Start studying “Disguises” By: Jean Fong Kwok. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. The main events are, that Mrs. Chen is on the train and gets a flashback and shes in the factory where the inspector comes and tears her skirt due to. PowerPoint PresentationDisguisesBy Jean Fong KwokBefore, During, and After Reading SkillsLiterary ResponseDisguisesRead the text.

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Smith — English 9A. Instructions for using this template.

“Disguises” By Jean Fong Kwok.

How effectively does Kwok use flashbacks in the story to help reveal details about the characters? Answer in a 1-word response Where did the story take place? Share buttons are a little bit lower. She caught herself from sleep in those moments, looking about her, alarmed, only to have exhaustion fall over her again like a blanket.

Before, During, and After Reading Skills. Chens mother gives in the flashback relates to the supervisor scene. Chen is on her way home. Kwlk Read each question carefully. Published by Allan Turner Modified over 2 years ago.

What is the Writing Focus assignment and what are you asked to look for as you read the beginning of the text? Her mother tells her she does not have to yield to people who assert their power. Sitting on kwom long seat with her feet lightly grazing the floor, she felt the weight of sleep drag her head forward, her permed curls sinking towards the small neat hands cupped politely in her lap.

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Disguises by Jay Lange on Prezi

Ross Influenced by several online searches. The flashback reveals that Mrs. They go to the Old Woman Swamp, and Doodle cries at the beauty of it.

What is a sequence of main events in a story? Tim 6th Grade English. Kwoi the story goes on and shes at the clerk and the train stop and doesn’t know how to get home, so she goes and phones home but fails to reach home, then she gets another flashback where she remembers someone who stole her purse while she was praying.

Little, curly hair, flowered skirt, Cantonese. Chen are revealed in this flashback????? Algebraic disguises of10 induction Documents. Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. On the night Mrs. Poverty by Lucas Kwok Spiritual. Disguises in Bud Arrangement Documents.

What are the main events of the story Stargirl? The phrases one two Three four signal that a flashback is about to begin.


Her speech; she wins 7. Chen gets home safely. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. What are the main events in the story disguises by jean fong kwok? Make a list of ejan least three important facts you learn about the author.

What is the main events in Snow White story? Explain the reasons for your response. Chen dreams of her past while on the subway? Choose a video to embed. An example that I have done with my students is to set out 10 different main events th … at took place, mix them all up, and then have my students order them from what happened first, next, next, As you read, look for clues that clarify the sequence of events and reveal the time and place in which the events took place.

Effects of selected vocal disguises upon speaker identification by listening Documents.