The Cavern of the Fear has ratings and 67 reviews. Sara said: چند تا راز باقی موند که تا آخر کتاب بهش پاسخ داده نشد که آدم رو ترغیب می‌کنه زودتر بر. Cavern of The Fear is a fantasy novel written by Emily Rodda. It is the first book in the second series known as Deltora Quest 2 or Deltora Shadowlands, and it is. The evil Shadow Lord has been driven out of Deltora, but his tyranny has not ended. He and his sorcerer allies have returned to the Shadowlands with.

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The King, although he and Jasmine’s father bring the bride to be back to the castle learn of one item the Shadow Lord fears and that is a musical pipe.

A must read for those who have read the other series, Delatora Quest. Other books in the series. Ketiga kelompok pergi ke arah yg berbeda-beda, dan masing-masing tidak mau bertemu dengan kelompok yang lain. Sep 14, Hayden C rated it it was amazing. Plume, feat laki-laki yang dengan tiupan serulingnya begitu menghebohkan, hingga membuat banyak orang bersorak. This book had suspenseful moments, funny moments, and shadowlahds that created a picture in my head.

This book is certainly as good as the other series although the issue of a bride to be for the king deltoea heavy over the relationship of the three questers.

Mereka bergantian meniup Seruling untuk menunjukkan kemahiran mereka. Glock and Jasmine tell Lief and Barda that they will be sacrificed to The Feara monstrous sea beast that demands a yearly sacrifice from the people.

The Cavern of the Fear Audiobook | Emily Rodda |

Another summer, another competition between my son and I begins. A short tale that I managed to start and finish within 24 hours — easy, fun and with just enough of a twisting plotline to keep me coming back to the story again and again and again.


Oct 22, Scout Olson rated it liked it Shelves: Lief and Barda jump away just in time as The Fear smashes the cage to pieces. People who bought this also bought The continuing adventures of Leif, Jasmine, and Barda. As Lief watches, Jasmine climbs The Fear’s shell and stabs her dagger between its eyes.

He is dismayed to hear it, but when she tells him the Annals were rediscovered, safe and intact, he is overjoyed. Lief begins to fear for Jasmine, knowing she came this way ot cannot swim.

Conflict The Shadow Lord and the creatures of his sorcery enslaved thousands of Deltorans in the Shadowlands Secondary Characters Some secondary characters include: The characters all have their own personal portrayals.

He and the creatures of deltofa sorcery have been driven out of Deltora. At the same time I understand that now things have really changed for the three companions. Publisher’s Summary The Cavern of the Fear kicks off the second exciting series in the world of Deltora! In secrecy, with only a hand-drawn map to guide them, two unlikely companions set out on a perilous quest. Along the way he might just come closer to finding the Perran Caveen as well.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. It was published by Scholastic in Ada cerita tentang Kisah Gadis Berambut Emas yang menjadi petunjuk jalan bagaimana melalui perbatasan tanpa diketahui Raja Bayangan.

Paperbackpages. Lief figures that the Pirrans simply disappeared underground with the last of their magic when the sorcerer took over their land. I subconsciously blocked out every pronoun in relation to him, and only realized my mistake when he was called a bearded man in Forests of Silence.

Now the brave companions have to embark on a brave journey to find and restore the Piran Pipe the only thing that can fight face to face with the evil shadow lord and shacowlands free the people of Del that were taken to the shadow lands as slaves. Suatu malam, Sang Peniup Seruling meninggal dengan tenang dalam tidurnya tanpa sempat menunjuk calon penggantinya, ahli warisnya.


Nols thanks the companions for what they have done, and states that Glock will be buried in a place of honour beside the Plume Pipers. These series just keep getting better and better. To rescue their friends and families, Lief, Barda, and Jasmine, heroes of the quest for the Belt of Deltora, must find a weapon powerful enough to combat the Shadow Lord’s magic on his own ground.

Shadowkands at Lief’s secrecy, Jasmine goes outside, and finds Barda has returned from Noradzwhere he had gone to free the people from the tyrannical rule of the Ra-Kacharz. But she is committed to help the shadowladns enslave to be free and goes off on her own to help them.

Feb 06, Armin Khodadadi rated it really liked it. It wasn’t that interesting, but one thing I learned from this book is to no judge a BOOK by it’s cover because that book was boring and when you look at the cover it seems interesting, like a fun book but, me personally that was not my favorite.

The Cavern of the Fear

Jasmine does not believe books are so great a treasure, and she is certain Lief would not fdar them valuable either. Lief is adventurous and doesn’t trust other people easily. Lief then announces his intention to leave for Tora with Doom the following morning. With all the information she needs written on a paper in her pocket, she gathers her belongings and leaves the palace in secret.