Technical Datasheet: DMEP Datasheet Through the Media Independent Interface (MII), the DM connects to the Medium Access Control (MAC) layer, . Details, datasheet, quote on part number: DM Company, Davicom Semiconductor Incorporated. Datasheet, Download DM datasheet. Quote. DM Datasheet PDF Download – 10/ Mbps FAST ETHERNET PHYSICAL LAYER SINGLE CHIP TRANSCEIVER, DM data sheet.

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Data processed for transmit is presented to the MII interface in nibble format, converted to a serial bit stream, then Manchester encoded.

(PDF) DM9161 Datasheet download

RXER will be asserted for 1 or more clock periods to indicate to the reconciliation sublayer that an error was detected somewhere in the frame being transmitted from the PHY to the reconciliation sublayer.

This pin is always pulled low except used as reduced MII. When auto-negotiation is disabled bit 12 of this register clearedthis bit has no function and it should be cleared. Collision detection is disabled in Full Duplex operation. The MII consists of a nibble wide receive data bus, a nibble wide transmit data bus, and control signals to facilitate data transfers between the PHY and the Reconciliation layer.

Read as 0, ignore on write 0. The designer should not run any high-speed signal near the Band Gap resistor placement. These are stress ratings only. Functional operation of this device at these or any other conditions above those indicated in the operational sections of this specification is not implied.

Dacom West GmbH – Smart solutions for you – DM

Through this interface it is possible to control and configure multiple PHY devices, get status cm9161 error information, and determine the type and capabilities of the attached PHY device s. As always, vias should be avoided as much as possible. This pin is also used to select Repeater or Node mode.

The recommended decoupling capacitance is 0. In full-duplex mode, this signal is always logical 0. Likewise, if the datashedt is pulled low, the LED is active high. The selection of long cable lengths for a given implementation requires significant compensation which will be over-kill in a situation that includes shorter, less attenuating cable lengths. This clock is provided by management entity, and it is up to 2.


In node application, this pin should be pulled high. Indicates that the interrupt is pending and eatasheet cleared by the current read. The datasehet encoder continues to replace subsequent 4B preamble and data nibbles with corresponding 5B code-groups. The on-chip clock circuit converts the 25MHz clock into a MHz clock for internal use.

When waking up from Sleep mode write this bit to 0the configuration will go back to the state before sleep; but the state machine will be reset Remote loopout control: There should be no power or ground planes in the area under the network side of datasgeet transformer to include the area under the RJ connector Refer to Figure 4 and 5.

Active high enables receive signals RXD[0: Writing a 1 to this bit will cause PHY entering the Sleep mode and power down all circuit except oscillator and clock generator circuit.

When writes 1 to this bit, all state machines of PHY will be reset. Transformers meeting these requirements are available from a variety of magnetic manufacturers. A1 is defined as the distance from the seating plane to the lowest point of the package dk9161.

Sense Store Connect Other. This is useful for bit error rate testing Refer to figure 4 for the block diagram of the MLT-3 converter. By scrambling the data, the total energy presented to the cable is randomly distributed over a wide frequency range. During the transition to power-down state and while in the power-down state, the PHY should not generate spurious signals on the MII. D1 and E1 are maximum plastic body size dimensions including mold mismatch. Reduced power down control enable: Fault criteria and detection method is DM implementation specific.


The transmitter section contains the following functional blocks: When this bit is set to 1, it indicates that the 10Mbps cable polarity is reversed.

DM9161 Datasheet PDF

Wireless Low Power Tranceivers. The result is a scrambled data stream with sufficient randomization to decrease radiated emissions at critical frequencies. Read as 0, ignore on write PHY address Bit 4: The DM uses a low-power and high-performance 3. During Parallel detection there is no exchange of configuration information, instead, the receive signal is examined.

After auto-negotiation is completed, results will be written to this bit. Due to datashet built-in wave-shaping filter, the DM does not need any external filters to transport signals to the media in M or 10M Ethernet operations.

In repeater mode or full-duplex mode, this signal is asserted high to indicate the presence of carrier due to receive activity only. Keep chassis ground away from all active signals. The Auto-Negotiation function provides a means for a device to advertise supported modes of operation to a remote link partner, acknowledge the receipt and understanding of common modes of operation, and to reject un-shared modes of operation.

If a valid signal is detected from the media, which might be N-way fast link pules, 10Base-T normal link pules, or Base-TX MLT3 signals, the device wakes up and resumes normal operation mode. Conversely, the selection of short or intermediate cable lengths requiring less compensation will cause serious under-compensation for longer length cables.

Please note that application circuits illustrated in this document dstasheet for reference purposes only.

Shipment is only possible to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Sample Request To provide you with samples, we need to get some details.

It is U also an activity LED function when transmitting or receiving data. Automatic reduced power down mode can be disabled by writing Zero to Reg.