by lukaheq. Siema, spolszczenie do drakensang the dark eye. Miłej gry:) Solucja/Walkthrought To poradnik dla ciebie! Zapraszam:) Hello, you not can cross. The intention here is not to provide a full break-down of the Dark Eye P&P rules, but to make your life a little easier if you want to play this game.

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Talk to her to learn that the barrier has been created by a mage – if you kill him, the barrier will fade away. Settle the argument Talk to them and pick the solution that fits you the most – the result will be the same in all scenarios – the farmers will thank you and you’ll gain some xp. Next few hits will force him to reveal his true form – he’s one of the lizard-like 1 creatures. She will praise you for your deed and send you to Grand Inquisitor da Vanya 6.

You can aid him by giving him a healing potion or using healing skills of one of your characters. After you deal with all of the enemies go up to the spot where Ulwina is standing.

Drakensang: The Dark Eye (Poradnik do gry) by Karol Wilczek on Apple Books

Gerling is supposed to stay in Tallon and that’s where you are going to meet up with him. The Thieves’ Guild Obstacle Course. On the bridge Workers 22 are gathered on the bridge Report to Vito After dealing with the three groups return to Vito and tell him of your success.

It seems that his Do canal good luck charm has fallen into the sewers 6. The Snuffbox In Port Ugdan you can encounter a rich man You will receive some kind of “sober up” brew, for the dwarf. After talking to him a fight will break out after which you will both move to the Wagoner’s Home. After the ddrakensang is done, he will offer you a reward but you can refuse to gain some extra experience.


Give him the snuffbox with regards from “sweet cake” or just say that you have the snuffbox, then use Fast Talk. She will offer to exchange the workers for three or five pigs depending on whether you did Force the goblins out of the camp. It appears that there are giant amebas in the crypts and they want you to clear them out and find three pieces of a broken relic. According to him, the advisor has left for the sanctuary at Prenn’s Grove She thinks that you should enter the trunk and meet with her ancestor, who may be responsible for the whole situation.

Kill her to get her owl skull. Save the cursed one The crypts holds the remains of her lover – Ailric Farfar. After solving Solve the kobold’s draknsang talk to pooradnik about alchemy and Auralia, and he will give you the ingredient you need.

To Port Ugdan 1. You will find the magician in the Old Mineshafti He will smell the kosh bunting tongues and will want to buy them. Bribe the woodcutters Option 2: Try to seduce the cook. The assault at the docks Head to the docks and kill the Dark Eyes The key to open the chest can be found on one of the bodies. You will be approached by the angry innkeeper who will calm down once you pay him 5 Thalers – this will also net you some additional experience.


After talking to him leave the Inn. Save Ulfinga After dealing with the undead talk to Niame. Steal the dog bone.

Drakensang: The Dark Eye (Poradnik do gry)

Return to the temple of Hesinde Leave through the back exit 13 and return to the temple 2. Heal him using skills or a healing potion. Place the skulls on the appropriate statues and watch Heidrune appear. drakensajg

To poradnik dla ciebie! Ambush After you deal with the Dark Eyes on the bridge more will appear to fight you. Pick up Reginald from the bay Head to the pier to pick up Reginald 6.

She will be happy you managed to solve her ancestral plradnik, no matter how you did it. Ingania’s Wagoner Find the wagoner Go a bit further to find a body surrounded by a group of goblins. Track Ppradnik Gamblack The quest continues in chapter five. Head down and along the dar, to the lair. Bear Master Firnjan He knows the location of the stone disc that is the key to the dragon’s lair and makes you responsible for finding it.

It’s good to complete the sidequests before siding with either witches or the Inquisition as some quest may become unavailable once you choose your side. Examination continued Find the thieves’ guild The guild is situated within Wagoner’s Home.

Rakorium’s recipe book Look for Rakorium in the marshes After the encounter with Rufus you should be certain that Rakorium is somewhere in the marshes.