DMOR Datasheet PDF, DMOR datasheet, DMOR pdf, DMOR pinout, DMOR data, circuit, ic, manual, substitute, parts. Description. The FSDMRE, FSDMRE and FSDMRE are an integrated Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) and. SenseFET specifically designed for. Features. • Optimized for Quasi-Resonant Converter (QRC). • Advanced Burst- Mode Operation for under 1W Standby. Power Consumption. • Pulse-by-Pulse.

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It also helps to prevent transformer saturation and reduce the stress on the secondary diode during startup. This causes the feedback voltage to rise. Over load protectiontNormal operation Fault situation Normal operationFigure 6. If the voltage of this pin reaches 6. In this situation, the protection circuit should be activated in order to protect ratasheet SMPS.

Pulse width limited by maximum junction temperature 2. This pin is the control ground and the Sense FET source. The collector of an opto-coupler is typically tied to this pin. Cdbe datasheet pdf – datasheet pdf Cdbe datasheet pdf Therefore, the peak value datssheet the current through the Sense FET is limited.

DMO565R View Datasheet(PDF) – Fairchild Semiconductor

Maximum practical continuous power in an open frame design at 50C ambient. This pin is the positive supply voltage input. Since D1 is blocked when the feedback voltage Vfb exceeds 2.

The PWM controller includes integrated fixed frequency oscillator, under voltage lockout, leading edge blanking LEBoptimized gate driver, internal soft start, temperature compensated precise current sources for a loop compensation and self protection circuitry. Because of the pulse-by-pulse current limit capability, the maximum peak current through the Sense FET is limited, and therefore the maximum input power is restricted with a given input voltage.


At this point switching stops and the output voltages start to drop at a rate dependent on standby current load. At startup, an internal high voltage current source supplies the internal bias and charges the external capacitor Cvcc that is connected to the Vcc pin as illustrated in Figure 4.

This device is an integrated high voltage power switching regulator which combine an avalanche rugged Sense FET with a current mode PWM control block.

DMR Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

If the output consumes beyond this maximum power, the output voltage Vo decreases below the set voltage. The dataasheet soft start time is 10msec, The pulse width to the power switching device is progressively increased to establish the correct working conditions for transformers, inductors, and capacitors.

These parameters indicate the inductor current. In order to avoid this undesired operation, the over load protection circuit dayasheet designed to be activated after a specified time to determine whether it is a dataseet situation or an overload situation. Compared with discrete MOSFET and PWM controller solution, it can reduce total cost, component count, size and weight simultaneously increasing efficiency, productivity, and system reliability.

In order to prevent this situation, an over voltage protection OVP circuit is employed. Texas Instruments – Subject: SN datssheet – doctor- SN datasheet Author: The delay time for shutdown is the time required to charge CB from 2. Pulse width modulation PWM circuit2. When the reference pin voltage of the KA exceeds the internal reference voltage of 2.

During start up, the power is supplied by an internal high voltage current source that is connected to the Vstr pin.


Free standing with no heat-sink under natural convection. Because more energy than required is provided to the output, the output voltage may exceed the rated voltage before the over load protection is activated, resulting in the breakdown of the devices in the secondary side.

This causes Vcc to fall. If the secondary side feedback circuit were to malfunction or a solder defect caused an open in the feedback path, the current through the opto-coupler transistor becomes almost zero. When Vcc reaches the UVLO stop voltage, 8V, the protection is reset and the internal high voltage current source charges the Vcc capacitor via the Vstr pin.

Once the fault condition occurs, switching is terminated and the Sense FET remains off. TempShutDown Delay Current vs. Comparing the feedback voltage with the voltage across the Rsense resistor plus an offset voltage makes it possible to control the switching duty cycle. Once Vcc reaches 12V, the internal current source is disabled. In order to avoid undesired activation of OVP during normal operation, Vcc should be designed to be below 19V. SN datasheet – Texas Instruments Documents. Typical continuous power in a non-ventilated enclosed adapter measured at 50C ambient.

This parameter is the current flowing into the control IC. Rockchip RK datasheet V0. Published on Apr View Then, the FSDMRB continues its normal switching operation and the power is supplied from the auxiliary transformer winding unless Vcc goes below the stop voltage of 8V.