of Windows PC. If it still doesn’t work, see Why can’t I access my Vigor Router? for more troubleshooting tips. to login. For the models that are not listed here, please check the information from User Guide. Vigor Ge/e. Vigor User manual for the device Draytek VIGOR GE/E. Online user manual database. Get Draytek VIGOR GE/E Network Router User Manual. Get all Draytek manuals!.

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Mode Disable-Turn off the encryption mechanism. However the legal basis or contractual obligations are excluded. Then, the router will restart with the default configuration. Access Control Manuak Disable-Turn off the encryption mechanism. Checking if the network connection settings on your computer are OK or not.

Draytek VIGOR GE/E : Network Router User Manual

As for other examples of application, please refer to Chapter 4. If the 2nd IP address of your router is Vior Saved means your settings are saved once you click Finish or OK button.

Vigor geDraytke e. Especially, check if the encapsulation is selected properly or not it should be the same with the setting on Quick Start Wizard. The UPnP Universal Plug and Play protocol is supported to bring to network connected devices the ease of installation and configuration which is already available for directly connected PC peripherals with the existing Windows drayte and Play’ system.

  ISO 27145-4 PDF

Youshould consider carefully these risks before activating the UPnP function. Double click on the icon of router tool. Each filter set is composed by 7 filter rules, which can be furtherdefined.

Draytek VIGOR GE/E user manual – – Solve your problem

Be aware that only the administrator can change the router configuration. Scheduler Set the wireless LAN to work at certain time interval only. Disclosure of your personal data by the Site management unit for the purpose vigod identifying, contacting gigor taking legal action as a result of your site’s conduct, breach of the Terms of Service or any damage or disruption to the Site or other user interests or damage to any person. Open the Application folder and get into Network.

Stateful inspection is a firewall architecture that works at the network layer. When you click OK, the login window will appear.

Restore the default settings. It alsorestricts users in the local network from dratyek the Internet. You will see a list of common P2P applications.

Firmware Version Displays the firmware version of the router. The default setting ispublic. By default, the Vigor router sets the threshold as packets per second.


What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Click OK to save the setting. Private IP addresses are recognized only among internal hosts. If you want to reboot the router using the current configuration, check Using currentconfiguration and click OK.

Click Next for viewing summary of such connection. Pass Immediately – Packets matching the rule will be passedimmediately.

The Vigor router will discard the Java objects from theInternet. Force On -Force the connection to be always on. Page 90 After restore the factory default setting, you can configure the settings for the router again to fit your personal request.

Mail ToAssign a mail address for sending mails out. Page 52 port-scanning Threshold rate, the Vigor router will send out awarning.

The website hosts are equipped with firewall, anti-virus system and other related information security equipment and the necessary security measures vior protect the site and your personal information with strict protection measures.

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