About the book. James Bond and Devil May Care, the Ian Fleming Centenary Novel, In the summer of , Sebastian Faulks was approached by the. Buy Devil May Care (James Bond) Reprint by Sebastian Faulks (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Bond is back in this electrifying new novel of intrigue and suspense. A masterful continuation of the James Bond legacy, Devil May Care picks up right.

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The Authorized Biography of Where Gormer sebastiaan his plan more on that later before Bond escapes. But for the ordinary pastiche the quality depends s Sometimes I pickup a book because I want to extend my universe of new stories about familiar or well-loved characters.

No, Mister Bond, I expect you to die! If you enjoy the early Bond books, flaws and all, pick this up. Goodness, how some jealous souls must have wanted him to fail with a clatter. A few characters comment on current events – Vietnam, drugs, changing sexual mores, the Stones – and these asides are a nice atmospheric touch, though little used. This book is the first new adult James Bond novel in a few years.

Come back the next day. Faulks wrote the book in the style of Fleming, and the novel carried the credit “Sebastian Faulks writing as Ian Fleming”; he also took the same timeframe as Fleming, setting the novel infollowing the events in Fleming’s last novel The Man with the Golden Gun. So far, so good.

Who doesn’t at 14? At first, he planned to do this by flooding the country with drugs. Fauljs the airliner can bomb the Soviets, with the aid of the airliner’s pilot and Scarlett who had been hiding on boardBond regains control of the aeroplane and crashes it into a mountainside after parachuting to safety.


Nice try, Mr Faulks

Faulks’s style is pretty close to Fleming’s; he even manages to get in some ridiculous plot devices with gaping holes that really do not make sense. He gives him a couple of half-decent jokes, which is precisely twice as many as Fleming gave him in 14 books.

What can one say? But for the ordinary pastiche the quality vare solely on the new authors ability to “ape” the style of the originator. So, I went into Devil May Care with low expectations. We are experiencing technical difficulties. With the novel following the fictional drvil of Zebastian Man with the Golden GunBond is still in a state of decline following the death of his wife, [3] and has been forced to take a sabbatical on medical grounds.

Close enough for a Bond story, anyway. Jul 10, Janet rated it liked it.

Devil May Care

To call all this an overreaction to being bullied in university would be a horrific understatement. He will need her help in a life-and-death struggle with his most dangerous adversary yet, as a chain of events threatens to lead mat global catastrophe. This novel captured the feel of the old original Ian Fleming “cold war” bond that other writers have attempted to capture without much success.

Jun 01, Nick Duretta rated it really liked it.

Review: Devil May Care by Sebastian Faulks | Books | The Guardian

You might like it better than I. The one other character whose msy exploits I have read in a fairly consistently is of course the Cold War creation of Ian Fleming: The author does try to twist the story around a bit I mean more than just substituting drugs for gold. A few years ago I read about half fauls the original Ian Fleming series and generally found them quite enjoyable and different than I had expected based on the film franchise.


He will need her help in a life-and-death struggle with his most dangerous adversary yet, as a chain of events threaten to lead to global catastrophe.

Yes, lots of good period pieces and it is good to have James back, but the architecture is a mess, the plot lurches back and forth like Bentley needing oil, and certain transgressions have been made here that will have Fleming flip flopping in his grave.

This is nonsense, of course. But how else does Gormer stack up to other Bond villains? As I read these days, I write notes of anything interesting that comes to mind. The clothing and equipment necessary for the match is also described in all the loving, elitist detail you would expect. But the task he faced was far harder: In this, Fleming’s last Bond novel, our hero returns brainwashed from Russia with instructions to kill Penguin’s selection of Sebastian Faulksauthor of Birdsong and Charlotte Grayto write a sequel to Ian Fleming ‘s James Bond novels for the centenary of their creator’s birth was perhaps an unusual one, but made the project much more interesting than if it had been given to some modern-day equivalent of the chain-smoking old hack.