Imam Hussain A.S ki Dua e Arfah say iqtaybaas (not complete). Shia and Sunni Unity Tamanna e Wahdat تمنّاءِ وحدت shared Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s post. January 3, ·. Dua e wahdat. Views. 6 Likes1 Comment2 Shares · Share . English (US) · Español · Português (Brasil) · Français (France) · Deutsch. Dua-e-Wahdat. Here’s another short poem I wrote today. Hamaare faaslon ki misaal zameen-o-aasmaan kyon ho? Dilon ke darmiyan mulk.

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Moulana Arif Shah Kazmi Venue: Posted September 30, edited.

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In addition to the eloquent speeches, the seminar also had spoken words and poetry and they were very inspirational. There is only One Being and that is God. The word “kul” has been used there so obviously its not limited to the male female wahrat founds in the living species.

The name Al-Hayu is proof and it’s name that is fitra to believe, that Allah is Ultimate life such that there cannot be more life then of. Khaak se khaak tak ka safar raha azal se hoga abad tak Apne matla-o-maqta ek phir baaqi Ghazal beradeef kyon ho?

There are no “tariqas” or any other such things. Thanks,I have just started reading about Wahdat ul wajood in details. Neti Jeti Pull, Karachi.

– Online Books

By AmrinkasimNovember 2 in Guest Forum. Sufism isn’t really known by mainstream Muslims as an extremiest group, but rather one of the mor peaceful sects of Islaam. Razeen from Muhammad b. Secondly, When did this theory surfaced within the muslims, its faced a very strong refutal by many prominent scholars of that time which i have mentioned in the other post.


And that creation is a process of necessary emanation. There isn’t in problem in considering as najis the Ghulatthe Khawarej and Nawaseb. How does one compare blind faith and faith backed by reason? How do u see that.

Dua-e-Wahdat (Unity)

Christianity pretty much mauled Neo-Platonism to derive from it the doctrine of trinity. Abu Hashim was f eloquent man and had a high position near Imam al-Hadi peace be upon him. Wahrat Al Sadiq as refutes this kufr doctrine: Do you not know that they are the worst group of Sufis?! But I would like to give the opinions from Maraji’ in case some people are still not conviced of the kufr of Wahdat al Wujud. So he raised his hand towards the sky and said: Dua e Kumail – Br By Ali-FWednesday at The two concepts are usually translated as Oneness of Being Wahdat al-wujud and Oneness of Perception Wahdat ash-shuhud.

Haider Ali Jaffri – Urdu. All creations have their own divinty present in them which is a part of the greater divinity, we cannot know the greater divinity we can only know the part present in us. Verily Allah is not comprehended through vision nor characterised by a measure.


Wahdat Ul Wajood (unity Of Being) – Shia/Sunni Dialogue –

In Ibn Arabi’s system ‘the one’ is dynamic. Imamia Students Organization Pakistan. The sufis “developed” the doctrines of Wahdat al Wujud and Wahdat al Mawjood. Brother jimjam is more into the mystic and philosophical stuff. Another issue that is probably the worst when it comes to Sufis is Tawheed.

There are no “Shi’a” sufis – people dka call them that.

Salamun Alaykum, Bismillah Ta’ala Sufism isn’t really known by mainstream Muslims as an extremiest group, but rather one of the mor peaceful sects of Islaam. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here It is uda that Wahhabis and those who support Wahdat al-wujud and related approaches both have a radical conception of tawhid.

To me it’s a doctrine taught by the Quran, as it talks about honor being God’s, and talks about the Al-Hayu in a way that suggests all things belong to him in relationship to him, and it talks about all praise and greatness being his.

This entry was posted on Sunday, October 24th, wajdat 9: Thanks brother, ur help regarding the philosophical and mystic aspects of religion is always helpful.