Słowa kluczowe: dyrektywa azotanowa, dyrektywa ściekowa, eutrofizacja wód, Ramowa Dyrektywa Wodna S t r e s z c z e n i e Celem artykułu jest analiza. Introduction. 2. Brief description of the geography and regional organizations in Poland. 3. Soils in Poland. 4. Rainfall and temperature regimes in. aplikacyjne” areał – area, acreage azot – nitrogen. Azotanowa, Dyrektywa zob. Dyrektywa Azotanowa azotany – nitrates badanie gleby – soil analysis, soil tests.

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Participants highlighted the lack of clear regulations, clear division of competence and the lack of enforcement of the existing regulations. NWMB emphasised that no actions implemented in the Reservoir itself would resolve the issues, and the whole country would be accountable for WFD implementation.

Which competencies held by your institutions could support azotamowa process of reducing diffuse pollution in the field of limiting pressures and implementation of new technologies? National Fund for Environmental Protection and Regional Fund for Environmental Protection provide co-financing for connections with drainage network in terms of fertilising: Aztanowa are competent authorities in the field of controlling sewage disposal system of cesspit-related inspections — example solutions in Sulejow Municipality The lack of provisions indicating the need to demonstrate the way of disposing sewage upon granting the decision on approving single-family housing.

Protection of water quality in the lake situated on the agricultural area

It is also possible to consider a change in the protection zone identified based on relevant application. Regional Inspections for Environmental Protection are competent authorities azoanowa the field of monitoring of surface and groundwater azoganowa, while the Chemical and Agricultural Research Laboratories monitor soil and water in terms of phosphorus and nitrogen contents in terms of controlling sewage disposal: Developments in Agricultural and Managed-Forest Ecology.

Collect Leads new Upload Login. Iwona Wagner emphasised the fact that during the discussion panel, three key issues had been identified: NWMB representatives suggested that the stakeholders should get familiar with a wastewater management guide available on the NWMB website. According to the Platform Stakeholders, the following institutions may support the process of reducing diffuse pollution in terms of limiting pressures and implementation of new technologies: The Polish experience and tools elaborated under EKOROB Project implementation were presented in the context of actions delivered to reduce diffuse pollution in other European states.


Zaburzenia zachowania bydła w chowie by Lukasz Kowalewski on Prezi

More information about this event is available at: During the visit to Zarzecin and Barkowice demonstration sites, biotechnology-oriented investments were presented, i. Representatives of the following qzotanowa took part in the meeting: Regional Directorates for Environmental Protection: European Environment Policy Perspective: Attracting media attention to this problem; Developing such housing development plans that would protect various areas representing significant natural values, not only forests; Municipalities should develop their local spatial development plans; Respecting law; Organising promotional campaigns to raise ecological awareness; Designating external audit bodies; Implementing the obligation to get connected to dyrektywaa drainage system; Introducing new technologies.

At the end of the meeting, Professor Maciej Zalewski thanked participants for coming to the event, for their proposals and information. The Course of Organisational Activities: Participants also emphasised that municipalities with small population size resulting from a large share of forest areas had problems with obtaining co-financing for such measures as construction of drainage network.

Zalewski Presentation by W. Hrabska 3, Raszyn, Poland; tel. Participants were recording their ideas on the charts to provide the next groups with reference items.

Restoration of wetlands as a mean of reducing nitrogen transport to coastal waters. European Regional Centre for Ecohydrology PAS Efficiency of vegetation buffer zones in the agricultural landscape and highly efficient ecotones constructed in the Sulejow Reservoir shoreline.

Protection of water quality in the lake situated on the agricultural area. At dyrejtywa first demosite, participants saw solutions applied under the project, i. The following guests spoke next: According to the experts, granting of the funds required detailed analysis of individual situations aaotanowa the Dyrektya representatives were advised to contact respective competent authorities.

Planning, construction and use]. The third item of the Agenda included a discussion panel. It is very important to use a proper methods of agriculture with proper methods of fertilization in the whole area of river basin flowing to the lakes. Next speakers included Ms.


They discussed the topics proposed by using flipcharts:. The conference was attended by 98 participants representing 7 foreign institutes and 37 institutions involved in environmental protection, water dyrektysa and agriculture, scientific institutions, personnel of agricultural consultation centres, representatives of local governments, ecology-oriented organisations, and chambers of agriculture.

Key findings resulting from this Survey included: Waldemar Kutera Expert in water conservation raised the issue of a small degree of sewage system djrektywa. Thus EKOROB Project aims at constructing buffer zones requiring small space which will highly efficiently reduce load of nitrogen from agricultural land and phosphorus from urbanised and recreational areas.


The system would address both the rules of law and methods of obtaining relevant funding. Dr Katarzyna Izydorczyk explained that the project assumed development of the Action Programme but not its implementation. Soil ecosystem services their value and use in promoting sustainable farming -Soil ecosystem services their value and use in promoting sustainable farming katarina hedlund lund university soil service project fp7.

How to change this?

Professor Maciej Zalewski observed that inability to cooperate was the weakest point of development-related mechanism in Poland. He expressed his hope that implementation of the EKOROB, the EU Project, would allow to improve the condition of water in the Pilica catchment and Sulejow Reservoir, which would contribute to restoring its former splendour.

Regional Board of Melioration and Water Equipment: Promotion of the Programme developed and cooperation with national and regional authorities are also necessary for its further implementation; TGE representatives asked questions concerning practical impact of EKOROB Project implementation on improvement of purity level of water in the basin; Dr Katarzyna Izydorczyk explained that ecotones constructed under the project represented demo sites which were to demonstrate how actions aiming at improved water quality could be harmonised with needs of the local communities.