These rules concern a service called Documentary Instruments Dispute Resolution Expertise (DOCDEX) which is available in connection with any dispute. Docdex is one of the options available to solve letter of credit disputes. settled under the DOCDEX Decision in accordance with the ICC DOCDEX Rules, ICC. These rules concern a service called Documentary Instruments Dispute Resolution Expertise (DOCDEX) which is available in connection.

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Such notifications or communications shall be made to the last email or other electronic address of the Claimant or Respondent, or its representative for whom the same are intended, as notified for rlues purpose by the party in question. The standard fee shall be non-refundable, unless the Centre rejects all or part of the Claim pursuant to Article 3 6 of the Rules.

The above provisions on the costs of proceedings shall be effective as of 1 May in respect dodcex all proceedings commenced on or after such date under the present or any previous version of the ICC DOCDEX Rules. They come into force on 1 May and are immediately available for use by banks and their customers in relation to trade finance disputes. Building on the untapped expertise in the Commission, the new DOCDEX rules enjoy an enlarged scope that make them available to any trade finance-related dispute whether or not dodcex set of Banking Commission rules applies.

In principle, an ADR decision is not binding. At the time of submitting a Claim, the Claimant shall pay the fee specified in the Appendix. No Decision shall be rendered by the Appointed Experts until it has been approved by the Technical Adviser as to its form.

Upon receipt of a notice of termination, an Appointed Expert shall promptly dispose of any documents received from the Centre in an appropriate manner as agreed with the Centre. The Centre shall forward the Supplement to each Claimant and Respondent. Originally, DOCDEX was limited to interpreting and applying Banking Commission rules in a disputed context where the parties are prevented by the existence of the dispute from submitting a query for an official Commission opinion.


Any information or documents given by the Centre to the Technical Adviser or the Appointed Experts in connection with proceedings under the Rules shall be used by the Technical Adviser and the Appointed Experts only for the purpose of such proceedings and shall be treated by them, as well as by the Centre, as confidential.

Moreover, in the interest of transparency, but also of standardization and education, redacted DOCDEX decisions will be published more regularly and promptly after being rendered. International Chamber of Commerce. Contact us Find a document Become a member Careers More sites.

News_DOCDEX : A New Dispute Resolution System for Trade Finance Disputes | Affaki Avocats

The Centre shall inform the other Appointed Experts of such termination and make another appointment from the List. The Centre shall fix a time limit for the payment of the additional fee. Rulea any appointment, prospective Appointed Experts shall sign a statement of acceptance, availability, impartiality and independence and docex disclose in writing to the Centre any facts or circumstances which might be of such a nature as to call into question their independence in the eyes of any Claimant or Respondent, as well as any circumstances that could give rise to reasonable doubts as to their impartiality.

A hard copy of tules Claim shall be sent by the Centre to each Respondent pursuant to Article 3 5 of the Rules. Periods of time specified in or fixed under the Rules shall start to run on the day following the date a notification or communication is deemed to have been docdsx in accordance with Article 11 3 of the Rules.

But some disagreements evolve into a dispute and need to be submitted to a neutral forum for resolution. How to be a successful arbitration practitioner. The Answer, if any, shall be accompanied by any additional documents that the Respondent considers necessary to support its Answer.


DOCDEX rules—what will rule changes mean in practice? – Lexis®PSL, pra

However, anonymised DOCDEX Decisions are widely distributed to enable practitioners to avoid common errors leading to disputes while at the same time preserving confidentiality.

It is also the case of the respective contributions by the Technical Advisor and the Center to the appointment of experts process. Article 11 — Notifications or Communications; Time Limits. Any unsolicited submission made to the Centre by any Claimant or Ru,es shall be disregarded.

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But they avoid turning into enemies as is unfortunately the case when the dispute docfex submitted to courts. Upon receipt of the draft Decision from the President, the Centre shall transmit it forthwith to the Technical Adviser for scrutiny.

Learn more and set cookies. It could only be brought by a comprehensive revision of the rules, in both their scope and administration. All fields in the relevant Form shall be completed concisely, in English, and shall contain all necessary information clearly presented.


The Claim and all accompanying documents shall be supplied to the Centre in electronic form, together with one hard copy for each Respondent. First issued inand revised inthe rules for Documentary Credit Dispute Resolution by Docddx gradually grew to become a trusted dispute resolution system for documentary credits, demand guarantees and collections that are governed by ICC Banking Commission rules.

They are not binding unless the parties have otherwise agreed and are not arbitral awards. Learn more and set cookies.