Death March: The Complete Software Developer’s Guide to Surviving “Mission Impossible” Projects. Author: Edward Edward Yourdon. Death March by Edward Yourdon. Notes taken by Matthias Günther | 2 minutes read. p Marine Corps mentality => real programmers don’t need sleep; p Thoroughly revised and updated, this practical handbook on software project success and survival explains how to confront five important issues involved in all .

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Death march (project management) – Wikipedia

Jul 05, Oleksandr rated it really liked it. PaperbackSecond Editionpages. Describes the reasons why companies spawn Death Marches and provides you with guidance to identify and survive death march projects. Books by Edward Yourdon.

Well, maybe I’ll go back and try to finish it one day. Not really focused on developers, it stands on the POV of the project manager most of the time, having little practical knowledge to be gathered by developers. Of course, even a project without the schedule, staff, budget, or functionality constraints described above could have a high risk of failure—e.

In other words, a death march is just about every project in these crazy days of compressed development cycles. Good read on death march projects. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

What Causes a Death March?

Unfortunately, it’s happening far more often, as this edition of Edwarr March is being written in the spring ofbecause of the ongoing economic recession and the associated cutbacks in IT budgets. I have decided that I don’t care for Yourdon’s view of things: Chapters deal, in turn, with the issues of politics, negotiating games, peopleware issues, tools and process management.


Aug 10, Choesang Tenzin rated it really liked it. Some projects are just like this, in big corporations. The knowledge of the doomed nature of the project weighs heavily on the psyche of its participants, as if they are helplessly watching themselves and their coworkers being forced to torture themselves and march toward death.

There is too much cultural difference.

What is a Death March Project and Why Do They Happen? | Death March Defined | InformIT

This page was last edited on 18 Augustat Often, the death march will involve desperate attempts to right the course of the project by asking team members to work especially grueling hours hour days, 7-day weeks, etc. I feel that in this chapter, Mr. Retrieved from ” https: Although software development is populated with intelligent programmers and managers, death marches deagh “because the competitive business pressure demands it and the new technical opportunities invite it,” he says.

It was interesting to uourdon and skim through the e-mails Mr.

Death march (project management)

I just can’t get motivated from an author whose web site looks like this. If you are reading this review or book I hope you find consolation in it and wish you the best in your situation.


This article relies largely or entirely on a single source. Thoroughly revised and updated, this practical handbook on software project success and survival explains how to confront five important issues involved in all software projects–people, politics, process, project management, eeath tools–and furnishes new sections on estimation, negotiation, time management, agile concepts, updated references, and real-world examples.

The term “death march” in this context was discussed at length in Edward Yourdon ‘s book Death March: Oct 23, JefferyG rated it it was amazing.

There are much better ways to spend your time learning than to suffer through this book unnecessarily. An unfortunate survival guide to some projects, over and over again. It spoke to me at the time. Of course, there are much more topics that are important. To be less pessimistic, I will give the author credit for being very thorough in explaining his argument.

The schedule has been compressed to less marchh half the amount estimated by a rational estimating process; thus, the project that would normally be expected to take 12 calendar months is now required to deliver its results in six months or less.

Tedious and repetitive, no useful info.