Didascalia Apostolorum (translated by R. Hugh Connolly) The Didascalia, or the Catholic Teaching of the Twelve Apostles and Holy Disciples of Our Saviour, . The following text is from R. Hugh Connolly, Didascalia Apostolorum. Oxford: Clarendon Press, While I have not included Connolly’s extensive. Didascalia Apostolorum: Apostolic Constitutions: are an adaptation of the Didascalia Apostolorum, written in Syria about ad They deal with Christian.

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Let him be a lover of all men, being a righteous judge.

Philip said, My son, be not licentious, for lust leadeth to fornication, and attracts men towards it, for lust is a feminine demon. The Gospel is cited by name, usually that of St.

For he who drives a man out of the Church without mercy, what does he else but cruelly slay and shed blood without pity? Bishop and honour him, and reverence him as father and lord and god after God Almighty, for it is said to the Bishop by means of the Apostles, that “all who hear you hear Me, and all that injure you injure Me, and Him i, u ii e x.

If then even his mind be not pure, having respect to Ap.

For you are not to think that the burden of the bishopric is light or easy. Teaches every man that he should please his wife alone, and should not adorn himself and be a stumbling-block to women ; that he should not love idleness ; that he should study the Scriptures of life, and keep away from the scriptures of paganism and from the bonds which are in Deuteronomy ; and that in the baths he wash not with women, and let him not give his soul to the wickedness of harlots.

Didascalia Apostolorum

A apostolormu shall not take a wife, and his son her daughter. A therefore as the ox that works in the threshing-floor without a muzzle eats food, but does not consume it all, thus also ye who labour in the threshing- floor, which is the Church of God, provide for yourselves from apostokorum Church, like the Levites who served in the Tabernacle of witness, which was the type of the Church, as its very name tells, for the Tabernacle of witness f.


Like as Manasseh worshipped evil idols bitterly, and killed the righteous, and when he repented, the Lord forgave him, although there is no sin worse than the worship of idols, yet a place Ap. And let the deacon also see that no one whispers, or falls asleep, or apostolorhm, or makes signs.

For if thou protest and say to him:?

But before all let him be a good discriminator between the Law and the Second Legislation, that didascaoia may distinguish and show what is the Law of the faithful, and what are the bonds of them that believe not; lest anyone of those under thy authority take the bonds for the Law, and lay upon himself heavy burdens, and become a son of perdition. And if he take not warning, and the sword come and take him away, his blood shall be upon his head.?

Ye women that come from the spectacle, come:? It was published by Clarendon Press, Oxford. Why bearest thou me?

Thou, and thy sons with thee, keep your priesthood for all the service 7 of the altar, and of that within the Veil ; do your service, as something that is given to your Priesthood ; the stranger that cometh nigh shall die the death. As then the ox which works unmuzzled in the threshing floor eats, indeed, but does not consume the whole, so do you also, who work in the threshing floor which is the Church of God, be nourished from the Church, after the manner of the Levites who ministered in the tabernacle of witness, which in all things was a type of the Church:?

But where there is a woman, and especially a deaconess, it is not fitting that women should be seen by men:? Even great sinners, on repentance, are to be received with kindness. With force and with derision ye were subduing them.

But if, while younger men or women sit, an older man or woman should rise and give up their place, do thou, O deacon, scan those who difascalia, and see which man or woman of them is younger than the rest, and make them stand up, and cause him to sit who had risen and given up his place; and him whom thou hast caused to stand up, lead away and make him to stand behind his neighbours:? For it is required that you pray toward the east, as knowing [[]] that which is written: For thou not only findest fault and murmurest, as one who is no widow, but even utterest a curse like the heathen.?

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Didascalia Apostolorum | work on ecclesiastical law |

For God our Saviour spoke thus:? This praise then A P- Con. Peter said, Thou shalt not kill. Let the portion of a shepherd be defined and known, According as the dirascalia of old is defined 1and even if he be not present ‘ 2 ye shall not cause to perish [any that belong] to 2 God Almighty.

Ddidascalia I will bring them out from the peoples, and gather them from the lands, and bring them into their own land, and I will feed them upon the mountains of 14 Israel, and in all the waste places of the land.

If ye know that a man is much afflicted, but the Bishop doth not know it, inform him, but without him do nothing to disgrace him that thou bring no shame upon him as upon a despiser of the poor aposto,orum for he who raises an evil report against the Bishop either by word or by deed, sins against God Almighty.

For it behoves the bishop to be by his doctrine a restrainer of sins and an example and encourager of righteousness, and by the admonition of his teaching a director of good works, and one who lauds and magnifies the good things which are to come and are promised aplstolorum God in the place of life everlasting:? About the mourning of the Sabbath, and the rejoicing of the Christians Wherefore, remember and have ready by you this saying: An admonition to the People, that they should honour the Bishop.

And he slept with his fathers; and Amon his son reigned after him [2Ki