54 Mbps Wireless ADSL2+Modem Router Users manual 2 details for FCC ID Configure AP1 (the the DGG v4 ADSL Modem Wireless Router in the above. 54Mbps Wireless ADSL2+Modem Router manual details for FCC ID PY If you purchased the DGG v4 in a country where an ADSL filter is not. Product and Publication Details Model Number: DGG v4 Publication Date: April Product Family: Modem Router Product Name: 54 Mbps ADSL Modem .

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DG834v4 – ADSL Modem Router

If the error persists, you have a hardware problem and should contact technical support. Fill in or change the fields: Page 97 Figure My Identity and Security Policy appear below the connection name. The DGG is perhaps the most popular product of the series, and has been produced in five versions. Select VPN Wizard on the main menu. You can select an authentication scheme that requires a shared key but still leaves the data transmissions unencrypted.

The following settings are assumed for this example: If no login is required, you can specify the MAC Address setting. Multi-Point Bridge mode configuration includes the following steps: Figure In this example you can see these settings: The user name and password are not the same as a user name or password you might use to log in to your Internet connection. All versions have Wi-Fi. Click Apply to save the changes. Fill in the connection name and pre-shared key fields.


Netgear DG (series) – Wikipedia

As a bridge, wireless client associations are disabled— only wired clients can be connected. Click Done on the Summary screen see Figure to complete the configuration procedure.

Page Double-click the system tray icon to open the Security Policy Editor.

If a secondary DNS server address is available, enter it also. Examples Of Log Messages Following are examples of log messages.

You can deactivate a VPN tunnel from two places: The PDF version of the chapter you were viewing opens in a browser window. Disable NAT only if you are sure that you do not require it. Backing Up, Restoring, or Erasing Your Settings The configuration settings of the modem router are stored in a configuration file in the modem router. Access the modem router main menu at http: UPnP can be enabled or disabled for automatic device configuration. You must enter the MAC address of the other bridge-mode wireless station in the field provided.

Port number of the Radius server.

In planning your wireless g4, consider the level of security required. PC running the client has a dynamically assigned IP address. These features can be found under the Advanced heading in the modem router main menu.


The Connection Monitor screen for this connection is shown in the following figure: Only one version produced. On the Windows taskbar, click the Start button, and then click Run. Double-click the system tray icon to open the Security Policy Editor. The VPN Wizard screen displays: Select this check box if you want to limit access to the LAN only. This section describes those parameters and how to access them. Make the changes that you want, and then click Apply to manuak the settings.

Netgear DG834Gv4 – 54 Mbps Wireless ADSL Firewall Modem Reference Manual

Click the Pre-Shared Key button. Otherwise, the side using a dynamic IP address must always be the initiator. B Appendix C Related Documents v2. IP addresses is assigned to the attached PCs from a pool of addresses specified in this screen. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Enter toDG for the Connection Name. To use this feature, you must select a service provider and obtain an account with them. Hardware routers Wireless networking Linux-based devices. Protecting Your Network Note: The default is In this case, you must include http: