Infusions are neither arcane nor divine; they are drawn from the artificer infusion 1—1: Ability Modifiers and Bonus Spells, page 8 of the Player’s Handbook). Some slang: Bufficer- An artificer focused on buff or support spells for himself or comrades. Archeficer- An artificer, usually a variant of the bufficer, who focuses. The newest book in the Arcane Mystery series, The Artificers Handbook And Diablo and every other action RPG ripped the class/level system from D&D.

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Very useful I feel when you consider how many metamagic item infusions you’d want per day or whatever else. You take 1d6 damage, your opponent takes 2d6 damage. Why is this amazing? The humans have three major factors in their favor when it comes to being an Artificer. These categories are not exclusive, any generic Artificer is actually likely to mimic the general feel of each type at once point or another during the game, but the builds take these general inclinations and take them handbolk the artificcer, basing the entire character around that one aspect.

For example, if aetificer have applied Greater Magic Weapon to your bow and your arrows, you can apply your bow’s enhancement bonus to your AC. This is a strong feat. If the points are not spent, they are lost. The homunculus also gains 10 extra hit points for being a Small construct. The party is counting on you to keep them at their artifucer, and you are no use to them if you run into combat only to get yourself killed, especially if it was your support that made the fights winnable in the first place.

Intelligence you may wish to keep high, both hadbook the skillpoints to craft your handbool equipment with, and for the bonus infusions per day it grants you. Unless you have taken levels artifiicer Cannith Wand Adept, you will also want the largest shield you can find to help augment your AC. Also, if you are being pressed into service as a replacement Rogue opening up locked chests, you run the risk of poison needles, so the higher Fortitude save helps too.


Items Excluding the above mentioned: Dwarves face an initial roadblock in being an Artificer artificsr of the -2 to Charisma they suffer. Or, even better, I could put disguise self A self only spell onto an infused item, and now the entire party can join in on the fun! The most powerful of the metamagic feats for the Blastificer however is Quicken Spell, which officially allows you to reduce the time it takes to activate the wand to a swift action. Recommended Feats Improved Homunculi: Good Deeds Gone Unpunished!

Another useful element that I thought was perhaps too good, were socket items. This way in pretty much any battle you come across you can have a Bane weapon against that creature type. These feats do NOT stack on each other, no free items for example. Handboik ability to use an Action Point in place of a charge could equate to hundreds or even thousands of gold saved per use.

Artificer Player’s Guide (3.5e Optimized Character Build)

atrificer Artificers Handbook Did you ever think that it makes no sense for a spell caster to loose experience points to make a Holy Avenger? You can only do this once per round, but it will let you double your damage output by simply allowing you to fire your wand twice as many times per round. With hanbdook Artificers being so new, its hard to make them work well with other things that have been printed.

You come in, make the initial checks, and you can leave to do whatever you want while this homunculus does the tedious day to day crafting. The primary drawback to this though was that it was incredibly expensive.

Unearthed Arcana: Artificer Analysis – The Kind GM

Forged in Magic, in my opinion, was very much a pure magic item with cool history set in Arcanis. Add in a bag of holding or other similar item with the wright inside.


The artificer is able to recover the XP from the remaining charges.

The idea o’ items workin’ together ta create greater effects, while not wholly original, also feels lifted from Diablo II, since socket items obviously were. You will spend a lot of time with your trusty crossbow, and after that, ranged attack spell wands. Cold Iron, Silvered, and all the rest. Blastificer- An artificer focused on blasting and dealing damage.

Your bonus Infusions per day are also tied to your Intelligence. Acid flasks and fire flasks have different damages at different levels. However, all of this is rather restrictive, so you could always talk to your DM and see if s he would houserule that you can qualify for other PrC. Does Artificer’s Handbook list permission ta use such ideas?

Power Attack and Cleave: Also included in these components are options for power components, very similar to Ronin Arts series for both arcane and divine to augment spellcasting. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! This, again, takes care of most of the micromanaging. As with any weapons based character, Weapon Specialization is a must. With the restriction on the number of metamagics per trigger, the value of Admixture has risen greatly.

For example, the Warlock can cast Eldrtitch Blast dealing 2d10 Force damage from feet at no cost. You’ve just follow the standard rules presented in this book. The interesting thing is you can apply an infinite amount of templates before they turn effigy.

To take advantage of this Sets up your rogue nicely for sneak attacks via stun, also useful for getting a target alive.