SAP FI Dunning – Learn SAP FICO in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with examples including Overview, Submodules. Welcome to the tutorial about SAP Dunning Process. This tutorial is part of our free SAP FI training course. An organization that sells goods or. Tutorial about SAP Dunning configuration. Learn the key steps in SAP Dunning configuration within the SAP Customizing transaction (SPRO).

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Our current configuration is set with a Sa; Interval of 21 days, and Days in arrears of 30, 51, 72 and 93 for the four dunning levels. As you move through the process of executing the program, additional status messages will appear.

The IMG path to configure the Dunning area is as follows:.

Check the Start immediately check box, then click the Schedule button on the screen as follows. Due by end of Next Month Invoice Date: ID — this is used if a public holiday calendar is to be dunnlng when analyzing overdue items.

SAP FI Dunning Procedure for Customer Outstanding Invoices

Either way, each customer invoice is matched against a customer payment to clear the open items against sa; another. Within the Dunning procedure levels, you can assign form letters that will dunnihg unique texts indicating what the status of the invoice is, instructions on payment, etc. Click on Schedule button. Define Block reason for Dunning Notices In this step, we define the reasons for a dunning block under a key.


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How to perform Dunning: SAP F150

In this step, we determine number of dunning level set up in dunning procedure. All dunning data is stored in a dunning proposal.

Good Resource for All. You can change these fields with the document change function.

How to perform Dunning: SAP F

The dunning system covers the following documents: Select either an active standard delivered form or custom form, depending on your business requirements. The Dunning program can be executed either as a batch job or using an online dialog transaction.

Details of Dunning configuration will be discussed in separate posts, but to gain an initial understanding of the overall process, be aware that the Dunning area is the high level organizational unit for processing Dunning for dunninng units within a company code.

The screen appears as follows. Level 2 could be defined to produce the Dunning letter only as a gentle reminder but no charges. Thank you for your sharing.

Very descriptive and well written document. A dialog box will appear. Dunning Selection Complete Status The message is stating that there is 1 item that will get a dunning notice.


For inserting dunning forms, click Dunning Texts and assign the required forms for the dunning text with reference to dunning Level. An example of a completed screen will look as follows.

Anyone can tell if it is possible to automatically post the same interest during the dunning procedure. July 3, at 1: Fuco you give an example of when Dunning letters would be produced based on the following configuration:. Really great work done and this will help for me a lot because am new to this community. SAP FI is a module used for reporting both externally and internally.

SAP Dunning Process Tutorial – Free SAP FI Training

Dnning up the Good Work. Go to previous lesson: SAP Dunning configuration includes several steps and we will discuss each of them in a separate section of this tutorial. This is where we can specify what the Dunning charge is for each level. Do you need to select only line items with certain criteria?

To begin, enter a Run On date and a program ID. August 30, at 6: