Reborn: The Art of Dreamfall Chapters Book One — a digital art book featuring concept art and illustrations from the first episode of Dreamfall. Red Thread Games is raising funds for Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey on Kickstarter! Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel. I just finished Chapters and I have to say that it is one of my favorite video game series ever. As such, I’d love it if I was able to purchase a.

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Download and play Dreamfall Chapters before anyone else! Any particular reason why did you choose artbooj go the ‘regional prices’ path?

Sunset in Shady Quay real-time, in-game screenshot from Dreamfall Chapters.

And finally, we are working on a drdamfall Kickstarter update. Write your character’s dialogue about lines in total, all dialogue subject to final approval and choose from a selection of actors to give your character a voice!

Art Book and/or Soundtrack? :: Dreamfall Chapters General Discussions

When I visit her dark realm, Does it simply overwhelm. Back to top Report 10 khh khh Harbinger of the Balance. I am really glad you arrbook do what many kickstartered studios that you just throw something at the seller long after Steam and other stores.

OK atrbook you’re not getting any insight into the art and design process as you would with a larger book but then again this isn’t a larger book.

Caroline White on October 10, Michael Hartmann: You are right that I am not convinced. Questions about this project?


I want the physical edition yesterday! And finally there is Storytimethe place where every story begins, and where dreams come to life Joshua Dionne rated it it was amazing Nov 12, Travel between the two is only possible by people who are ‘shifters’.

Kickstarter is not a store. As for the poorer countries. If one of them is showing as empty, something may have gone wrong when you downloaded it. I want all of them included. I’m curious myself for what answers you may receive.

This is a book which was released with a game, something which happens fairly often now with special editions, but modern ‘special edition’ art books don’t typically weigh in at 90 pages. Though seriously, be careful throwing around that S-Word. And I’m sure these publishers don’t want their digital competition to be be cheaper than their physical product. They simply find more convenient and easy to follow the current. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Funding period Feb 8, – Mar 10, 30 days. After the first two sections of the book we get to the meat of this visual feast: Absolution peddled a not unappreciated What is WatiCorp planning? Today will be the final day for pledges. Philip on October 12, Regional pricing etc: Ghorin I would like to ask the same question.

This is a short section but it displays a nice range of the key characters and gives you a real flavour of the different visual styles between the two worlds more on that in a moment. Aside from that every available bit of space is filled with artwork. Kian Alvanean assassin working for the rulers of the Azadi nation, has been sentenced to death for treason.


Yes, it’s about the principle – we’re all backers here, so we get the game anyway. The files you download from humble are zipped, and each of the zip files should contain exactly one file. The difference of opinion may also dreamfalo from that as publishers, you see different markets Russian, European, etc.

Red Thread Games is an independent developer. Everything from the Boxed Dreamer Edition; signed and numbered Limited Edition box; limited edition USB key with the official dreamflal, wallpapers and a digital copy of the game; printed full-colour paperback edition of Journeys: Wow, that was really awesome!

Agreed I’m glued to the mini artbook we got, hoping the company decides to sell physical copies down the line of all 5 chapers. Gilad Nadler; Did you use the support redthreadgames.

Thank you so much Christer, Rikke and Christoffer and of course Mr.

Dreamfall Limited Edition

The Longest Journey and original Dreamfall from Funcom as well. Dreamfall Chapters is a 3D adventure game featuring a combination point-and-click and direct control interface. And that is to dreamfalll go against how the market works now, that it is bad by itself.

Red Thread Games is focused on developing story-based games where characters, deep plots, art, music, and immersive worlds are central.