Only one other case of desmoplastic ameloblastoma has been reported in the ramus region of mandible of the 90 cases that we have reviewed. Review of. Abstract Desmoplastic Ameloblastoma is a rare histological variant of Ameloblastoma. Approximately cases of desmoplastic Ameloblastoma have been. The desmoplastic ameloblastoma (DA) is characterized by specific clinical, Article· Literature Review (PDF Available) in Oral Oncology.

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Thus, a total of cases from 35 published papers 1 — 46 — 36 have been analyzed and the clinicoradiographic data were summarized in Table 1. Author manuscript; available in PMC Jun See other articles in PMC that cite the published article.

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

The present case comprises both components intermingled with each other, indicating that sesmoplastic tumor was a true hybrid lesion rather than a collision lesion. Desmoplastic ameloblastoma Rastogi, R. Many surgeons prefer a radical surgical approach in the form of resection as management of all types of ameloblastoma as it is a formidable tumor due to its local aggressive nature and its tendency to recur [ 2425 ].

Formation of metaplastic bone trabeculae osteoplasia rimmed by active osteoblasts has been described in a few cases.

Immunohistochemically, expressions of extracellular matrix proteins, tenascin, fibronectin, and type I collagen, in a hybrid ameloblastoma lesion, have been reported suggesting that these extracellular matrix proteins participate in tumoral modulation in hybrid lesions [ 15 ].


Indian J Dent Res ; The clinical presentation of 56 cases DAs was summarized. She had also noticed a slight downward movement of the affected teeth revie had mild pain.

Desmoplastic ameloblastoma. A case report and literature review — Johns Hopkins University

This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3. Criteria for inclusion in the here presented study were a confirmed histopathological diagnosis of DAs with a detailed clinicoradiographic description.

Only one other case of desmoplastic ameloblastoma has been reported in the ramus region of mandible of the 90 cases that we have reviewed.

Desmoplastic ameloblastoma with large cystic change in the maxillary sinus: National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

Desmoplastic ameloblastoma – A review.

In ameliblastoma series by Reichart et al. The DA usually appears in the anterior and premolar regions as a mixed radiolucent and radiopaque lesion sometimes mimicking a benign fibro-osseous lesion. Histologically, it is characterized with extensive stromal collagenisation or desmoplasia with small nests and strands of odontogenic epithelium Fig.

In the maxilla, 42 This is in contrast to the conventional ameloblastoma which is found predominantly in the posterior region of mandible. World Health Organization classification of tumors: A case of desmoplastic ameloblastoma of the maxilla Bull Tokyo Dent Coll,9: Six patients presented with a tender swelling.

Desmoplastic ameloblastoma with osteoplasia: Review of literature with a case report

A unique case of desmoplastic ameloblastoma of the mandible: Clinical and histopathological analyses of desmoplastic ameloblastoma. The patient had noticed the swelling 8 months previously, and it had cesmoplastic increased to its present size.


The unique radiographic picture seen is thought to be due to its infiltrative nature. An incisional biopsy was conducted, and the lesion was diagnosed as a benign odontogenic tumor data not shown.

Un raro caso clinico] Cristofaro, M. We therefore chose enucleation and curettage and opted for preservation of the inferior alveolar nerve despite understanding the increased risk of tumor recurrence. Discussion Clinically, DA may develop in all ages, however, people of the 4th and 5th decade are more prone to be affected. amelobastoma

Open in a separate window. Desmoplastic ameloblastoma DA is one of the 6 histopathological subtypes of ameloblastoma. Radiologically, the desmoplastic variant exhibits atypical and varied radiographic features such as: During desmoplasitc clinical examination, a firm swelling of the right mandibular alveolar ridge, which desmoplastid from the lateral incisor to the second premolar, was observed Figure 1. Type I collagen showed intense staining in a fibrillar pattern in DA areas reflecting its high grade in the matrix.

The extracellular matrix has an important role in the behavior of neoplastic cells and immunohistochemical studies on the expression of tenascin and fibronectin proteins and Type I collagen in hybrid lesions have also been reported.

Verdi, MC and Gorodner, J.