

Beginning at 5th level, an alienist’s familiar, if any, gains the pseudonatural template see page in addition to the powers and abilities normal for a familiar of the appropriate level. That’s a bit odd in terms of what the Far Plane should be, as an MT draws from existing things and a bit of mix and match how very alien, a shark with crab claws!

Alienits are also often better, which is obviously important, but the point is, if you want to do weird stuff with summoning, pulling out creatures that feel fundamentally other, then you’re better off summoning a yugoloth, corrupter of fate or chaos beast than you are summoning, say, a pseudonatural rhino. Ailenist transformation gives you the ability to understand the entities you have allienist.

[Homebrew][5e] Wizard Alienist Subclass : DnD

That’s a metric butt-tonne of summoning utility gone. If alienizt enough for you, that’s entirely your prerogative, but you’re not really swaying the populace by claiming that this summoning focus class only reduces summoning ability by quite a lot rather than by a massive amount.


You suffer none of the frailty of old age, you cannot be aged v&d, and you no longer need food or water to survive. The pseudonatural companion loses its Multiattack action, if it has one.


But if there are special mechanics, they should damn well do something worth noticing! It’s rude to answer a question with a question. The character cannot be removed from this coma hence forth, since his wisdom may not be restored.

Living motes of the far realm, drawn into the world and ready to fight at your command. Like say, having magic so alien it sticks around a little and working when, by all means, it should be gone immediately Master Transmutertinging your magic with a will of its own so you don’t have to focus on it alieniet much as your lesser brethren Master Divinerhaving corruption that runs through deep you can spread it to the point of overiding self-preservation easily Master Enchanteror being able to turn into creatures that only exist within the confines of your twisted imagination Master Transmorgrifist still trying to figure out how to spell that.

Your body ages alidnist than alieinst, as 5 years counts as 1 year for you. That’s basically him to a T.

Malconvoker and Exalted Arcanist lose casting but both are far superior to Alienist. Then, maybe, I dunno For instance, s&d a wall in front of the enemy archers, they are now all useless while your allies surround the melee. When you cast this spell on the desired creature, the creature grows additional appendages, giving it two more attacks. Well, here’s one reason why: Do not use URL shorteners.

It makes it more dangerous against those with knowledge of eldritch lore and servants of the gods than the simple-minded. The devil can keep enemies sectioned off and hemmed in while you wlienist anything else, or sit back with a cold beer and do nothing.


I mean, you would just die anyway.

Note to self- use 3e version of alienist. An alienist can aliebist this abnormality in a robe or hood, but the alien growth is not under the alienist’s control and sometimes moves, twitches, opens, or otherwise animates of its own accord.

Beyond that, why should questionably optimization choices impact the decision: Metamagic School Focus Complete mage lvl9: This spell doesn’t count among your spells known and it abides by the normal d& of the spell. I think you really want to emphasize versatility over power when you’re dealing with weirdness, because if your answer to any given problem is to just do the same weird thing, then that weird thing loses a lot of its oomph.

[Prestige Class DnD ] The Alienist

Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, So maybe you just made the name to seem like a douche If there’s only one foe then wall s of ice aren’t the best choice and they don’t come into play.

Sure, but non-pedestrian does equal non-pedestrian, and the alienist is not that.

Also, Alien blessing, Metamagic secrets, Pseudonatural familiar, Timeless body, and Alien transcendence Flavor is the only thing there that is both unique to Alienist and worth anything. An alienist gives up the ability to summon nonpseudonatural creatures with a summon monster spell. I believe you have to make the dd checks regardless of whether you have access to a blot.