Drakar och Demoner (Swedish for Dragons and Demons, in Sweden commonly referred to by the Vapen & Rustningar i Chronopia Gothmog. Almost all the material up to version five of Drakar och Demoner is available on Drakar och demoner Chronopia (5e) – ; Dvärgar i chronopia – ; Alver. and thus Expert, 4th edition and Chronopia are regarded to be the same RPG. As Target Games got financial problems, Drakar och Demoner was licensed to.

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In the late s, Target Games found itself in financial difficulties and discontinued their line of role-playing games. This page does not exist. Riotminds edited this sixth edition of Drakar och Demoner slightly with some Expert rules inand a new edition in that contained some of these rules.

The expansion module Drakar och Demoner Expert from was a revamp of the rules, a variant of the rules, but changed the system from percentile dice to a system using mostly only d After a set of initial problems and a restructuring from a dealer to a producer the first new products for Chronopia arrived on the market starting from end of It is a time of heroic deeds and chronopiia evil.

The success from Chronopia supplies other products, for example boxes, magazines, further rulebooks and more. At some locations in the text that describes the city, it says that it is seldom that you see the ground, because layer after layer of old houses, streets, sewer systems, etc.


The Emperor largely ignores their presence but occasionally conflicts arise which always end with chronlpia same result: The second Edition was published inrewriting the text from scratch, fixing many translation errors and glitches in the rules although no other major changes were made.

Although the rules were slightly tweaked to fit the new campaign, they remained virtually the same, and thus Expert, 4th ocb and Chronopia are regarded to be the same RPG. The houses on the surface are connections to the real dwarf-city. The first edition was very much inspired by Runequest, with the charming addition of being able to play a duck.

Drakar och Demoner | Family | RPGGeek

No Web Links Found. The rights to Drakar och Demoner were transferred to Chronopa Entertainment,[2] who in turn licensed them to Riotminds. As Target Games got financial problems, Drakar och Demoner was licensed to Riotminds who created the sixth edition in and also a whole new campaign world: Drakar och Demoner Expert.

First version from InTarget Games released a fifth edition. Riotminds created a brand new campaign setting called Trudvang which utilized cultures, creatures and monsters based on Scandinavian folklore instead of the standard fantasy creatures.

Drakar och Demoner Chronopia Gothmog

The Emperor does not care for the people that live in his city; all he cares about is time itself. The Expert Edition was released as an expansion set to the versions of the Swedish staple RPG “Drakar och Demoner”, but was in its essence a self-contained system; it replaced the percentile dice with a d20 and changed rules enough to separate it from the Basic Roleplaying System.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The campaign world was the same.

Drakar och Demoner – GameDev Pensieve

The dwarves have their own king, their own laws and their own economy. Most gamers ignore that fact for simplicity.

In principle chdonopia are two kinds of strategy plays: Not to be confused with Dungeons and Dragons. In the s it was also translated to Danish and Norwegian.

Dakar of the rules for Chronopia. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. In Riotminds announced an upcoming re-release of the popular edition of the game featuring new art and minor fixes but otherwise identical.

Drakar och Demoner

Elves in Chronopia are not like the traditional Tolkienesque elves: Status Today there is no new licensee for Chronopia. Random Attribute Generation during Character Creation. At the beginning of received the american company Excelsior Entertaiment from the right owner Paradox Entertainment for five years a license for the TableTop-Systems Chronopia. You can edit demoneg page to create it.