The Empire Of “The City” (World Superstate) The Years of Power Politics of the Modern Era by Edwin C. Knuth The Five Ideologies of Space and Power 1. The Empire of the City has 12 ratings and 1 review. James said: riveting The Empire of the City: The Secret History of British Financial Power E.C. Knuth. E.C. Knuth is the author of The Empire of the City ( avg rating, 12 ratings, 1 review, published ).

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Belgium was a full British ally before she was invaded. The consideration for the contract was an agreement giving Japan a rider participation in the commercial and political control of China, and conceding to Kbuth the occupation of Manchuria.

The Empire of the City : The Jekyll/Hyde Nature of the British Empire

In this campaign she defeated the Khan of Khiva in the spring ofthe Turkomans in the fall ofand the Khan of Khokand in the summer of Usher stated in “Pan-Germanism” ofChapter X, pages and ; that an understanding was reached, probably before the summer ofthat in case of war the United States would promptly declare in favor of England and France and would do her utmost to assist them; and that there seems to be no doubt whatever that no papers of any sort were signed.

This auspicious moment was seized by Prussia, largest of the many small German speaking states of central Europe, to abandon her role in the local politics of Europe and to enter on the stage of world power politics.

That country may have been animated by some desire to destroy our commerce, or to appropriate our Colonies. Several members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee accorded some attention to this.

Britain, as usual, made no immediate move; and six months and twelve days later, on January 27,the defeat of France was utter and complete. Gladstone into a definite position, the tone of France suddenly became harsh and menacing.

G, however, found comfort in the thought that by the agitation two points had been gained: Global capital flows through its control, and it has even been called recently the “money laundering capital of the world.

He develops the British policy as a constant succession of cycles of shift partners, isolation, alliance and war; and the defeat of Napoleon marked the end of one of these cycles. Once these other nations have exhausted their surplus gold and credits this process must end, and the account must be added up and balanced.

Geopolitics, the study of the struggle for space and power, forms a well-developed science with an extensive bibliography, which conclusively impeaches the superficial fabrication, with which the American people in particular have been implanted with consummate cunning, that the great World Wars are caused by brutal attacks upon world law and order, instead of being the fully anticipated consequences of the most diabolical double dealing and planning by the secret “One World” order of “The City.


Most of these scholarly works are devoted to some passing phase of power politics in some part of the world, of which their author has made a specialized study, and have invariably been forgotten as the public has lost interest in that particular incident.

He commissioned the renowned agent of Imperialism, Gen. The current activitities of what has been identified as the most powerful international society on earth, the “Pilgrims,” are so wrapped in silence that few Americans know even of its existence since A tabulation of the modern wars of the world which follows immediately herein, and which assumes the Napoleonic War as modern cyclical war No.

This book is effectively a chronicle of a government within a government, and a history of its rise to dominate comprehensively over the fate of humanity. Turkey is controlled by Sabbataens since tbe s, crypto Muslims. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Unable to oppose Russia by force, Britain appealed the Treaty of San Stefano to the Concert of Europe, an informal organization of the nations of Europe which had attempted to install a system of law and order into the affairs of the world since the Napoleonic wars.

At that time Turkey included much of what is now Jugo-Slavia, Greece, Roumania, Bulgaria, and northern Africa up to Tunis and it was a potent threat to further British expansion in the Mohammedan East.

One of those persons is myself, and the other is Admiral Dewey. I have been doing some research along the same lines and I find my time in that respect is thee. It all seems part of the general scheme to create confusion and contradiction in the minds of the people and so avoid disclosure of the highly disciplined organization of rmpire international financial oligarchy and its planned objective of eventual world domination.

Hyde structure of government, known to Americans simply as the British Government, was still at one of its peaks of strength; and the financial oligarchy found itself in a very weak and vulnerable position, in dealing with the imminent Chinese uprising.

In the fifteen years from tothe Balkans were called cit sore spot of Europe, simply because of the jockeying with this railroad. Although permission to build this line had been obtained from Turkey in the fall ofshortly after the nullification of the Concert of Europe by the new British Balance of Power, she had been halted again and again by threat of war, and had not finished it by the outbreak of war in The ways and knutn of International Finance are indeed wonderful.

That this aspect is substantially true becomes readily apparent in noting the trend of events under Liberal leadership and under Conservative leadership. T’ang Leang-Li further charges that repeated raids on the Kuo Min Tang headquarters in the British Concession at Tientsin, in November and December of the year cigy, by the British police, resulting in the handing over empier numerous Nationalists, including several girl students, for court-martial to their mortal enemies, who are notoriously savage in their dealings with political opponents, cannot but be interpreted as a desire on the part of the British authorities at Tientsin to assist in a plain and deliberate massacre; that British agents in China continue to pursue the traditional policy of blackmail and bully.


But the Sovereign may by warrant Each and every war of modern times has been preceded by an interchange in similar forma of arrogance and contempt by the statesmen allied with International Finance; with knurh disdainful refusal of any basis of settlement making any reasonable concession.

E.C. Knuth (Author of The Empire of the City)

Second, Egypt must knuyh be attacked or occupied. Kieran Gangaram marked it as to-read Nov 05, Is it in the public interest to expose the grand plan of the “One World” camarilla at a tune when they are so near to find achievement of this plan that they need to sacrifice perhaps only ten to twenty million more lives in addition to the over one hundred empife lives already sacrificed; to realize the great dream of their founder, Cecil Rhodes; a dream of a world ruled by a benevolent despotic intelligentsia, and so to create “peace for all eternity”?

It is an interesting coincidence that Theodore Roosevelt proposed the nomination of John Hays Hammond for vice-president of the United States on the Republican ticket of Laski said of this man in the New Republic that he was “for a generation the unnamed member of Cabinet after Cabinet, indispensable to them all and not responsible to any. When the propaganda mills began their characteristic or towards war in the early ‘s, the writer began a more definite study of knut power politics, and soon found it an entrancing and revealing subject.

The inevitable consequence of our diplomacy was to give German Jingoism an irresistible argument for the increase of the German Fleet. The fortunes of Great Britain were empir up with those of France.

The Empire of the City: The Secret History of British Financial Power by E.C. Knuth

An alliance with France is bad only in so far as it is turned into a combination against Germany. An important aspect of this trade was the sale of coal to the ships of other nations at prices set by that English capital.

However, this Republican Nationalism has declined steadily under the encroachment of the Internationalist Money Power, so that charges of manipulation and bribery were brought after the campaign; while the candidate of was the admitted pupil of a noted Internationalist and trustee of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.