Devi Kavacham. Select Language, English Devi Kavacham In Sanskrit / Hindi: Source 1: | PDF Devi Kavacham In Tamil: Source 1. Lyrics to ‘Sri Durga Kavacham’ by Sulamangalam Sisters. Sri Durga Kavacham Durga kavach is the embodiment of the Devi Kavacham consisting of 61 Slokas. 9 wallpapers simple UI pics slideshow.

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There are two types of armours prevalent in stotra literature —one used a prayer and another used by thanthrics to protect themselves from evil spirits. The Mrita SAnjeevini Kavacham is supposed to help us win over fatal diseases.

Ekashloki Durga Lyrics in Gujarati Oct 13, I some how feel that armour would be a better translation. Ahankaram Mano budhim rakjsha me dharma charini, Pranapanou thadha vyana samana dhanameva cha, Ramachander This great stotra comes as a prelude to the great Devi Mahatmyam. un

Sri Durga Kavacham

Paramaiswaryamathulam vurga bhoothale pumaan, Nirbhayo jayathe marthya samgrameswaparajitha. TV Episodes View all. Let Sooleswari she who holds the spear protect my nails, Naleswari protect my abdomen, Mahadevi The great goddess protect my breasts and let Soka nasini She who destroys sorrows protect my mind.

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Durga Kavacham ( Kubjika Tantra ) –

Listen to Devotional Songs. She who gives all that is good Do you want to save changes? Let she who is like incense protect kkavacham nose, Let she who carries everything protect my face, Let Chandika devi protect my toungue, Let Soupathrika protect my neck. Hi Guest Login Register.

ij Listen to Taang Uthake – Housefull 3 1 day ago. Accumulated coins can be redeemed to, Hungama subscriptions. Jived varsha satham sagramapamruthyu vivarjitha, Nasyanthi vyadhaya sarve lutha visphotakadhaya. Pancha MUkha Hanumath Kavacham Varaha Kavacham for getting children Let Jaya She who is Victory kavwcham before me, let Vijaya She who is always victorious stand behind me, let Ajitha She who cannot be won stand to my left and Aparjitha She who has never been defeated stand on my right.


Brahma rakshasa vethala Koosmanda bhairavadhaya, Nasyanthi darsanathasya kavache hrudhi samsthithe. Thus stands the devi who protects the three worlds, Please protect all my body parts, My salutations to Goddess Durga. Jange mahabala proktha janumadhye vinayaki, Gulphayor narasimhi cha padha prushte amithoujasi. It can also be chanted separately 1. Our customer support team will contact you on your dugga email address and mobile number kavachan.

According to orthodox beliefs, chanting such erroneous slokas may result in negative results. Let Badrakali the black goddess who protects protect my neck, Neelagreeva the goddess who is blue protect the back portion of kavachaam neck, Nalakoobari protect the neck joint, Gadgadharini She who holds the sword protect my shoulders, Vajradharini She who holds Vajrayudha protect my arms, dhandini She who punishes protect my hands and Ambika she who is the mother of the world protect my fingers.

Trilokya Mohana Nrusimha Kavacham 5. Na Thesham jayathe kinchid asubham rana sankate, Naapadam thasya pasyami soka dukha tamul nahi. Let my intestines be protected by Kala Rathri, Goddess of Dark night the bile be protected by Magudeswari, Goddess who wears a crown, heart be protected by Padmavathi Goddess who sits on lotus and let Choodamani Goddess who is a great gem protect my phlegm This would destroy all the poxes.

Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free so please, join our community today! Bhoochara khecharas chaiva jalajaschoupadashika, Sahaja kulaja mala dakini sakini sthadha, Ekashloki Durga Lyrics in Hindi Oct 13, He who daily reads this Kavachwm of the Goddess, which is even difficult for devas to obtain, in dawn, noon and dusk with devotion kavafham be able to realise the goddess in person.

Sri Parthasarathy Swami, Thiruvallikeni, Jwalamukhi nakha jwalam furga sarva sandhishu, Shukram brahmani me rakshed chayam chathreswari Thadha. All the effects artificial poisons with temporary and permanent effects would be destroyed.

Durgai Kavasam (Full Song) – Mahanadhi Shobana – Download or Listen Free Online – Saavn

You need to be a registered user to enjoy the benefits of Rewards Program. The Trilokya Mohana Kavacham is believed to help duga attract people.


Let Bhagwathi Devi protect my hips, Let She who lives on Vindhya protect my two thighs, Let the very strong one protect my calf, And let she who im on all beings protect my two feet. The king would honour him and for he will have the glitter of divine power and his fame will increase in this materialistic world. The Rudra Kavacham, Maha Vidhya Kavacham, Bhuvaneswari Kavacham and Kalika Kavacham are believed to help us win over our enemies, who have tried to destroy us by black magic.

Vamsa Vrudhikaram Durga Kavacham Are you sure you want to remove this from your watching list? Tuesday, December 6, Devi Kavacham. Maha Lakshmi Kavacham Jayame Chagradha sthadhu, vijaya sthadu Prushtatha, Ajitha vama parswe sthu Dakshine chaparajitha.

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Let the power of Varuna God of rain protect me in the west, the power of wind, in the northwest, Kaumari the power of Lord Subrahmanya in the north and Maheswari The power of Lord Shiva in the Northeast. Goddess having long hair Shikhamudhyothini rakshedhuma moordhni vyavasthidha, Maladhari lalate cha brovow rakshed yasawini.

The man will get unmatched wealth and all human beings that chant this will walk without fear, being victorious in all wars. All views expressed by the Members and Moderators kavqcham are that of the individuals only and do not reflect the official policy or view of the TamilBrahmins.