Diamond CPVU-8 Vertical for Shortwave and V/UHF; MV5+3, MV6+3 Multiband HF antenna; DIAMOND CP-6S; DIAMOND CP-5HS; GP-3 / GP-2 W / GP-3W. Diamond Antenna CP5H antennas are 5-band (40, 20, 15, 10, and 6 meter) trap vertical antennas with trap radials. Their light weight ( lbs.). 7/14/21/28/50MHz (40m/20m/15m/10m/6m) 29MHz FM Max. power rating: W SSB (7MHz), W SSB (14/21MHz), W SSB (28/29/50MHz) Impedance.

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G0GQKJan 24, Although not now in production, and it should be, I cp-5he a Cushcraft R5 which is about 15 years old, and the only time it causes any trouble is when it soaking wet and the 17 metre trap jumps to 1: One thing to add is that I destroyed mine taking it down after it had c-5hs up for a year because the screws holding the bits together were so corroded that it was impossible to take apart.

I am always looking for a better vertical If I had this to do over again, I would definitely try a Dipole first.

I was hoping that with the CP5H being 11 or so foot, that I could mount on a 10 to 15 foot mast and keep it up diamod. The early quality control issues were put to bed and the antenna was taken down in April and has remained in its box until it was pressed into action cp-5hd a Bromley and District Amateur Radio Society Foundation Course operating practice and demonstration.


Appreciate the feedback and I will check out the Hustler.

The center frequency can be adjusted for each band. The vertical distance between the U-brackets is 18cm. I will look into the R Thoughts or past experience diamojd appreciated.

Diamond CP-5HS Antenna

Please note the variants of the 80m radial. The new “S” version includes material which allows an isolated installation of the antenna to the mast. Radials for vertical cp-5h.

Diamobd worked all continents with diamond CP-5H in 6, 10, 15 and 20 meters phone end cw in this bands the range is good. Due to the slim body the antenna is very unobtrusive. The resonance frequencies are adjusted for each band separately except 10 and 12m, which influence each other slightly and might require a tuner. Add to shopping cart. If that gets it above most of the trees, bushes and surrounding buildings there won’t be much gained by having it any higher.


G4ILOJan 18, In stockshipped in 1 or two days. The radials should be installed so that they do not touch the ground, nor the roof nor any other obstacle.

If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions about Reviews, damond email your Reviews Manager. This is an update to my recent review. So it would be worth getting some stuff to try to prevent that, when you assemble it.


I assembled the antenna, just as it was taken doamond leaving all the radials as they were and a quick tune around showed no difference to the tune from 2. Connector PL jack, the small transport length only 1. These radial kits can be used for elevated antennas not ground mounted.

For operation on HF no further radials are required! I thought I should give an update on this antenna, as my views have changed for the better.

Register for a free QRZ account. Following that effort and over this past weekend, I did manage to duamond a couple of contacts. Customer specific antennas telescope antennas etc.

The antenna works on all bands as a quarter wave vertical. G4ILOJan 22, Might I suggest a Cushcraft? All in all, I am not unhappy with my purchase, although it would be nice if it were a bit less expensive. The factory settings were right on the spot for most bands.

I bought this and mounted it on the roof of our single floor, flat roof, concrete box house on base.