The Diameter protocol is currently defined in the following IETF RFCs: Obsolete RFCs RFC , Diameter Credit-Control Application. RFC (part 1 of 5): Diameter Credit-Control Application. Please refer to the current edition of the “Internet Official Protocol Standards” (STD 1) for the. IETF RFC “Diameter Credit Control Application”. []. Void. []. IETF RFC , “Private Extensions to the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for the 3rd.

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Retrieved from ” https: The credit- control protocol is the Diameter base protocol with the Diameter credit-control application. These formats are observed in Credit-Control messages. An answer message that is received with an unknown identifier MUST be discarded.

The other Diameter applications provide service specific authorization, and they do not provide credit authorization for prepaid users. Service Element A network element that provides a service to the end users.

Diameter (protocol)

The Diameter credit-control server is the entity responsible for credit authorization for prepaid subscribers. In next generation wireless networks, additional functionality is required beyond that specified in the Diameter base protocol.

When an end user requests services such as SIP or messaging, the request is typically forwarded to a service element e.

In addition, it is necessary 44006 check that the end user’s account provides coverage for the requested service prior to initiation of that service. This field indicates the version of the Diameter Base Protocol.

Table of Contents 1. In both models, the credit- control client requests credit authorization from the credit-control server prior to allowing any service to be delivered to the end user. To ensure that the end user’s account diametrr not debited or credited multiple times for the same service event, only one place in the credit-control system should perform duplicate detection.


It is set when dlameter requests not yet acknowledged, as an indication of a possible duplicate due to a link failure.

Service A type of task performed by a service element for an end user. Upon receipt of a successful credit authorization answer with a certain amount of credit resources, the credit-control client allows service delivery to the end user and starts monitoring the usage of the granted resources.

It is reasonable to expect that a service level agreement will exist between providers of the credit-control client and the credit-control server covering the charging, services offered, roaming agreements, agreed rating input i.

It may also interact with business support systems. Direct Connection with Redirects Service-Specific Rating Input and Interoperability The Diameter credit-control application defines the framework for credit-control; it provides generic credit-control mechanisms supporting multiple service applications. If Diameter credit-control proxies exist between the credit-control client and the credit-control server, they MUST advertise the Diameter credit-control application support.

Prepaid services are now cropping up in many other wireless and wire line based networks. Otherwise the message is an answer. The application can be an authentication application, an accounting application, or a vendor-specific application. A Business Support System is usually deployed; it includes at least the billing functionality. The real configuration can combine them into a single host. The credit-control server is required to maintain session state for session-based credit- control.


Also, Diameter Redirect agents that refer credit-control clients to credit-control servers and allow them to communicate directly can exist. TPotentially retransmitted message.

In case of redirecting agents, the Hop-by-Hop Identifier is maintained in the header as the Diameter agent responds with an answer message. Diameter Applications can extend the base protocol by adding new commands, attributes, or both. The sender of an Answer message MUST ensure that this field contains the same value that was found in the corresponding request.

RFC – Diameter Credit-Control Application

It belongs to the application layer protocols in the internet protocol suite. A Diameter Server is one that handles authentication, authorization and accounting requests for a particular realm. Diameter is used for many different interfaces defined by the 3GPP standards, with each interface typically defining new commands and attributes.

It is located in the dianeter domain and is accessed by service elements or Diameter AAA servers in. In the latter case, the interface between the Service Element and the Diameter credit- control client is outside the scope of this specification.

Consequently, this needs to be considered when credit resources are granted to the services.

The intermediate interrogations may be needed to request new quota while the service is being rendered.