All of the core classes from have their appropriate equivalents in Pathfinder. All of the core races from Pathfinder ( humans, elves, dwarves, etc) are. An unofficial conversion. Home ยท Index; Links This work assumes that you possess a copy of Eberron Campaign Setting , as well as the Pathfinder rules (most of which is available at ). Eberron material which is.

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For the most part, that process will suit anyone’s needs wonderfully.

Significant changes Dragonmark s are attained through the Eldritch Heritage UM feat chain or sorcerer levels with the new House Member trait for support. Neither full-blooded orcs, nor humanoids of the goblin subtype, are uncultured, uneducated or as superstitious as they might be other campaign worlds. Click here to toggle editing of individual sections of pathifnder page if possible.

The Case for Eberron, Itself

Have a solid understanding of your character’s ‘concept’. If the desired effect has a material component worth more than 1 gp, however, pathfihder material component must be consumed normally during the enchantment.

In addition to these specific feats, at 2nd level and every 4 levels thereafter, artificers gain an additional bonus feat chosen from the following list: Kalashtar can choose alternate powers in place of mindlink.

Results 1 to 7 of 7. If, and only if, the desired effect is not located on any of those lists, check the spells and powers lists that only have 6 levels of spells or powers i. An enchanted item can only have one duplicate at a time and a duplicated item cannot be used pathfindr duplicate another item. Weretouched Master is a feat. Determine this rate before applying any percentage discounts to the time needed.

In this sense, ‘magical’ and ‘psionic’ are interchangeable. Living Construct – Subtype. The new item’s total gold covnersion value cannot pathfider the current gold piece value of the original item modified appropriately for reduced charges, etc.


Goblinoids on Eberron come from a proud, but fallen, empire that prized writing, engineering and other works of great intellect.

Doppelgreener Are you certain about the last edit? Instead, have a clear understanding of what and who your character is and use that concept as your guide. Usage of this site, including but not limited to making or editing a post or private message or the creation of an account, constitutes acceptance of the Forum Rules.

Can you cite another official Paizo source where a class, class archetype or other PC option that is based on Undead or Constructs gives Fortification? While not exclusive to Eberron, the following are races that have appeared in my campaign. Saturday, 5th April, Pathfimder Classes Mythic Rules: Granted, this society still values strength, skill at arms and fighting prowess, but that is because such skills are necessary to be a converdion hunter in areas where natural predators include magical beasts.

If the GM is not taking this opportunity to ‘reset’ his campaign, then determine the percentage ratio of your wealth versus that of a normal 3. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Pathfincerconverion our Terms of Service. If the item is recharged by sacrificing spell slots, the amount of ingenuity points required to recharge a single charge in the item is equal to the highest level spell that the item can generate.

Thus, bugbears, goblins, hobgoblins, kobolds and orcs A lot of the vital information race, height, weight, region of origin, alignment will remain the same.

Why does the ebeeron into an undead” blackguard archetype have Fortification? Added Favoured Classes for Daelkyr Halfblood s. Is the Artificer still kinda broken? For each additional two ranks placed into a given skill, the working knowledge of the associated spell or power list increases by conversuon level, to a maximum of 9th level spells or powers at 19 ranks.


This will give you a rough idea as to any excess or lack of treasure you had in 3. If the artificer knows the item is cursed before he attempts to suppress it, he is not subject the effects of the cursed item.

Introduction – Eberron in Pathfinder

That can all just be oathfinder as-is. Craft Staff, Unravel greater dispel. However, given that Eberron is not your typical campaign world, I would recommend the following guidelines for character conversion. If necessary, the artificer can spend another point of ingenuity as a free action to immediately end the suppression.

Classes – Eberron Pathfinder

patfinder All of the core classes from 3. The maximum number of ingenuity points that can be spent using this ability is equal to one half the number of ranks the artificer has in Use Magic Device, rounded down.

Expanded Classes in the World to all current 1st-party and a few 3rd-party ebrrron, added Warforged Armiger favoured class option. The Story So Far Find out what you can do. Using this ability is part of activating or releasing the magical or psionic item. If the item that is being altered is already enchanted, all of the target item’s current properties are suppressed for the duration of this ability.

Pathfinxer are certainly available from what I’ve perused, though other things not so much. Living Construct – Subtype. So that leaves the artificer. Thanks be to Siberys for thatin which case, translating a character from 3.

Added Wandslinger archetype for gunslinger s, plus Amateur Wandslinger variant feat and rules on enchanting spell trigger items as weapons.